Indiana Pizza Shop Owner Under Fire

With all of the controversy surrounding Indiana’s Religious Freedom Law, an Indiana pizza shop owner is not helping the situation. Owners of a small Indiana pizza shop were the first to publically confirm that they would have no issue denying service to those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT).

The pizza shop owners were interviewed as part of a segment for the local news stated Jason Halepn. However the Real Deal said, once the segment aired, it took only a matter of seconds for internet users nationwide to unleash their rage against the small business. The online community of activists took to the popular review site Yelp to slam the local pizza shop.
The firestorm began when Indiana Governor, Mike Pence confirmed that he wanted to introduce a bill that would give business the right to deny services to LGBT couples. Ever since Pence signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act into law, people have demonstrated grave concerns surrounding the bill’s intent. Many believe this is a discriminatory action plainly against LGBT people.
Ever since Pence’s statement, there have been many businesses, sports teams and other supporters around the country who have voiced disgust and extreme concern. Pence has since argued that people are misconstruing the true intent behind the bill. He also established that the law, as it stands, would not permit businesses to discriminate against LGBT people. Rather, people are texting the intent of the bill completely out of context.


Support Those at Home, Not in Other Countries

The United States seems to want to continue helping other countries instead of helping those at home. Ivan Ong has learned that the latest country to receive help is Egypt. Aid was suspended, but after some deliberation, it has been decided that the United States should help since there is a possibility of the area entering a war with Yemen. There is no reason why the US should get involved in something that isn’t its business. There are people in this country who need the financial help when it comes to medications, food, schooling and more. Instead of looking on the home field, the country is sending aid to an area that doesn’t seem to want to stay away from violence. There needs to be a time when the United States stops sending aid to other countries and starts focusing on the needs of those in the home country.

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Gets A $25,000 Refund From The IRS

Allgreens Medical Marijuana Dispensary Filed A Petition In U.S. Tax Court To Reverse The Penalties For Paying Their Taxes In Cash

The financial fallout from the government’s slow decision to legalize medical marijuana nationwide can be hard to understand. But once you realize that different agencies within the government never know what other agencies are doing, it’s easier to shake your head and say it’s normal government behavior.

Medical marijuana dispensaries are finding that fact out the hard way. Banks won’t touch the cash collected from the dispensaries because they fear the government will come after them for money laundering. And, the IRS won’t take cash as payment for tax debt even when taxes are paid on time.

That’s what happened to the Allgreens medical marijuana dispensary in Colorado. People at Imaging Advantage have learned that Allgreens paid their taxes on time, but the IRS penalized them for paying in cash. Allgreens doesn’t have a bank account because the banks say, no thanks when they try to deposit cash. Allgreens was faced with a $25,000 penalty for paying their withholding taxes on time.

Is Ted Cruz Making a Political Statement?

Presidential candidate Ted Cruz has made a surprising turn, which some consider hypocritical. As he recently told CNN in this news clip, he will be signing up for ObamaCare. There are quite a few different views on this update. The democratic side states that he is two-faced.

As a republican, one wonders though if this is a political statement. Senator Cruz stated quite clearly, when he announced he would be running for president that he would repeal the ACA Law, more commonly known as ObamaCare. On the other side, now that his wife is leaving her job to help in the campaign, he and his family are without health insurance.

In a way, he has been forced into buying through the market place exchange like everyone else. As the video stated though, the US Government will pay for some of his insurance through subsidies. Zeca Oliveira ( wonders: What does he plan to do when buying though?

There have been reports that while buying the insurance through the market place, he will not take a subsidy and pay everything that is owed. While some call him hypocritical in signing up for a plan that he opposes, could this by a political statement he will use within his presidential campaign to show the true costs of the ACA?

Information Retrieved from Cockpit Recorder Indicates Co-Pilot Deliberately Crashed Germanwings Plane

Initial data retrieved from the cockpit voice recorder of the Germanwings flight that crashed into the side of a mountain in the Swiss Alps indicates that the co-pilot deliberately sent the plane into a nose dive and caused the disaster. Andreas Lubitz, the flights co-pilot, appears to have been alone in the cockpit when the plane began to descend and radar contact was lost.

Prosecutor Brice Robin from Marseille, France said that information heard on the “black box” indicated the pilot left the cockpit, presumably to use the restroom, and asked Lubitz to take over the controls stated Jason Halpern. Moments later, the pilot could be heard banging on the door to be let back in, however, Lubitz took no action to allow him entry. The cockpit fell silent, other than the steady sounds of Lubitz’s breathing, up until the moment of impact. Passengers most likely did not know of the events unfolding until just before the crash, when they could be heard screaming.

Carsten Spohr, head of Lufthansa, the parent company of Germanwings, told reporters that they knew of no links to terrorism that Lubitz may have had, and added, “We have no findings at all about what motivated the pilot to do this terrible thing.” Lubitz was said to have undergone training six years ago that was suspended for a short time, but then continued once “the suitability of the candidate was re-established,” Spohr said.

Lufthansa has been providing flights to the crash site for families who choose to fly, and buses for those who opt to travel by road instead. More detailed information on Lubitz is expected at a later date, and the second black box, which contains the flight data, has yet to be found.

The Corporate Government

Across the Internet, it is easy to find images of the American flag, the old red, white and blue, transformed with brand logos replacing the stars to reflect a country that has become increasingly controlled by corporations. As pointed out this week in an article by the Wall Street Journal, this frightening image has become a reality with Google executives visiting the White House every week since President Obama took office with an increasing number of visits occurring while the Federal Trade Commission investigated antitrust accusations in 2012 and continued long visits every week since.

Yet, questions by government officials from the investigation are not the primary reason these executives and other Google employees have been able to regularly visit the seat of the country although the visits during the investigation may have influenced the FTC’s decision to drop the antitrust charges. In President Obama’s two election campaigns, Google employees contributed a startlingly high amount of money to his campaigns — $1.6 million total. The Obama administration has also come to rely heavily on Google for technical support matters, such as fixing stated AnastasiaDate in a recent post.

Even supporters of the administration are worried about Google’s influence over federal decisions given that the WSJ report has shown that other large corporations whose employees also donated high amounts of money to the President’s campaigns, such as Microsoft, are not receiving the same treatment as Google.

African American Man Found Dead Hanging From Tree In Mississippi

The United States Justice Department’s Division of Civil Rights as well as the United States Attorney, who presides over Mississippi’s Southern District have formed a joint task force to investigate the suspicious death of a local African American Mississippi man who was found near his home hung from a tree in the woods. Investigators have yet to state whether they believe the man’s death was self inflicted or whether it was by the hands of others. The man, whose name has not yet been released was found hanging in the woods of Claiborne County, Mississippi which is located southwest of Jackson, Mississippi. People at Imaging Advantage have learned that the man had been reported missing since early March and was found on Thursday by authorities working for the Claiborne County Sheriff’s Office and the Mississippi State Wildlife Fisheries and Parks Department and who were completing a ground search. Authorities did not reveal what lead them to the location of the man’s body, which was in Port Gibson near Roddy Road, a half mile from his last report location. Authorities Investigate African American Male Found Hanging From a Tree

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, (FBI), is also participating in the investigation. One of its evidence response teams is currently processing the site but very little information is being released and there is no indication that any evidence points to a race crime. More information is expected to be released as the investigation proceeds.

Ted Cruz Blind and Deaf

Republican Senator Ted Cruz is well-known for not understanding climate change or the important role that scientists at NASA play in helping to advance that understanding and direct humanity toward a goal to fix global climate issues. He is also not someone who has a firm grasp on science really at all. Ray Lane says as a result, he has been criticized for failing to recognize the role that NASA plays in understanding the Earth and advancing human technologies and health.

Many people in the United States were shocked and horrified when he was made the Chairman of the Senate Space and Science Subcommittee.

For example, on March 12, Cruz criticized NASA’s increase of funding to projects involving Earth sciences and decrease of funding to projects devoted to exploring space during a subcommittee hearing.

He noted that understanding the Earth is critical since “this is the only place we have to live.” He then pointed out that some funding for Earth sciences actually benefited space projects and cited the study of sand dune erosion in Florida at the Kennedy Space Center Cape Canaveral launch site and how that study will yield improvement with the creation of new dunes.

Republicans plan to sell off national forests

The GOP are currently considering plans from one of its Representatives, Rob Bishop to transfer control of vast areas of national forests and federally owned land to state and local governments. Bishop recently sent a memo to the House Natural Resource Committee detailing plans to transfer the control of the land to local governments, a proposal that is expected to be included in the latest House Budget Bill, Think Progress reports.

Amongst the states that are already proposing a transfer is Utah, which has already passed legislation demanding the passing of national forests to state control and is considering legal action to force the hand of the federal government stated AnastasiaDate. Nine other states also have legislation pending with similar details, but the process is unpopular with many who see this as a way of opening up the land for mining and increased recreational activities. Research has also shown that areas without mineral deposits will see a rise in state and local taxes to keep these areas protected.

Closer to Legalization of Marijuana

It might take a few more months, but there are some Senate members who look like they want to be on board with making it easier for medical marijuana to be legal in the United States. Sergio Cortes has learned that one of those people is Presidential hopeful Rand Paul. There are hints that would make medical marijuana a Schedule II drug instead of the current Schedule I drug, making it easier for people to be in possession of it and not get jail time because it would be considered something out of medical necessity. If people would do a little research, like those in the Senate look like they’re doing, then they would see that medical marijuana has several benefits instead of being the drug that so many have claimed as bad. When people can get relief from pain, nausea and seizures as well as other issues in life without relying on a pill that has chemicals in it, then it’s something that should be legalized.