George Soros Airs His Views on Trumps Recklessness and the World Economy

Forbes billionaire George Soros is quite an outspoken individual that doesn’t shy away from sharing with the world his thoughts. He regularly comments on current developments in both the political and economic world. During the ongoing world economic forum in Davos, Soros was interviewed by the Bloomberg TV and made headlining statements on several niches.
During the interview, ,Soros accused the US Republican Party’s election nominee Donald Trump of doing ISIS work. Considering Trump’s views on closing the US borders to Muslims, Soros said that it would act as an incentive in turning them to terrorism. He criticized the campaigns of election nominees; Trump and Ted Cruz not failing to mention that if elections were held in the US, Hilary Clinton would win with a landslide.
On the economic front, Soros was in support of the quantitative easing measures the European Central Bank is planning to institute. The bank is of the opinion that these will cushion the European markets against deflation and recession threats. He, however, expressed reservations with the objectivity of the measures informing that they have a diminishing return in the long run.
About the effects of the Chinese markets on the world, Soros was optimistic that it would not fall. He, however, observed that it might encounter a hard landing in the foreseeable future. This would make it hard for it to bounce back to global economic dominance and in effect weaken its ability to continue driving the global economy.
About George Soros
George Soros was born in Budapest in 1930 and survived the Nazi occupation of Hungary during the Second World War. After the war, he fled to Britain where he graduated with a degree in economics from the London school of economics. In the 1950s, he left for the United States where he started one of the largest hedge funds whose revenues he uses to support charitable courses such as the International Open Society Foundation.
Currently, George is ranked among top 50 of the 400 richest entrepreneurs in the United States. He is very opinionated about the American politics and economy and supports the liberal political wing. Most importantly, he is considered one of the history’s most successful financiers and his economic views are widely accepted and followed throughout the county.
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