Spread Betting on Super Bowl: adding more thrills to the game

The Super Bowl is indeed one of the most thrilling events for football fan where they see their favorite teams clash with each other. However, some fans try to double up the excitement of the game to a new extent with betting. This is simply a fun way enjoy the football game and if you are doings things right with moderation, there no harm to anyone. In fact, it is a win-win situation for the football lover odds and the bookies who have to guess the NFL odds. If you look around, you will be shocked to see there are hundreds of shops and sites around you where you can place a bet on your favorite team and win some extra cash if you are lucky.

However, betting on football is not only about wild guesses. Rather it is a calculated risk assessment by the people where they have to meticulously work out the football odds to minimize major risks. There are certain times when we have two teams among which one is really strong i.e. the Favorite and one team is not that strong i.e. the Underdogs. In such situations, most of the people would simply bet on the strong team, and that would be a difficult situation for the bookies as they would have to pay a big amount to pay off the people who made a bet on their favorite team if only it wins. Most of the times, the bookies depend on the money that people would lose by choosing the loosing team. So, they have come up with an intuitive idea of spreading that manipulates the football odds and makes the betting even more interesting as it is no more only a win or lose situation but rather an uncertain forte of NFL odds.

Now let’s discuss what is meant by the spread. This concept of sports betting was invented by a mathematics teacher named Charles K. McNeil in 1940s. In this concept, the bookies come up with a range or margin of victory is referred as spread points and they are expressed as numbers. To make things clear, a negative number indicates the lesser strong team i.e. Underdog and a positive number is used to express the stronger team i.e. Favorite.

In the game, if the Favorite team gets more than the spread or minimum margin of victory, the people who bet on them will win money as they are said to have covered the spread. For example; if the spread is four between Favorite and Underdog and the eventual score is Favorite 13 and Underdog 8, only then people who have betted on the Favorite team will win money.