Sergio Cortes Recommends Physical Activities as the Best Option to Deal with Alzheimer Disorder

Sergio Cortes is a Brazilian citizen by nationality. His success in the Rio health care industry cannot get described. He is also a humanitarian who leads the individual operations of medical care in Brazil. Recently, he made a release advising people on the best types of clothes to wear in summer. According to Dr. Cortes, many people start worrying due to the high temperatures experienced in summer. He added that sweat causes lack of comfortability and convenience to people. Sergio advocates wearing of fabric clothes to prevent excess sweating and breathing.
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Doctor Sergio Cortes recently made a publication expounding on how physical exercises can help prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer condition. Sergio reported that the UNESP researchers carried out a study and concluded that three weeks of regular use can help save the situation. He added that delaying and prevention of the disorder occurred even to people encountering genetic predisposition factor.
The researchers revealed that Alzheimer is one of the rapidly spreading diseases. The San Carlos Federal University together with the UNESP conducted a four years study and concluded that Alzheimer ailment can be remedied by undertaking simple daily exercises. The same case applied to victims of genetic disposition. He recommended for simple activities such as practicing yoga, Pilates, and peddling. Cortes urged clients to consult medical instructors for further recommendations.
Doctor Sergio Cortes depicted that the exercises should be done moderately and in a gentle manner to avoid further complications. Exercises work to increase mental activities and capabilities. The UNESP research focused on the genetic factors that are more probably in a position to elevate the risk of neurodegenerative. Cortes added that the research also focused on the inflammation caused by Amyloid plaques that impose a great danger to the neural connections.
Exercises successfully hinder the existence of Alzheimer disorder in the body by a positive interfering with the neural process. Amyloid plaques make depositions that lead to inflammation of the cells; the end results are the total death of the whole body. The researchers made a strong end results that weekly and daily exercises were the best option to deal with the condition.
Physical activities send a natural stimulus to the brain system where the degenerative process gets stopped in the mind. It is known that the neural connection operates maximally when the body is at practice.


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