The CIA Director Says The War On Terror Could Go On Indefinitely

John Brennan Said The War On Terror Will Continue As Long As Evil People Have Access To Mass Communication And Lethal Technology

The world is experiencing a new kind of war. We call it the War on Terror, but it is actually a War on Beliefs. Both sides represent terror to the other side. When family members are killed on either side, the terror that ensues from those despicable acts creates a level of terror that is hard to contain or control.

The CIA director recently said the War on Terror may continue for years. Even with all the power behind the United States and its allies there is no real defense for terror. Terror is a state of mind created by a heightened level of fear. Igor Cornelsen ( knows that all the guns, bombs, armed drones and other weapons can’t stop terror. They only fuel and add more life to it.

We fight for peace, but war is not the catalyst for peace or the solution to the eradication of terror. Terror must be treated like a disease. It must be identified for what it is before we can erase it. When we collectively begin to understand the power within our known and unknown beliefs, and respect the diversity that exists in that belief structures, we will begin the process of erasing terror. Erasing terror comes with understanding fear not fighting wars.