Russia And China Hacked Snowden’s Stolen NSA Files To Identify US And British Spies

The British Intelligence Agency M16 Is Pulling Agents From Active Spy Operations Because Of The Hack

Edward Snowden was adamant when he said the secrets he took from NSA would never be compromised by any counter-intelligence operation. But it appears Snowden underestimated the hacking capabilities of China and Russia. Both countries now have the names of US and British spies and plan to weed them out of their countries in typical spy fashion.

No one is sure what that weeding out process will entail, but it’s safe to say anyone spying for the US or Britain are in danger. Both Britain and the US are taking steps to get their operatives out of those countries.

Snowden took 1.7 million files from NSA, and most of them have not been released to the public. Some US officials say Snowden’s actions has severely damaged the United States and Britain. But others say Snowden did those countries a favor by releasing classified documents that proved the US was spying on Americans, and the leaders of other countries. That information has forced NSA to change the way the agency spies on Americans and other countries. In other words, James Dondero understands that the NSA hasn’t stopped spying; they just changed the methods they use to spy.