Clay Siegall, Marketing Rights & The future if Seattle Genetics

Seattle Genetics is one of the most well-respected biotech companies in the world. The company specializes in the development and commercialization of antibody-based therapies. Dr. Clay Siegall is the president, the CEO and a co-founder of this extraordinary company. Seattle Genetics is one of the biggest employers in the Puget Sound area with over 900 employees. With its expected growth, another 250 individuals will be added to the roster in the near future. ADCETRIS, the company’s flagship drug, has brought in many hundreds of millions of dollars over the past few years, which has helped Seattle Genetics reach its $10 billion market value. The medication is being distributed across the globe in more than 65 countries. Siegall has stated that “we are an emerging global, oncology company.” The goal is to expand into international marketing instead of remaining in drug development.

Having international marketing rights means that you have full control of what your company introduces to the market. Unlike years of the past where Siegall was put into a predicament to sell his international rights to Takeda Oncology, he won’t be going that route ever again. The newer drugs that are in Seattle Genetics’ pipeline will retain their rights with the company. At this point, all of the capital that’s being generated will remain with Seattle Genetics instead of being distributed among company investors. Even if Siegall doesn’t go this route, the company would still be a huge success. In just the past five years, Seattle Genetics’ stock has tripled thanks to its powerful medications.

These medications are far more advanced than cancer fighting medications of the past because they can bind to cancer cells. When this happens, the medications will deliver a killing blow without harming any of the body’s good cells. These advanced therapies also benefits the patient by reducing any nasty side effects, which is highly associated with most cancer medications. The future of Seattle Genetics is looking brighter than ever before. Dr. Clay Siegall is all about evolving because if you don’t evolve, you’ll surely get left behind.

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