Eli Gershkovitch Is Currently The CEO Of Steamworks Brewery

There was a time when domestic beer used to be popular among all drinking adults, and it was mass marketed. This also led to numerous beer empires coming up all across America. But times for mass-marketed beer are changing now.

This appears to be a golden age now for craft beer, as per Eli Gershkovitch. Rather than mass-marketed domestic beer, the young people are preferring craft beers as these have become their favorite alcoholic beverage. The corporate beer companies are now losing popularity to the micro-breweries, and these are enjoying much greater profits now, says Eli Gershkovitch.

It is still not clear to the industry experts why craft beer is climbing the charts of popularity so fast and so soon. Eli Gershkovitch feels that one reason this can be the growth of cosmopolitan culture as this is spreading across the world population. This has made people appreciate the diverse flavors much more. No matter what the reasons are, the fact remains that domestic beer companies are losing out to these craft breweries. Their demand is going to go higher only. Also, the craft beers are being produced by relatively small operators as compared to the mass-market ones. This means that the consumers have the options to buy from a wide range of small breweries. There are many popular craft breweries today in the US. Learn more about Eli at releasefact.com.

Eli Gershkovitch further explains that beer was not the elite drink for connoisseurs like wine, at one time. But there is growing appreciation due to diversity in beer due to its brewing methods. Hence it is attracting highly sophisticated consumers now. All across the globe, the enthusiasts are trying out coffee stouts, as well as other varieties of beer.

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Eli Gershkovitch says that this kind of beer diversity has led to breweries competing with highly creative different kinds of beer. These ranged from bourbon barrel stouts to the lagers. All these beer styles were featured in various competitions all across the globe. Eli Gershkovitch commented that the U.S. Open Beer Championship remains the most prestigious amongst them. This is because it attracts hundreds of breweries from all across the globe who compete here with their top-selling beers. Read more about Eli Gershkovitch at Ottawa Citizen.

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