Joel Friant-For the Love and Health Benefits of the Habenero Pepper

Joel Friant is a man with lasting endurance for success. He went from working in real estate to opening a restaurant in the mid 1990s, specializing in Thai cuisine in which he adores. After a while, he noticed that there wasn’t a pure dry spice blend of the Habanero pepper, so he went to work at accomplishing this task.

Joel loved the taste of the habanero since one of his friends introduced it to him while visiting Jamaica during his high school years. From then on, Joel was hooked. He also began to discover the health benefits of the habanero that he inquired for his cuisine specialty. The habanero contains Capsaisin, vitamins A/B and natural chemicals that boost the immune system; one could also say that it could be incorporated into a natural aid for those who suffer with minor aches and pains to even depression because of the soothing effect of endorphines being released into the body from the brain.

He decided to market his idea of a pure dry spice blend of the habanero to which can be literally shaken on to the food. The taste he created in a shaker was like a buttery fire that anyone could enjoy. His idea was launched and the Original Habanero Shaker started making its way to America’s dinner tables everywhere.

His product came off the market for a while due to other ideas he wanted to venture in and produce. But many of his customers wanted him to bring back his Original Habanero Shaker to be sold, not only online, but in the nation’s supermarkets everywhere. It was relaunched on the market and it sells like crazy. If you crave something hot and spicy with a smokey buttery flavor, try a shake or two from the Original Habanero Shaker. Its the perfect spice for any dish.

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