What to Put In Mind When Writing Wikipedia Articles That Are In Your Interest

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Before writing an article that is in your interest (you or your business), ensure that the principles and policies of Wikipedia, are at your fingertips and mostly the one on the neutral point of view (NPOV) policy. Any articles of the sort are expected to be editorially neutral since Wikipedia seeks neutrality. Wikipedia is not a forum where you can advertise yourself or your business but rather a source that documents factual information from sovereign and reliable sources. It will not note the good things and leave behind the bad things but report factual information that pertains to you or your business, whether good or bad.

Wikipedia’s Policies

1. Non-ownership of articles – once an article gets its way to the Wikipedia community it is longer yours. This in turn restricts your ability to edit any negative content in “your” article. The Law of Unintended Consequences stretches its reach to those that ignore this policy.

2. No autobiographies – any Wikipedia article that is accepted should maintain notability. So surprising that most biographies are on individuals who are not that prominent for inclusion. A biography on Wikipedia is not something to be proud of, ask some notable persons who have suffered the wrath of negative content on their pages. It reaches a point where they wish they never had a biography, and some have threatened to sue Wikipedia to get theirs deleted. Few have succeeded, and others still strive to succeed in their endeavors. According to Wikipedia policies, a biography should be documented by a third person who thinks you are notable enough for inclusion.

Comforting note

Wikipedia does not aim at promoting you or your business nor does it have the intention to take you down in any way. Trust me, Wikipedia will treat you more kindly that the entire world. It has rules and policies that govern its content to eliminate the likelihood of reporting malicious gossip as well as minimizing the risk of libel.