Jed McCeleb on technology and how it can change the world

Jed McCeleb sat down recently with Ideamensch to discuss his current projects and what makes him tick as a person. The entrepreneur has had a lot of experience tinkering with technology that he has made it his career in life. One of his first companies he launched eDonkey2000 which is a file sharing network between peers. It was the first of its kind and used advanced technology. He also founded Overnet, Mt. Gox, and his current project The desire to co-found this company came from change the financial game so people could have more and better resources. Jed McCaleb and Joyce Kim created this company in 2014 drawing inspiration from Bitcoin the online currency. Already so many institutions are using Stellar and find it very helpful. This could be a viable solution for many people all over the world.

The whole is world implementing technology on a massive scale. Jed McCeleb is exciting about this especially when it comes to A.I., also known as artificial intelligence. The successful entrepreneur believes that in the next two decades artificial intelligence will be able to solve lots of problems. This powerful technology can make people’s lives a lot easier. Jed has even donated to a non-profit organization that creates new tools for A.I. called Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI).

When it comes to advice, book recommendations, and software Mr. McCeleb has plenty to share. He is influenced by the Center For Applied Rationality (CFAR). Also he follows Psychologist and author of “Thinking Fast and Slow” Daniel Kahneman. Another book he highly recommends is “Black Swan” by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. He says it is a very good read about business and such. Jed McCeleb overcomes challenges and succeeds by being persistent and getting back on the horse. As an entrepreneur it can be a hard world full of failures and setbacks, but if you keep going them you will succeed eventually. One thing he excels at is creating new products instead of focusing on the marketing side of thing. The internet has made it so much easier for that. The kind of software and services he uses regularly is Google Docs and StackOverFlow.

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