Dispelling Some Myths About End Citizens United

There are several advocacy groups that have been fighting for years to overturn the Citizens United decision of the Supreme Court. But things really heated up in March 2015 when a new group came up on this scene. It is the End Citizens United PAC. It has a goal of overturning the controversial decision of the Supreme Court by getting more and more Democrats elected to the Congress.

This PAC launched itself with a highly aggressive strategy. It has been founded by three persons who are the former specialists for online fundraising and have worked for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. They are running Mothership Strategies now which is a consulting firm. This indicates that they have a mindset that is focused on high-volume fundraising along with list-building. Now they are using this mindset for a cause that had been drawing just a few non-profits till now.

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End Citizens United has a simple methodology to work. It sends out email solicitations and asks people to donate and become a founding member. In this way, the PAC is making efforts to stop the Republicans from using the campaign finance laws to their advantage. They say that effort is required to restore the Democracy, and this would start with a minimum contribution of $5.

This strategy of End Citizens United has been highly successful. They were able to raise $4 million last year. Most of this has come from small donations that have been collected online. Besides, their average contribution is $12 which shows the amount of trust and faith they have been able to garner.

The founders of End Citizens United are Greg Berlin, Jake Lipsett and Charles Starnes. All of them feel that huge amounts of political cash have been unleashed by Citizens United. Due to this, the Democratic Party agenda is facing a lot of problems. This is why End Citizens United is trying to elect Democrats who would be able to change that.

There are several ways to raise money in the political fundraising world. One of them is the buying of extensive lists of email addresses. These are now showered with requests for money. Once a list is exhausted, it is time to go on to the next one. This shows that nonprofits can build institutional relationships with their supporters through various actions.

Next is the organizing of protests and such other events, besides circulating petitions that would advocate pro or against the legislation. Thus the priority is the engagement at grass root level over the solicitation of money.

But money is also needed. People are donating to End Citizens United as they like the concept. Now this PAC has just taken off.

For more information about End Citizens United, just click here.

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