Brazilian Rally Driver Michael Terpins in Bull Sertoes 25th Edition

Michael Terpins and partner Maykel Justo finished another vital stage in the Brazilian Sertoes Rally (25th Edition). The pair won two out of three stages in the Prototypes Race (T1) and took overall leadership in the accumulated grouping. Michael Terpins and Justo belong to the fastest five in the race and fourth overall.

Debut at the Sertoes Rally

The prominent Michael Terpins made his initial appearance in this famous competition (Motorcycle Category) 16 years ago. Michael’s brother and fellow rally driver Rodrigo have been mainstays in the car racing scene in Brazil. During the third stage of Bull Sertoes, the excellent pair had no choice but to take a breather because of mechanical issues as a result of the previous Marathon Stage. The gearbox of T-Rex 322 malfunctioned aside from sustaining a damaged suspension system. Michael Terpins, currently leading the cross-country championship had no other option but to slow down. Nonetheless, the pair ended #4 in the T1 Prototypes and tenth overall.

The 25the Edition took place in the Midwest particularly the states of Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul and Goias. Some 280 pilots, as well as navigators from different regions of Brazil and other countries, participated in 161 cars. The categories included Cars (cross-country and regularity), motorcycles, quadricycles, and Utility Task Vehicles or UTVs. Races covered more than 3, 300 kilometers. The grueling stage included very draining stretches, but they managed to attain significant results despite being on the second day alone.

The T-Rex of Michael

The MEM team of Michael Terpins developed the inimitable T-Rex allowing the rally driver to take part in the contest for the seventh time. The duo proceeded to Stage 3 from victories in two stages which resulted in zigzag roads, challenges, and downturns for Terpins and Justo as well as other rally drivers. Of course, they also enjoyed the event despite the ups and downs. The well-known sports driver from Brazil earned many titles and prizes in different car rallies which Michael Terpins inherited from the family tree. Bothers Michael and Rodrigo represent born winners.