Talkspace: Changing Lives One Interaction At A Time

New York City is known for the Empire State Building, being a leader in the world in finance, and so much more. Now, it may also have a reputation in mental health advocacy circles as being the place from whence Talkspace arrived.

Talkspace is a mental health therapy application that one may use to speak with a licensed therapist about the issues that they are having. Essentially, the app is meant to help those who cannot afford a therapist in the traditional sense receive the assistance they require. It does so by connected people with therapists via text messaging over their phone.

The service of Talkspace is a paid service. The prices begin at $32 per week and go up from there. For that price, a person gains access to their very own therapist who can work with them to conquer mental health issues that may be causing a snag in their life. That therapist will be available to them via text messaging for at least one session per day (depending on which plan a person has paid for).

The results from Talkspace to this point so far have been rather astounding. They have seen the number of people who contact them expanding by the day. At the same time, they boast of a 25% reduction in hospitalization for mental health issues for users of their product. This means that there is a lot less cost and a lot more value for those who are using the app. It is entirely possible that this application could literally be saving lives.

If you have yet to hear about Talkspace, that seems likely to change soon as well. A partnership with Magallen Health is bringing their product to a larger audience. Soon more people will experience it, and they are bound to pass on the good news to others who may need some help as well.

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