Nobilis Health Corporation Improving Access to Healthcare

Nobilis Health Corporation is a health care development and management company which aims to improve access to health care services and the outcomes. In order to deliver health care services, the company owns and operates ambulatory surgical centers and surgical hospitals in parts of the U.S. The company owns 10 healthcare facilities, 6 ambulatory surgery centers, 2 MRI centers and a surgical hospital among others. With these facilities the healthcare company is able to provide superior healthcare services to patients. The company strives to satisfy the customers with their healthcare services which are provided at low costs. The company also specializes in providing minimally invasive surgical procedures which is facilitated by the surgical facilities in Dallas, Scottsdale and Houston as well as the contractual partnership that the company has with 6 more facilities.
The company is also involved with a marketing campaign that aims to educate and increase patient awareness. Nobilis Healthcare Corporation incorporates traditional and modern methods in their marketing campaign. This involves the use of TV, Radio, print, web, mobile, and social web for campaigns. The company also uses patient fax referral forms and patient referral cards to increase awareness. The marketing campaign is also meant to target and recruit candidates for each of the program offered by the company. In the marketing campaigning, the company aims to educate the patients about certain diseases, educate then on how to recognize symptoms, increase awareness of the available treatment options for specific diseases and also promote a productive relationship between the health care providers and the patients.
Nobilis Healthcare Corporation is a publicly traded company that is listed on NYSE and TSX exchanges. The company has been recognized as a lead company in the industry. Over the years the company has recorded high organic growth and has performed exemplary well in mergers and acquisitions. In 2014, the company acquired its first Nobilis Hospital which was worth $7.5 million. It has also acquired a 60% stake of the Freedom Pain Hospital and control over its management that was valued $3.2 million. The company aims to maximize the opportunities for their physicians while driving growth for the company. The company is built on a well defined growth plan that incorporates both organic growth and growth by acquisitions.
The company also focuses on attracting highly qualified health professionals in order to achieve the main objective which is providing quality healthcare services. The staff at Nobilis Health Corporation is the most valuable asset of the company. The staff is dedicated to helping the company accomplish this mission. With the help of the professional staff, they aim at providing trusted healthcare to their patients using the best methods. Ensuring that their outpatient clients receive the best treatment experience is the staff’s main priority.

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