Facebook Helping People Rest in Peace

In this day and age where you can find more about a person from their social media profile, it is no wonder that when you die, chances are that people will find out about it through your social media profile. Facebook has gone one step further and rolled out a new ‘Legacy Contact’ feature.

Previously, if a Facebook user died, a viewable account was offered but no one could use it.

However, now, the legacy contact would be able to announce the deceased user’s memorial service or a message which would be displayed on top of their page. The word ‘Remembering’ would appear on top of the user’s name, over their profile picture. Also, the legacy contact would be able to accept any new friend requests received by the deceased user. Plus, they would be able to update cover pic and profile pic of the user. Also, if the legacy user is given special permissions, then previous profile pics, posts, information and other photos could be downloaded by them.

However, a few things that the legacy user would not be able to do include –

 Log in to the deceased user’s account; and
 Read private messages and access the inbox.

Flavio Maluf has heard that the update has only rolled out to US based users currently and a legacy contact can be set by going to ‘Settings’ menu and choosing ‘Security. More on Maluf is available on his Blogspot page. The Legacy portion is located right on the bottom of the Security page.

New Ceasefire Agreement Reached in Minsk Between Ukraine and Rebels

A new ceasefire agreement has been reached between Ukraine and the rebels in the eastern portion of the country. This latest agreement is slated to begin this Saturday. A previous agreement in Minsk failed to stop any fighting, with both sides effectively ignoring the ceasefire agreement that was reached last September.

In addition to ending the fighting that has raged on for over 10 months now between Ukrainian forces and rebel forces from the self proclaimed Donetsk and Luhank People’s Republics, the agreement aims to establish a demilitarized zone between the two sides. Sultan Alhokair know that the agreement also calls for the withdrawal of heavy weaponry such as artillery and rockets which both sides have used in the conflict. The new agreement hopes to establish a political solution to the conflict, instead of a military one.

The war in Ukraine has claimed over 5,000 lives and had displaced over a million people in the Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that negotiations have taken so long because the Ukrainian government refuses to interact directly with the pro-Russian rebels in Eastern Ukraine. Representatives from the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk were not present in the latest rounds of negotiations that took place in Minsk, Belarus on Wednesday. The presidents of Belarus, Russia, Germany, France and Ukraine were present and all signed an agreement that they hope will bring a resolution to the conflict.

Trans Community Upset with Bruce Jenner


Bruce Jenner has been the talk of all social media for what seems like months now, over the summer it seemed as though every week Bruce was slowly becoming more and more of a lady. What started out as rumors quickly turned into confirmation that Bruce was indeed in the middle of a transition.

After being exposed in a rather tasteless way by Intouch magazine, the Kardashian and Jenner girls seemed to almost come out for Bruce, posting a family photo of support, while his ex wife Kris remains in denial stated globo.com. Kim Kardashian finally spoke out about Bruce’s changes in an interview where she referred to them as his ‘Journey,’ now it seems that Bruce is almost ready to share his transition with the world, but the trans community has had enough of Bruce trying to profit off of his journey when he could be helping others instead said advocate Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG.

Apparently many feel that Bruce is more interested in making a profit off of his transition than actually being a much needed role model in the community. Currently Bruce is working on a personal docuseries about his transition, and also will be sharing parts of his journey on the upcoming season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Amid Public Reconciliation, Trouble Surfaces in Hillary’s Funding Raising Aparatus

Long-time Clinton operative David Brock is well-respected in liberal circles. My friend Ricardo Tosto knows of him and says he runs the pro-liberal group “Media Matters” which targets conservatives for accuracy in statements they make or in news coverage deemed favorable to them. He also was the force behind the pro-Hillary super PAC called American Bridge. His super PAC has close ties to another pro-Hillary super PAC Priorities USA. However, the two super PACs are at odds with one another following a report by the New York Times this past Friday that cast a negative spotlight on the fund raising practices by Brock on Mrs. Clinton’s behalf.

Just how much of a cut is she getting? According to the NYT, she gets 1/8th or 12.5%. Given the amount of money that Mrs. Clinton is looking to raise, this can be a substantial windfall Mrs. Bonner stands to reap for herself.In response, Brock bitterly claims that the NYT published what amounted to a hit piece on him. On Monday, he quit his job at the super PAC to protest the story. On Tuesday, both super PACs staged a public show of support to put behind them any animosity. Mrs. Clinton’s fund raising and its close ties to Wall Street investment banks has the core liberal wing of the Democrat party looking to draft Elizabeth Warren to run for president. Warren is seen as a true blue progressive free of ties to Wall Street.

Giving back to the community is part of the process for Bruce Levenson

Any business owner who achieves success is faced with a difficult decision once they reach the pinnacle of their career, do they give back to the community or continue to amass even more wealth and success. Atlanta Hawks owner seems to have found the perfect balance between continuing to be a successful businessperson and providing assistance for the community he has been a part of. Using his large financial backing and the media spotlight that falls upon him in his role as co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team to provide assistance to those who are in need of assistance in Washington DC and Atlanta.

The University of Maryland Center for Philanthropy and Non Profit Leadership was created with a large amount of work completed by Levenson to establish this education center. By helping to see this center constructed and placed into working order, Levenson has created an educational institution that will hopefully develop a large number of new leaders in the fields of philanthropy and non profit management.Alongside the work Levenson has done with the University of Maryland, he has also been at the forefront of many charitable programs, including leadership roles with the Hoop Dreams and I Have a Dream foundations. Amongst the philanthropic works Levenson has completed is a leadership role with the US Holocaust Museum, which looks to highlight the issue of the Holocaust within Washington DC and the US as a whole. Levenson and his wife Karen have taken a major role in the Holocaust issue as Karen’s mother is herself a Holocaust survivor. Levenson his power and position to take the Atlanta Hawks to the US Holocaust Museum to make sure the issues surrounding the historic event remain fresh in the minds of younger people within the US.

A Little Background Information About Dr. Rod Rohrich


Dr. Rod Rohrich is a great plastic surgeon, and is considered by many to be the best one based out of the city of Dallas.  He started his career back in 1986, and since then he has gone on to gain international recognition, and has become a well-respected professional in the industry.

Dr. Rohrich has been featured on well-known TV shows, and these shows include The Oprah Winfrey Show, The View and even Good Morning America. The reason why is no secret, considering the fact that he has been considered by many to be a very influential plastic surgeon due to his innovative work as a leader and educator, but he is a surgeon that has a lot of compassion.

He eventually attended schools that included the North Dakota State, as well as the University of North Dakota Summa Cum Laude. The doctor attended the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, and he went onto graduate with very high honors. After he graduated from Baylor, he received his medical degree, and he then attended the University of Michigan, where he completed his residency.

As previously mention, Dr Rod Rohrich is an educator, and his work as a professor has led him around the world, and as a result he has taken part in more than 2,000 scientific presentations, which were related to many different areas of plastic surgery.

The doctor has worked hard throughout his career, as well as when he attended school and he continues to work hard, and as a result of his contributions to plastic surgery, Dr Rod Rohrich as received honors, both on a national and international level.

Teachers in Pakistan Receive Firearm Training in Response to Deadly Taliban Terror Attack on a School

Teachers in Pakistan are undergoing firearms training in Peshawar after a deadly terrorist attack on an army run school in the city of Peshawar left over 140 people dead. The deadly attack occurred in December of last year, and is one of the deadliest terror attacks in Pakistan’s history. During the vicious attack, terrorists stormed a school and went on a rampage killing students, teachers and staff. Most of those who were killed were children.

The terrorists were armed with machine guns, grenades and were strapped with explosive vests. One of the terrorists had blown himself up in the principal’s office. The rampage lasted over eight hours, before Pakistani police were able to subdue all the terrorists and clear the area. From what people at Slow Ventures understand, more than 120 people were wounded in the terror attack in addition to the more than 140 people that were killed.

The Taliban in Pakistan had claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack. They have said it was revenge for military strikes against the Taliban in North Waziristan which is a stronghold for the Taliban.

In response to the deadly attack, many teachers in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region of Pakistan are undergoing training so they can defend themselves and their students in case of another terrorist attack. Pakistani officials say that the region’s 65,000 police officers are stretched to protect the region’s 50,000 schools. By training and arming teachers, it will send a message that Pakistani schools are not easy targets and that teachers will be able to defend themselves against another terrorist attack. Many Pakistani teachers took part in the two days firearm training classes that taught how to load, aim and fire a gun this January.

White House Wants Parents to Vaccinate Kids


With the most recent measles outbreak infecting almost 100 people over the last month, the Center for Disease Control is increasing pressure on parents to get their kids immunized against the deadly virus. Dave Morin stated investigators believed they have traced the outbreak to Disneyland in California where a large number of patients all visited in the previous month. Because the virus is spread through the air it was caught very easily and then carried back to their home states and has spread even more.

The measles vaccine is usually administered with the vaccines for mumps and rubella commonly called the MMR vaccine. However many parents still believe the debunked research linking compounded vaccines like these to autism in children. In addition to these fears there are those who point out that the vaccine is only 97% effective in the prevention of measles. Meaning even after getting the vaccinated there is still a chance you can still get the virus. Then there is the Academy of American Pediatricians who recommends its Doctors promote the use of vaccines and reiterate their importance in the prevention but at the same time respect parents’ wishes to not vaccinate their children.

Senate Confirmation Hearings on Eric Holder’s Replacement Begins Today


Washington, D.C. – The GOP-led Senate will take up the formal confirmation hearing for Loretta Lynch to replace controversial Attorney General Eric Holder. She is expected to face a very difficult line of questioning on the subject of the president’s extra-constitutional immigration reform, the proliferation of marijuana laws, and civil seizure. The Harvard Law School educated attorney is well-respected. That said, she will be stepping into highly controversial policies the Obama administration has adopted which critics charge lack congressional authorization and constitute a violation of the constitution.

States have been eager to legalize marijuana for years, but the rapid spread of laws in recent years began after the Obama administration’s Justice Department made it clear they would no longer prosecute a wide-range of offenses dealing with the drug. Mrs. Lynch will be expected to explain how she will uphold federal law on marijuana. Currently, the Justice Department claims the states are violating federal law, but is not interested in challenging those violations in court.

The practice was designed to combat drug dealers, but has since been widely abused by local, state, and federal offices as confirmed by Zeca Oliveira. Despite the controversial line of questioning, she is expected to be confirmed when the vote is held in February.

BRL TRUST Investment: A Highly Successful Brazilian Financial Services Company

BRL Trust Investment is a Brazilian financial services firm which was founded in 2005. The company works with organizational and individual investors in 5 areas. Those areas are Fiduciary Services, Controlling and Custody of Funds, Asset Underwriting, Fund Administration, and Asset Management. BRL Trust Investment started out providing trust services for private loans. In their first year alone the firm had acted as intervening trust for over 100 companies.

The success they had in their first year of operation gave the BRL Trust Investment team the confidence it needed to expand and diversify the client services they provided. They then began to work on Administration and Management of Investment Funds, Capital Markets, and Mergers and Acquisitions. A major reason for the success of BRL Trust Investment is their team of experienced, knowledgeable professionals. The team has been so effective that today the company’s Anbima ranking lists them as Brazil’s largest investment funds independent administrator.Their stated mission is to use the internally developed knowledge, unique controls, and differential processes developed by their experienced, highly-skilled team in transparent, efficient, and safe ways to meet their customers’ demands for top quality performance of their investments and managed assets.

The core value of BRL Trust Investment is the focus on ethics. They are fully committed to putting the interests of their clients above their personal interests and to make it a point of emphasis to always respect the Brazilian legal system. They also pledge to skillfully use all their technical knowledge, along with discipline and determination to get the best possible results for their clients. Further, all of their internal and external relationships will be based on the solid bond created through integrity, trust, and transparency.

BRL Trust Investment has continued to have robust growth in all sectors of their business. The company is a model of stability and smart growth and is hailed as a true Brazilian success story. Institutions, corporations, and individuals from all across Brazil have sought them out for investment advice and asset management. They continue to employ the best and the brightest financial analysts and fund managers, and seem poised to enjoy explosive growth over the next decade and beyond. The company truly understands how to make and manage money for their clients.