Malcolm CasSelle Is Planning To Change Virtual Asset Exchange Technology

Virtual asset exchange is the exchange of goods and services in the virtual world. This is most prominently used in video games and has become a popular way to exchange value by members all around the world. The advent of virtual asset exchange marketplaces came with centralized marketplace technology. For many years this represented the absolute pinnacle of virtual asset exchange technology. In recent times however it has become clear that there are several significant issues associated with the use of centralized marketplaces. Malcolm CasSelle has become aware of these issues and has taken steps to help alleviate these problems utilizing the new and exciting technology called blockchain.


Malcolm CasSelle originally began his career by attending university. He went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received his bachelor’s degree in computer science. He later went on to Stanford University where he completed his graduate education and received a Masters degree in computer science as well. It was after this the Malcolm CasSelle formally joined the workforce began to work in the technology industries. In addition to serving in several key leadership positions throughout his career for various digital companies he has also been known to be a successful venture capitalist and has invested in several high profile companies during the early stages of their development. He has invested in such companies as Facebook and as a result has been able to generate significant funding for future endeavors.

Utilizing the experience and knowledge that he has gained over his career in the technology industry Malcolm CasSelle recognize an opportunity whenever he saw the applications of blockchain technology. Blockchain technology was popularized by bitcoin but has since gone on to be implemented in a number of new cryptocurrency technologies.


Malcolm CasSelle created his own company Worldwide Asset Exchange and developed a custom cryptocurrency the used as a common store of value for gamers around the world. This currency is referred to as wax tokens. Wax tokens will enable gamers around the world to be at the trade virtual goods without going to foreign exchange markets in order to facilitate their transactions.


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