The Future of Personalized Merchandising with Sentient AI

Every day, Sentient AI plays a bigger part in the way we shop and changes the way we expect our online retail experiences to be. Advances in AI are making enormous leaps in innovation, making every purchase made from retailers who have implemented it online quicker, easier and more in tune with the shopper’s needs. Retailers who have not yet begun to use Sentient AI in their storefront may find themselves running to catch up while shoppers use sites with AI they find more user-friendly.

One of the major innovations with Sentient AI is its use in personalized merchandising. This, at its core, is basically the site learning through various means what the shopper is looking for and helping them locate products that best fit their specific needs. As an example, a shopper may enter a simple term in the search bar, such as “Shirt”, and the site will respond with pulling up a listing of thumbnails containing shirts. This is where the AI starts to learn. By noticing small details, such as the sizes they look at, or even styles or colors, the AI can help them by offering the most suitable choices for their needs. By doing this, it can also have the site offer suggestions for other items based on these features to encourage further shopping.

People of all types tend to shop visually first, allowing Sentient AI to show the shopper pictures of items that can change and adapt to the shopper, and add in secondary features that filter by items such as pricing, location, style, and needs. Someone looking for multiple parts for a 2015 model car isn’t likely interested in parts for a 2003 model car, but may also want to see customization products if it seems they are fixing up their vehicle. Sentient AI brings things like this directly to them, to the benefit of both the shopper and the retailer.


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