Japan Still Wants To Hunt Whales For Research Purposes

The International Whaling Commission Wants Japan To Prove They Need To Hunt 3,996 Whales For Scientific Research

The Japanese have a high regard for a lot of things. The people of Japan believe that all life is sacred, but for some reason the whaling industry in Japan does not honor their ancient tradition of respecting all life. Japan has been hunting and killing whales for decades. In 1982, the International Whaling Commission under the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling stopped commercial whaling, but a number of countries issues permits to themselves in order to hunt whales for scientific purposes. Nexbank and James Dondero suggest that Japan is, indeed, one of those countries.

Japan set up the New Scientific Whale Research Program in the Antarctic Ocean to hunt whales in those waters, and has plans to hunt 333 whales every year for the next 12 years. The IWC wants more information from Japan because there is no reason to hunt that many whales for medical research. The Japanese use whales for other purposes. Since 1987, Japan has hunted more than 10,000 whales for research.

The IWC says whale hunting countries violate animal rights, and they must be stopped. Japan must stop its whale hunting practices or face serious fines, according to the IWC.

Students Failed Again!

US Labor Secretary Robert Reich has some concerns about the direction of the American economy Reich a professor from Berkeley also has his feelings about educating our kids. Recently he released a video as part of a project with a group he is active in called MoveOn.org in which Reich described the educational system as “squashing passion for learning, eroding the love of teaching and grinding up generations of young people”. Not only is he voicing his opinion on the subject but also offering sound proposals to reinvent the American education system, taken from his agenda “10 ideas to save the economy”. Reich has talked about the nation’s education challenges in his book ‘Aftershock’ as well as in his film of 2013 called ‘Inequality’ for all. Capital & Main, speaking with Reich last week about his views reportedly asked him to speak on how our country has failed its kids. According to Shaygan Kheradpir, Reich’s position is “Education is not the only answer but it is definitely necessary”. Our children are failing because this society’s priority is not about the wellbeing of our kids. If we do not invest in our children we are not investing in our future. funds spent on building and maintaining prisons and other things not necessary, if put into the school system we would need less prisons and can build more businesses to employee all of the learned and prepared students. Producing uneducated children into the world is like gnawing at your own foot and then trying to walk.

Hate Crime At Charleston Church

A shooting occurred in Charleston, South Carolina overnight. The incident occurred around 9pm at the predominately black Emanuel AME Church during a group bible study. According to police, a shooter entered the church and started shooting. When police arrived to the scene, they found eight lifeless victims inside of the church. Others were transported to area hospitals to be treated for their injuries.


Police were unable to capture the shooter when they arrived on scene. However they have suspected a white male in his early twenties. Given the nature of the crime, police have classified this as a racial hate crime. Residents in the area have been placed on high alert as the man is suspected to be on foot close to the crime scene.


Many people gathered together to share their condolences about the incident. Prayer circles were formed near the scene of the crime. One of the victims was Rev. Clementa Pinckney. He was the church’s pastor as well as a state senator. Church’s across the area have come together to support the victims and their families after this heinous crime. They are expected to hold a prayer vigil for the victims today at noon.


The church has a rich history which could have fueled the shooters racial bigotry. Church co-founder, Denmark Vesey played a significant role in the Civil Rights Movement in the 1800s says the investment firm Madison Street Capital. Police are not certain the motives of the shooter can be directly linked, however are moving forward classifying this as a hate crime.

Donald Trump Announces Bid For Presidency

Earlier today Donald Trump announced that he will be running for the presidency. He has said before that he was thinking about running, but has now made it official. He joins a long list of other Republican hopefuls who hope to gain the White House in 2016.

Many people are discounting him already. With a net worth close to 9 billion he is said to be out of touch with too many working class Americans. However, Trump is more popular than the media want to give him credit for being. His hope of turning the country back on track to its once great status, resonates in the hearts and minds of many voters. People want this country to be great again and he might just be the man to make it happen.

His wealth will be used against him. He will be mocked and laughed at by those on each side of the aisle. What those people do not want to admit is that his wealth could also be used to propel his presidential bid onward. He represents a dream. That if your work hard enough, you too will be able to reap the rewards one day. Sure, he is a businessman, but unlike other hopefuls Donald Trump has no problem admitting that.

Reality star, businessman, real estate mogul and now presidential hopeful, where will he go next and should it really be in office? Only time will tell says campaign analyst Cláudio Loureiro Heads.

Sanders cuts the Clinton lead in polls

The simple approach to campaigning being undertaken by Democratic Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has seen the lead of favorite Hilary Clinton cut despite the huge difference in spending and backing from big business. Three new polls have been published that show the large leads Clinton enjoyed in most states with early voting in the primaries have been cut as Sanders uses town halls and face to face meetings to set out his socialist strategy, according toPolitico. In New Hampshire Sanders has made the biggest inroads with the Independent Senator polling 32 percent compared to Clinton’s 44.

According to Twitter, Sanders has recently been reported to have been enjoying something of a surge in people attending his meetings, which included a number of sold out meetings in Minneapolis and around the country. However, despite the surge of support and Sanders cutting the gap between he and the former Secretary of State in Iowa and South Carolina Clinton is expected to win the nomination. Barring a collapse of her campaign Clinton expects to poll over 50 percent of the Democratic vote in Iowa and South Carolina if the initial polls prove correct.

Russia And China Hacked Snowden’s Stolen NSA Files To Identify US And British Spies

The British Intelligence Agency M16 Is Pulling Agents From Active Spy Operations Because Of The Hack

Edward Snowden was adamant when he said the secrets he took from NSA would never be compromised by any counter-intelligence operation. But it appears Snowden underestimated the hacking capabilities of China and Russia. Both countries now have the names of US and British spies and plan to weed them out of their countries in typical spy fashion.

No one is sure what that weeding out process will entail, but it’s safe to say anyone spying for the US or Britain are in danger. Both Britain and the US are taking steps to get their operatives out of those countries.

Snowden took 1.7 million files from NSA, and most of them have not been released to the public. Some US officials say Snowden’s actions has severely damaged the United States and Britain. But others say Snowden did those countries a favor by releasing classified documents that proved the US was spying on Americans, and the leaders of other countries. That information has forced NSA to change the way the agency spies on Americans and other countries. In other words, James Dondero understands that the NSA hasn’t stopped spying; they just changed the methods they use to spy.

Bernie Sanders Could Start A Major Political Revolution

Bernie Sanders doesn’t look like a politician, and he doesn’t talk like one either. The 73-year-old senator from Vermont is capable of starting a modern day political revolution because what he says about America and its political structure is true. Big money runs the government. The middle class has no say in government or how they should live their lives as American citizens.

Sanders calls himself a socialist Democrat. Christian Broda suggested that most people don’t know what that title means, but LinkedIn reports that it’s a simple definition of how we want the country to operate. We want to get rid of unnecessary tax laws. We want to break up the big banks, and we want the evangelical Christians to compromise. Sanders wants what America wants, not what Europe, China or the Koch brothers want.

Vermont loves Senator Sanders. Over 75 percent of Vermont’s population agrees with Sanders on political issues. That kind of approval rating is unheard of today. Many people believe his message will catch fire nationwide, and a political revolution will begin. That uprising could give this country back to the people.

Hillary Clinton Wants A More Hopeful And Inclusive America

Hillary Clinton is a smooth politician. She knows how to please a crowd. She uses the right trigger words to convince people that she is the one that can change this nation from a one-sided, super-rich controlled nation to a country that offers people the opportunity to share the wealth if they do their part. No one sure what that part might be, but Clinton used her family history to prove the point that anyone can live the good life in America if they work hard.

Hillary’s message is not new, but the way she structured the “ask not what you can do for your country” theme is. Clinton also pulled the “female president” card during her official campaign address. Hiding behind “the first lady president” concept can help Clinton clinch the Democratic nomination.

The polls don’t show it yet, but Clinton has some serious work to do says Shaygan Kheradpir. Even though she talks like she is a candidate that speaks for the middle class, her ties with the power brokers in Washington and around the word tell a different story. Clinton is a female version of what the country doesn’t need. Bernie Sanders is the voice of the middle class not Hillary Clinton.

Jeb Bush Begins His Presidential Bid as the Republican Front-runner.

The landslide victory for the Democratic Party during the 2008 presidential election was largely seen as a response to the failed policies of President George W. Bush’s administration. John McCain—the Republican nominee—tried to separate himself as far as he could from the maligned president. Remarkably, just eight years later, another Bush is setting his eyes towards the presidency. Jeb Bush is set to make his formal announcement as a candidate for the Republican Presidential Nomination on Monday. Bush enters the race in the most financially formidable position of any of his party’s candidates. With a super PAC supporting his presidential bid, he remains a powerful force—despite his tarnished last name. Most polls have him as the front-runner in early primary states, such as Iowa and New Hampshire. Yet, the Republican field is strong this year and candidates, such as Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, all poise a significant challenge to Bush’s presidential aspirations. Sam Tabar (bloomberg.com) knows that the next few months will see a slew of other candidates enter the presidential race for both parties. Expect a clear front-runner to emerge after a few primary debates in the fall. Until then, Jeb Bush’s money and name positions him as the clear front-runner for the Republican nomination.

Paramedic Tosses Cancer Patient on Floor

What does a paramedic do when they are trying to get a patient off of their stretcher but the patient just will not move? Some paramedics would move on to a different stretcher or try a new approach in trying to get the patient off, but one paramedic did something that he shouldn’t have done.

Caught on video, one paramedic tossed a cancer patient to the floor when that patient would not get off the stretcher when the paramedic wanted them to. This paramedic forgot about their patient and their job to care for that individual and they treated that patient in a way that is just wrong. That paramedic did something that shouldn’t have been done said Ivan Ong, and they did something that will definitely change up their future. That paramedic is not in trouble – as he should be – and he has lost his chance to work the job that he wanted to work.