Entrepreneurs are often associated with budding companies, but for Jason Hope the hope he gives is his investment into research for anti-aging. The SENS Foundation, an organization that he gives to abundantly, holds a conference on the topic of anti-aging and the research behind it today. The topic at their conference this year will be on “Emerging Regenerative Medicine Solutions for the Diseases of Aging”. The Co-Founder of the organization has stated the purpose and mission behind what they hope to achieve with their conferences.

That goal is what Jason Hope believes is a worthwhile cause. As stated by Aubrey de Grey, the mission is simple-” to create a rejuvenation biotechnology industry which aims at accelerating the development of drugs through the broad-based collaboration of damage-repair expertise.”

It was in 2010 that hope gave his first donation to the SENS Foundation, totaling $500,000. This financial gift was given in order to help the foundation build its own laboratory for research. The SENS Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the research for anti-aging. The name, SENS, stands for “Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescenes”. The focus of this organization is quite different from others in that they want to focus on preventing the very process of aging versus researching how to slow it down. Jason Hope’s Hard Line Stance on the Internet of Things

Medicine works in this way as well. The goal is always to slow down a disease or prevent a wound from getting worse. The research that Hope is passionate about is dedicated to preventing the disease before it ever starts. This endeavor is an ideal reflection of who Jason Hope is and all that he stands for. Jason Hope Pledges $500,000

As an entrepreneur, Hope is wildly successful and always focused on the future. Dedicated to both research and philanthropy, it is no surprise that he is well-educated. A native of Tempe, Arizona, he graduated from high school and chose to study at Arizona State University. At this time, his studies were focused on finance, but later he went onto the W.P. Carey School of Business with the same university. Hope was committed to becoming successful, and did so on an international level during a short period of time.

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