Diamond Dew: Lime Crime’s Hot New Product

Lime Crime has done it again. On November 14, the company released its hot new product to the public, and it has been selling like hotcakes. LimeCrime is known for teasing the public before it releases any new products. “Something sparkly is coming soon.” This slogan created a lot of buzz, which helped to pull in the interest of the consumers. Nobody had a clue of what it could be, but with all of the company’s new products, people began to come up with ideas of what it might actually be.

Whether people thought that it was a liquid eyeliner, a liquid highliter, hair glitter or setting spray, it definitely received plenty of attention. Lime Crime’s Diamond Dew is the all-new attraction, and it’s actually a liquid eye shadow product. The company already has a powdered version of this product that’s known as Hi-Lite, and it sells for around $38. Lime Crime knows how to create a commotion thanks to its brilliant way of marketing. Create a buzz, cause hysteria and release a fabulous product. This technique has been very successful from the start and like the old saying goes, “never fix something that isn’t broken.” This specific product was inspired by the brand’s Diamond Crushers Lip Topper, which sells for $18. The all-new Diamond Dew will come in 10 extraordinary colors like Pixie (iridescent pink) and Dragon (teal blue). Even the names themselves match the company’s vibe very well.


This new liquid eyeliner can be worn alone on the eyelids, or it can be swiped across the eyelids that already has a layer of eyeshadow. If there’s one thing that’s great about Lime Crime, ease of use is definitely one of its best attributes. This product can also be used as a body glitter. Its reflective, lightweight particles provide a fast drying action and at $20, they’re a really good value.

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