Another Opponent To Challenge Hillary and Alexei Beltyukov noted that while the Republican field of potential presidential candidates is huge, there were only two on the other side, that is, until Saturday. The former Democratic governor of Maryland, Martin O’ Malley, stood in front of a crowd in Baltimore, at Federal Hill Park, and announced he was running for president.

The odds of O’Malley winning the nomination are long, but his ideas could be used to enhance the Democratic Party’s fight against the Republicans. He believes that Wall Street and the country’s financial system should be reformed, and that economic inequality needs to be rectified.

O’Malley, 52, started his political life as a Baltimore City Councilor in 1991 until 1999 when he was elected as the mayor of Baltimore. In 2007, he became the governor of Maryland and served two terms in that position. Earlier this year, O’Malley became a visiting professor at the Carey Business School, part of Johns Hopkins University.