George Soros Weathers Conservative Ire, Donates Fortune to Charity.

There has been a renewed push by the right wing of America’s political system to demonize anyone who engages in philanthropy to an extreme degree. Ostensibly, this demonization only occurs when progressives put their money where their ideals are and this has become particularly true in reference to billionaire investor, George Soros. George Soros has been one of the biggest members of resistance group that has risen up in response to the election of Donald Trump. This position as put Soros in the crosshairs of the mega-conservative media giants fueled by the Koch Brothers and Rupert Murdoch. Soros recently made headlines for his donation of nearly $18 billion to his philanthropy, the Open Society Foundations.

George Soros has been unrepentant in terms of his progressive views and he has been a subtle irritant to members of the right for at least the past thirty years. Soros came over to America from England, having emigrated across Europe when the Nazi’s occupied his home country of Hungary. Soros is the American Dream personified as he arrived in New York by boat before starting his own company and becoming a billionaire. Soros has spent the majority of his time and fortune as an activist and advocate for progressive ideals which include the focus on social justice, freedom of expression, transparent government, and limited aggression and involvement in otherwise peaceful nations. Soros first landed on the conservative radar after becoming a vocal antagonist to George W. Bush’s march to war in Iraq and he has since solidified himself as the ultimate conservative boogeyman.

George Soros opened up the Open Society Foundations back in the ’70s with the sole goal of spreading progressive values around the world through humanist philanthropic efforts. Soros and his team at the OSF helped to support Africans struggling through Apartheid. His team also was active in the march for marriage equality in America and they even mobilized emergency response teams in the recent Ebola epidemic. Needless to say, the Open Society Foundation has made a name for itself as one of the most prominent and helpful charities to ever exist. Still, that hasn’t spared Soros from the collective ire of conservatives around the country.

When conservatives control the largest media publications in the country, they can create enemies out of thin air. George Soros has become the easiest target and he has been blamed for a wide range of conspiracy theories that would even make Darth Vader blush. Despite the persecution that he has endured from the violent rhetoric of those on the right, Soros continues to push for his core ideals.

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