Jason Hope: A Vision For The Future

Visionary entrepreneur Jason Hope is a self-described futurist with a passion for the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is the connection of smart technology to devices that we use in our everyday lives: appliances, lighting, automobiles, and other devices.

According to Jason Hope, the IoT has the ability to drastically change the way businesses function. The trend toward IoT will enable devices to connect over a centralized network to share data, increase efficiency, and reduce waste. Jason Hope predicts that, in the near future, devices that are not connected to the IoT will be considered obsolete.

Jason Hope, a native of Arizona, received a bachelor’s in finance from Arizona State University and an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Jason Hope began his career selling premium text message services and went on to invest in other technology companies. These days, Hope splits his time between guest blogging for tech related companies and philanthropic pursuits.

Seeing the impact that technology can have on the quality of healthcare, Jason Hope is committed to contributing to medical advancements that will prevent disease and help people who are suffering from disease. His passion project is supporting the efforts of the SENS Foundation to make advancements in medicine and anti-aging processes which have the potential to prevent the occurrences of diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Going forward, Jason Hope is always looking at new technological advances. Hope plans to continue writing and sharing information about technology to educate consumers on the value that new technology can bring to their everyday lives. One advancement that Hope has his eye on is the improvement of data collection and analytics in health trackers. Apple is already working on a centralized system for health tracking data that could potentially improve health professionals’ ability to diagnose and treat health issues. The healthcare system as a whole has the most potential to benefit from the IoT. Many advances in the IoT that provide utility and convenience to the average consumer are already on the market and are expected to become more broadly available and affordable.

An Overview Of Eric Pulier’s Career

Eric Pulier is a serial entrepreneur, and he got his start in the business world prior to graduating high school. His businesses have been in the computer technology sector, and he started programming computers as a business before they were even a household item. In fact, he was a computer programmer during the 1980s!

When he went to college at Harvard University, he was a student of english and literature. However, he continued to pursue his passion for computer technology by taking courses at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. When he graduated, his grades were excellent at both colleges.

It was when he made a move to Los Angeles that Eric Pulier’s career as a businessman was truly launched. His first successful enterprise was People Doing Things. People Doing Things provided technological assistance to the healthcare and educational industries. His second endeavor, called Digital Evolution, was even more successful. The company has since undergone a merger with another company, called US Interactive LLC. However, Eric Pulier started a number of new enterprises after this, such as Media Platform and Desktone.

He also worked with a businessman by the name of Hugh Taylor to write a book called Understanding Enterprise SOA. It helps business owners to successfully integrate service oriented architecture into their enterprises. This book continues to be popular on Amazon and other marketplaces. The book is available at an affordable price, and it’s available in both hard copy and e-book form.

In addition to his success in the business world, Eric Pulier also has worked with many non-profit organizations. He has been a donor to a number of non-profits, and he has assisted with the management of several non-profit organizations by sitting on their boards. Some examples of non-profit boards that he has sat on include The X-Prize Foundation and The Painted Turtle.

He also played a major role in creating an important non-profit organization that assists seriously ill children. He played an integral role in the creation of Starbright World, which allows children that suffer from long term and serious illnesses to connect with each other through the internet.


Skout, The Networking app for where you are

When you’re on the go and away from home, you often have no time to hangout with friends due to time or being to far. However, you obviously still want to have fun and blow off steam with people while having a great time, right? Well, as the saying goes, there’s an app for that.

Meet Skout, a social networking app for the user on the move. Skout is designed to help the user make friends and find intriguing people to hangout with, all at the swipe of a screen.The app uses generalized-location technology to connect you with people near-by who are also looking for the next big event. Profiles are simple in how they display information, meaning you don’t have to ‘stalk’ through a persons information to see if they’re interesting. Instead, just open their profile to see what they’ve typed or posted recently, and if you find them cool send a wink to let that user know.

As you post and interact with other users, Skout becomes a helpful tool for managing when and where to hangout with friends. This is done via a smaller integrated app known as Fuse, which allows you to chat with any particular group all at once. A neat aspect of Fuse is, based off its name, messages sent via its IM can be set to delete themselves after a period of time till poof, they disappear in a puff of digital smoke. The app manages your friends into groups based on specifications set, by you, the user.

Once you’ve built up a collection of friends and exciting people, it’s time to head over to the event of the evening in your area. Skout understood that its users needed access to the latest social information, and acquired the app Nixter to just that. Nixter notifies you of where fun events are occurring near you, allowing you to make plans with friends; it even allows one to book or reserve seating for the event ahead of time; with even the option to purchase VIP at events that offer it. Finding that something to break the ice and engage people in enjoyable conversation is what Skout and Nixter have come together to achieve.

Making new friends is always an exciting experience, and Skout has taken that experience and made it accessible to you. Skout has truly gone to every length to make their app the best choice for finding the right people for you.

A Unique Company for Spine Surgery

The North American Spine company has completely and totally revolutionize the way that minimally invasive spine surgery has been done. There are different ways that spine surgery can be performed and many people do not know that. The majority of the time when a person thinks about a spine surgery they think about a very invasive serious procedure in which a person has to be under surgery for hours and hours and their back has to be completely and totally opened up. Even though that is the way that surgeries are still performed, there are many doctors that perform minimally invasive surgery. Minimally invasive surgery saves a patient thousands of dollars, but above that a minimally invasive surgery will save a patient a lot of pain and suffering as well.

The North American Spine company uses a procedure called Acurascope. The Acurascope procedure basically uses a small camera and a laser to correct serious back problems such as a herniated or bulging disc, a pinched nerve, spinal stenosis, or a degenerated disc. Those were just a few of the procedures that can be done using the minimally invasive Accurascope procedure.

The difference is that with the Acurascope procedure it has an 82% success rate and 96% of those who have gone under the procedure would recommend it to friends or family. The great thing about these minimally invasive techniques is that they only treat lower back pain, upper back pain, and neck pain using a very precise procedure. In that way the good and healthy tissue are not damaged, and a person can heal quicker and get back to their lives.

The North American Spine has had over 8000 patients that have had successful minimally invasive spine surgeries. The majority of insurance plans covers these surgeries, and since they are so much more successful than standard back procedures, a person does well to investigate the North American Spine.

Facebook Helping People Rest in Peace

In this day and age where you can find more about a person from their social media profile, it is no wonder that when you die, chances are that people will find out about it through your social media profile. Facebook has gone one step further and rolled out a new ‘Legacy Contact’ feature.

Previously, if a Facebook user died, a viewable account was offered but no one could use it.

However, now, the legacy contact would be able to announce the deceased user’s memorial service or a message which would be displayed on top of their page. The word ‘Remembering’ would appear on top of the user’s name, over their profile picture. Also, the legacy contact would be able to accept any new friend requests received by the deceased user. Plus, they would be able to update cover pic and profile pic of the user. Also, if the legacy user is given special permissions, then previous profile pics, posts, information and other photos could be downloaded by them.

However, a few things that the legacy user would not be able to do include –

 Log in to the deceased user’s account; and
 Read private messages and access the inbox.

Flavio Maluf has heard that the update has only rolled out to US based users currently and a legacy contact can be set by going to ‘Settings’ menu and choosing ‘Security. More on Maluf is available on his Blogspot page. The Legacy portion is located right on the bottom of the Security page.