How Russia Meddling In The Presidential Election Is Being Ignored By Republicans

That a Russian company with ties to the Kremlin was able to influence the 2016 Presidential election has been conclusively proven. The company influenced the campaign in many ways, one of which was to buy online ads. This is illegal already but they were able to do so anyway as the law was not being sufficiently enforced. Many of the issues surrounding this election are now being looked into by Special Counsel Robert Mueller who was tasked by the Department of Justice to discover exactly what happened.

Unfortunately, there have yet to be any signs in Washington D.C. that the Republican-led Congress and Senate are taking the Russian meddling seriously. They have sought to sabotage campaign finance laws for many years both nationally and locally. It’s the doing of these far right-wing politicians and their allies that organizations and wealthy individuals can now spend as much as they desire on campaigns which has resulted in a rigged political system where those with the deepest pockets are the only ones that are listened to.

It has been shown that one Russian troll farm was able to buy $100,000 in ads that were shown on Facebook. There could have been even more money that Russians purchased to support the election of Donald Trump but nobody knows how much. Facebook turned a blind eye to this spending and to date law enforcement agencies aren’t doing anything at all to stop foreign powers from meddling in American elections.

There are a number of bills that Democrats have written to plug the leaks in the system and stop Russia from continuing this behavior. So far, though, Republicans haven’t acted on any of them and show no signs of doing so. One of these, the DISCLOSE Act, would set in place a requirement that all private and public organizations individuals disclose all of their political spending, including that done in secrecy. So far no action to pass the bill has been taken.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that is dedicated to restoring financial limits on what any one organization or person can spend on a political election. To this end they endorse and support candidates who have pledged to support campaign finance reform. The ultimate goal is to restore power to the people in deciding who is elected to office and what the priorities are.

In advance of the upcoming 2018 elections, End Citizens United has endorsed a number of candidates running for office across the United States. Among these is Randy Bryce of Wisconsin who is running against Paul Ryan, the Republican Speaker of the House. Randy Bryce has embraced campaign finance reform while Paul Ryan has stymied every effort at overhauling our broken system.

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