Ricardo Tosto: The Prominent Latin Lawyer

Brazil is a litigation area, involving the headquarters of Ricardo Tosto. Brazil is a litigious country with environmental laws, so there is a demand for lawyers, involving new skill in the area. The experience in litigation also shows within the labor area, where Ricardo Tosto has been recognized. He has offices in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Brasilia. Ricardo Tosto is known as the most prominent lawyer in the Brazilian firms and markets. He is highly specialized in litigation values, creating an excellent reputation for the offices of Brazil.

One of Ricardo Tosto’s clients has claimed that he is one of the first on the litigation list, which adds value in important cases involving the company. Because of these strategies, the office recognizes mass litigation, common for Brazil. Ricardo Tosto was the first to offer this action model, putting it at the front of legal services. The force in litigation has allowed the offices to produce fiscal and labor actions. He has conducted the litigation area, in a very organized and efficient manner, preforming legal services.

Ricardo Tosto is also a Latin lawyer recommended by LACCA. In 2013, Tosto was the winner of the ILO Client Choice. This award was granted by the International Law Office, including a survey of two thousand respondents. The ceremony took place in London and many members of the firm were present. The award recognizes law firms around the world, valuing the services that they provide. In 2013, Tosto supported the Yearbook of Justice of Sao Paulo. This is a publication that concludes information from the Sao Paulo Judiciary. Ricardo Youtube channel