Battling against the Olympic Valley Incorporation

Following a disastrous drought that has befallen winter resorts and small business premises that rely on them, things haven’t been easy for communities on Lake Tahoe’s north shore. Additionally, they have been politically challenged in frequent battles over the Olympic valley that is the home to Squaw Valley Resort.
As reported on Reno-Gazette Journal, despite having gone through great toughness for the past four years, Andy Wirth, president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, LLC talks of expecting reliefs. Following the withdrawal on the planned incorporation of Olympic Valley, a relief was experienced since the incorporation was posing a threat to the civic climate and also the area’s business.
In the incorporation’s opposition, Squaw Valley Ski Holdings spent a fortune. This was to prevent bad end results that would include poor services to the people and also an increased tax rate on both residents and business premises. This would also push to the urge of isolating Olympic Valley from other communities from the north shore.
The incorporation backers, who were more than determined to incorporate Olympic Valley states that Ski holdings couldn’t stand local residents making land use decisions. This stood out as one of the reasons as to why the holding focused on spending much money to oppose the incorporation according to opinions by many.
Andy Wirth, CEO, was recently appointed a chairman of nine member boards at Olympic Valley. There was also an appointment of other new members following a believe that the relation of all these would bring new ideas to improve the airports. Following Andy Wirth’s extensive experience in the management of international resorts, he was appointed by RSCVA board in 2013. So far he has worked in many different airlines working hard to develop additional flights for resorts in Canada, Utah and Colorado.
According to a statement he made, Andy Wirth is looking forward to bring forth an upgrade on the air services which will be highly essential for business industry and Ski industry at large. He also says he is ready to work with the available board to see to it that there is a provision of more flights to their region.

The Costs of Speaking Out

When Yeonmi Park has spoken out about the harsh realities of North Korea, this has brought out a rage against her. Many people from North Korea are fighting hard to discredit her story. Other North Korean defectors are also being discredited by the North Korean powers. Yeonmi Park’s small stature would not lead one to expect her to be a target. However, there are plenty of people from North Korea that are working on a smear campaign to make her seem dishonest. As a matter of fact, the North Korean Government has released a video that is called the Human Rights Propaganda Project.

North Korean defectors are subject to such attacks and in some cases they have their lives threatened. The whole purpose is to silence the defectors and maintain their power over the people. One of the defectors that have been threatened and even had an attempt on his life was Park Sang-Hak. One hitman has actually tried to poison Sang-Hak. Also, back in 1997, one of Kim Jong-il’s mistresses had a nephew who has exposed the family of the dictator. Il had that nephew killed. However, the usual weapon that the North Korean government uses is character assassination.

When Yeonmi Park took to the stage and told her story, she was dressed up in a very presentable fashion and was very meek, yet composed. She told the story of all of the horrors that went on in North Korea that she has got to experience and see. As she told her story, she fought back tears while she told her stories of what she has gone through. While she was telling her story, many audience members broke out in tears. Her story has been viewed by millions of people around the world. Her testimony went viral.

One of the things she has said about her time in North Korea was that she was convinced that the dictator could hear her thoughts. She has also talked about the punishments that were given out to people who said anything against the rule. As a nine year old, her friend’s mother was executed in public for something minor. As a 13 year old, her and her mother escaped to china where her mother was raped in order to protect her. However, Yeonmi Park herself has also experienced rape. She was forced to the ground and penetrated against her will. She has described that as her first introduction to sex.

Yeonmi has become the face of the oppressed North Koreans. She has become like a Mockingjay for people to look to. More people are getting to know the horrors of the North Korean regime. However, the North Korean government is still working hard to retain their power and to keep the truth from getting out and destroying their whole regime. So videos and other efforts are being made to assassinate the character of Yeonmi and other North Korean defectors so that they can maintain their image to their people as the rightful rulers.