The Battle for Fairness in Tahoe’s North Shore Communities

There have been some rocky years recently for the Lake Tahoe North Shore Communities. Not only are there political conditions that are very threatening for the businesses and individuals in the area, but there are also weather conditions that have caused a lack of moisture. This community depends on annual snowfall, and when there isn’t a great deal of snowfall the profits tend to fall. The Reno Gazette Journal has also reported that the pending incorporation of Olympic Valley has also been something that has been looming in the air for quite some time. The major financial backers finally backed out of this fight for incorporation. This is a big sigh of relief for those business individuals who really count on the municipal resources that they are accustomed to today. Andy With has been a key player in this ongoing fight against incorporation. His voice has definitely been heard as the fight continues.

Andy Wirth is an individual who has had his fair share of time in the resort industry. His ongoing success for the past 25 years has made him a stalwart image for individuals to look to in the hotel and resort industry. Wirth has also been very influential as a philanthropist as well. Wirth has learned how to go through hard times as well. While skydiving, Wirth had a horrible accident. Due to heavy winds, Wirth was blown into a vineyard. While landing his arm was torn off due to wiring in the vineyard. Wirth had his arm reattached and had to go through a series of physical therapies to regain the movement of his arm. During this time, he was able to connect with Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam. This accident taught Wirth how to get through very difficult times. The future looks very bright for Wirth with the promising aspects of his resort management career. It will be exciting to see what project Wirth is up to next.