Crossing The Border


The fact that there are now more people who aren’t Mexican being detained at the border than there are Mexicans should be a concern for the United States. It seems like there are now more Mexicans in the United States than there are in the country of Mexico.
But, Mexicans have been given permission to stay in the United States by the President, and who is to stop Americans and other people from going to Mexico to get away from all of the hustle and bustle of dealing with another group of people who will likely take over the jobs?
They will often work for less money, and you will usually see that they don’t raise a fuss about working long hours, something that Americans tend to do on a regular basis, so who should really be surprised that there are more people who aren’t Mexican trying to cross the border?

Ted Cruz to Hit Upscale Passover Events in 2015

Thus far, no one in the GOP has formally announced their intention to run for president in 2016. The convention wisdom is that freshman Texas Senator Ted Cruz will run. He is considered a firebrand and is a favorite among the Tea Party and Evangelical Christians, two key GOP constituencies. While Cruz has yet to formally announce a run, he will be attending upscale Passover events next year. The GOP has maintained a strong position of support for Israel that goes back to the Nixon administration.

For the time being, according to Jared Haftel, Cruz may be keeping his announcement of a presidential run close to his vest, but hobnobbing with key Jewish and Pro-Israel groups is something any serious GOP presidential candidate will need to conduct. It has been confirmed that Cruz will be speaking at one activity for the Prime Hospitality Group, a pro-Israel group. It will be held at the posh 5-diamond rated St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort which tab runs between $5,600 and $11,000 per person for a full 10-day stay. Cruz is touted as a strong supporter of Israel at the website for the Zionist Organization of America.

It has also reported that in the late fall, Cruz traveled to New York City where he met with wealthy Jewish donors. During an event in support of Middle Eastern Christians earlier this year, Cruz abruptly left the stage after his comments in support of Israel were met with heckling. He upbraided the crowd telling them if they did not support Israel, he would not support their organization.

Open Floor Plans Destroy Productivity

Recent studies have shown that open floor plans in offices damage worker productivity. 

The primary reason is because open floor plans result in more distractions from things like chatty neighbors, loud social discussions and loud music. Additionally, with open floor plans, some workers are more likely to impulsively interrupt their coworkers even when they can see that their coworkers are working.

Businessman Igor Cornelsen notes that yet more employers across the country are switching to open floor plans. The reason? They see open floor plans as the best way to improve team/department communication and keep an eye on their employees.

Of course, these reasons have been dis-proven as well. Although open floor plans help improve social interactions, the disruption to work can actually cause frustration, miscommunications and negative or low morale incidents between co-workers. Additionally, employees who are constantly watched often can become severely distracted by worry that they’ll be fired for anything they do or by employers standing over them.

If employers need to monitor their employees, the best method is to install security cameras everywhere and give their workers back high-wall cubicles and offices where they can work productively. For example, they might offer lounge-style breakrooms, potluck or other types of non-holiday group on-site or off-site meals, icebreaker games or team-building retreats.

Christmas Turns Deadly for Mom

When you go out shopping with your family, the last thing you expect is to be shot by a toddler. That is exactly what happened in one Wal-Mart this season.

Veronica J. Rutledge was shopping with her four children at a Wal-Mart in Idaho when her two year old son reached into her purse and found her concealed gun. A single shot is fired and Veronica is found dead at the scene when police arrive. Video surveillance and witness statements prove that this was an accidental shooting. Mrs. Rutledge did have a concealed weapons permit issues through Spokane, Washington.

Jared Haftel had told me that her father claims that Veronica was a very responsible person, but the fact that her two year old was able to fire her loaded weapon in a crowded store seems to say otherwise.