The Exciting Wen Cleansing Conditioner Results

WEN Cleansing Conditioner results vary from one user to the next, but most women that have used the product will tell you the results are phenomenal. This five-in-one product deep cleanses the hair while also conditioning and nourishing every strand. The Cleansing Conditioner has been around for several years now, and during this time thousands of women have taken advantage of the product and continue to use it on a regular basis.

One user, who has fine, limp hair, provided a daily journal of her Wen Cleansing Conditioner journey over the course of 7 days. She was satisfied with the results of the Cleansing Conditioner, and noted great differences in her hair on day one, continuing each day that she used the product. When the week was over, this user reported that her hair was fuller, shinier, softer, and overall enhanced. She’ll be using the Wen Cleansing Conditioner again very soon.

The Wen Cleansing Conditioner was created by Chaz Dean, a Los Angeles stylist to the stars. Dean worked closely with a scientist for several years to create the formula used in the dry shampoo before the product was released. The special formula uses natural ingredients that won’t strip the hair. Instead, the formula nourishes and protects the hair. The Cleansing Conditioner is one of several Wen hair care products. Wen products are available online on the Wen website or via

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End Citizens United, a Political Action Committee (PAC), is a group that was started in March 1st, 2015. Its main aim is to fight the Citizen United group by funding democratic candidates running in Senate and competitive houses. The group which is funded by grassroots donors feels that it is the high time to bring to a stop the billionaires who are trying to buy the elections and stop the corrupt political system. The group believes that this way, it will enhance building of a broad coalition that will pressure law makers into taking the required measures. They have three main aims: The first one is to elect pro-reform candidates; the second one is to ensure that the money in politics is made a national priority, and the final one is to demonstrate their political power concerning money in politics by using grassroots membership.

The Political Action Committee end result is to have a constitutional amendment that will reverse the Supreme Court’s decision supporting Citizen United. It had therefore started a petition demanding the congress to enforce the legislation, and had received over 325,000 signatures from supporters by August 2015. They have hopes of receiving more signatures as a result of partnering with “Ready for Hillary” and also intend to rent their email list out to reach other potential liberal supporters. They had also raised 2 million dollars by this time, with their aim being to raise that figure to 25 million dollars or 30 million dollars.

The group intends to channel the money raised to Democratic candidates vying for Senate and Competitive house. This money will be used in initiatives such as television advertisements, polling and direct mailers which will give them an upper hand during their campaign. They also named eleven Democrat candidates whom they endorsed, one of them being Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado. Their reason for supporting democrats is because they are leading in the fight against the Supreme Court’s Citizen United decision and have also suffered immensely as a result of the dark money in politics. The group’s financial information is available on Open Secrets.

One of the group founders says that End Citizens United derives its unique qualities from the fact that it fills the gap present by addressing political issues and ensuring election of people who will bring change to existing laws. Campaign finance experts however feel that the group’s main objective of bringing constitutional amendment is quite a hurdle. These doubts are brought out by the fact that for one to achieve a constitutional amendment there must be consent from two-thirds of the Senate and the House and an additional approval by three-fourths of states. End United Citizens have made their Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings available to the public for the purpose of promoting democracy in the country and intend to continue doing so. Visit their page on Facebook.

Sujit Choudhry – Comparative Law Authority

Comparative Law could be called the study of all the different legal systems that propagate in this world. The socialist law, Islamic law, Hindu law, canon law and Jewish law could be quoted as one amongst the many examples.


The modern comparative law finds its foothold in the 18th century, and before that comparative methodology was practised. Montesique has been attributed the distinction of being the pioneer of comparative law. Which is evident from his masterpiece De l’esprit des lois. Comparative law may be different from the fields of general law or international law, but, it proves as a medium to achieve normality between the two.  Source:


Sujit Choudhry is the world renowned authority on comparative law. He has been working tirelessly over the years to achieve such “normals”. He has a plethora of on-field experience due to being an integral part and an advisor to the constitution building process in many countries. Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Nepal to name a few.


His research basically focuses on the many burning issues in comparative constitutional law. Like constitutional design in ethnically divided societies, decentralisation, socialism, feudalism, federalism etc. He is also a prolific writer of the art having published more than ninety articles, working papers, book chapters and reports. His collections have been widely read by the audience of comparative law and have long been considered as materials with conviction. Check him on


Professor Choudhry is also the founding director of the centre for constitutional transitions, an institute that specialises in collating the research carried by experts in this field so as to provide the practitioners with a slew of evidence-based research. Mr Sujit Choudhry has been awarded numerous awards for his services towards the development and furtherance of comparative law. He was recently awarded the Trudeau fellowship, the Canadian equivalent of McArthur Awards. An award that is given for having done exemplary work in any field. He could be called a man with the highest moral fabric, working endlessly in an attempt to see a change in the society.

To know more about Choudhry, visit his site at

The Career Accomplishments of Troy McQuagge of USHEALTH Group

Troy McQuagge serves at the USHEALTH Group Inc. as the chief executive officer and president. Recently, One Planet Awards awarded Troy McQuagge as the Gold CEO of the Year. This is a substantial achievement for Troy McQuagge who had previously received several prestigious awards.


Troy McQuagge has been serving at USHEALTH Group since 2014 after he joined the firm’s board of directors and became its CEO and President. While working with the firm, Troy McQuagge has been instrumental in providing strategic guidance to the enterprise, and under his tenure, the group has managed to benefit from sustainable growth and profitability for the past three years. Prior to this, Troy McQuagge worked as CEO and president of USHEALTH Advisors since 2010. He similarly witnessed the same success in his position by doubling the growth rate of the entity through his innovative strategies.

While working with the USHEALTH Advisors, Troy McQuagge managed to design a proprietary agency platform, which transformed the firm into being the largest entities in the health insurance industry with a coverage of “Under 65” segment. Troy McQuagge has additionally worked at HealthMarket for over 11 years and was also later the president agency marketing group of the firm.


Troy McQuagge holds a Bachelor’s degree in legal studies from the renowned University of Central Florida. He possesses hands-on expertise and experience in insurance and sales. Besides business, Troy McQuagge is also actively engaged with several voluntary agencies such as HopeKids Phoenix, HopeKids Dallas, and Phoenix of New Orleans Crisis Nursery Phoenix. Aside from health, Troy McQuagge features a keen and extensive interest in human rights, and children matter in addition to disaster and humanitarian relief.


In a briefing, Troy McQuagge posited that he was delighted and honored to receive the award. Furthermore, he added that the award belonged to his USHEALTH Group colleagues. Troy McQuagge marked this award as a shred of evidence to the commitment that USHEALTH Group possesses to develop affordable and better health care solutions for its diverse clients in the nation. Additionally, Troy McQuagge hinted that he and his colleagues are utilizing an innovative approach to developing a better coverage for their clientele, which will soon be introduced to the market.


Jeanmarie Guenot’s Achievements in the Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industry


Jeanmarie Guenot is an entrepreneur in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology field. She has over two decades’ experience in this industry and is an expert at what she does. She has worked with many companies, both private and public, and in different stages of the business lifecycle. She is, therefore, well versed in the management and operation of different types of companies. Besides management, Dr. Guenot has worked in the research and development department of various pharmaceutical companies. Some of the companies she has worked with include PDL BioPharma and Hoffman-La Roche. She holds an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania and a PhD from the University of California.


Dr. Guenot founded a company incubator known as SKS Ocular. Its main focus was the provision of solutions for various ophthalmic issues. She also founded Guenot LLC, a company that provides pharmaceutical and biotech companies with excellent consultation services including financial advice, project management and business restructuring advice among other services. Jeanmarie Guenot is currently the president and CEO of Amphivena Therapeutics.


Amphivena Therapeutics developing a new drug


Amphivena Therapeutics is a company that develops immunotherapies for cancer treatment. It is based in San Francisco, CA and has been in operation since July 2013. Under Dr. Guenot’s leadership, the company strives to improve the lives of cancer patients by developing treatments for various cancers, especially those affecting the blood. Amphivena is performing exceptionally well in the pharmaceutical industry, carrying out extensive high-quality research on different cancers. The company’s latest development is a new drug intended to be used in the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia (AML). It is currently in the clinical development stage and Amphivena hopes to launch it as soon as it is approved for use by the FDA.


Bottom Line


Dr. Guenot’s expertise in the pharmaceutical industry has proven to be a valuable asset in her current position at Amphivena Therapeutics. Her background in research and development makes her well suited for the position. Jeanmarie’s excellent leadership skills are what have enabled the company to make such remarkable progress in the development of treatments for blood cancer in just three and a half years.

Equities First Holdings Experiences Rapid International Growth in 2013, Establishes Offices and Furthers Reach into Europe and Asia Pacific

Equities First Holdings is a leading company in the issuance of capital using stocks as collateral. Or over 14c years of experience, the company has worked to issue fast working capital to their clients using assets as collateral. The company always targets the rich individuals and other young companies that are in need of fast working capital. For the company, they always want to become part of the solutions to the problems facing you by issuing you with fast working capital in a manner that is not depicted in the industry. As a matter of fact, you might consider the use of fast working capital using stocks as collateral.

According to Al Christy of Equities First Holdings, margin loans are very different from the stock-based loans. As a matter of fact, the loans have been extended in a manner that is not depicted in the industry. For this reason, the use of stock-based loans is increasing while the use of margin loans is on the dropping trend. For you to develop a high sense of maturity, you might consider using fast working capabilities in a manner that is not precedence in this industry. Equities First Holdings has issued fast working capital for the development of its business in the world. For margin loans, you must state the intention of the loan for you to secure the fast working capital. On the other hand, you are not allowed to say the intended use o the loan to qualify for a loan in the stock-based loans.

Equities First Holdings, since its inception in 2002, has completed more than 2,000 transactions, for all these transactions, the company has confirmed that it has issued more than $2 billion to their clients in overseas markets. As a matter of fact, you might consider its use to be synonymous with people.

George Soros Pledges $500 Million To Help Refugees

Billionaire philanthropist George Soros has recently pledged to donate $500 million dollars to help refugees and migrants. According to a report, the money will be earmarked to help businesses that are owned by migrants and refugees.

Soros stated that he will be investing in “startups, established companies, social impact initiatives, and businesses” founded by migrants and refugees. While his focus will be on refugees that are entering Europe, he will also be looking to invest money in good causes all over the world.

George Soors’ charitable donations are much needed currently. According to the United Nations, over 65 million people have been displaced due to war and persecution in 2015 alone. As war and terrorism rages in many parts of the world, many citizens will flee their countries in an effort to stay alive.

Soros has stated that these contributions will be considered as “investments” instead of grants on He has set it this way in order to prove that the private sector can play a role in helping migrants and refugees. He fully expects that these companies will turn a profit and that money will be able to help more refugees in the future.

George Soros has a unique perspective on the plight of refugees as he was one himself. He was born in Hungary in 1930 and grew up under Nazi occupation. As a teenager, he fled Communist rule and wound up as e refugee in London. There he went to the London School of Economic and later started his professional career on In 1993 he founded the Open Society Foundations, a charitable organization dedicated to fighting for human rights all over the world.

As one of the world’s most prolific philanthropists, George Soros has given away more than $12 billion in his lifetime. He has supported organization around the globe, fostering open governments, human rights, and social justice on Investopedia. This recent pledge to help refugees is just another in a long line of philanthropic contributions that has defined Soros’ life.

ClassDojo Is a Beneficial App For Any School To Utilize in Their Curriculum

ClassDojo is a wonderfully designed program that has been brought to the forefront of some of today’s most valuable apps as being one that may be able to provide quite a bit of benefits and advantages to children’s learning in school. It is an app that lets parents interact with teachers and vice versa. One may choose to encourage school and classroom values while giving students voices with their own digital portfolios. Student stories feature are student-led portfolios that are digital. Students may add videos and photos of their work and choose to share them with their parents. Classroom moments can also be shared with parents. Teachers are capable of sharing videos and potos with parents instantly. It can be utilized on any device and in any language. Parents are able to translate their messages into any language also with a simple tap of a button. It allows instant private messaging. With the app, parents and teachers may private message one another without needing to exchange phone numbers.  Check on to read more related articles.


If you think you can benefit from this wonderful app, please feel free to share its availability with teachers and other parents. It is one that deserves the attention of schools as it can greatly benefit a student’s education. It is influential to one’s learning process and can have effects of enabling students to learn at faster rates. It is something that many teachers should request for their schools to add it to their curriculum as it will enable them to keep their students’ parents updated. Please let people know about Classdojo so that the academic standing of students across the nation can be improved. It is an app that has been created with simplicity in its elements of designing, thus making it very easy to use. Contact one of the representatives of Classdojo customer service if you have any questions.

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Whitney Wolfe Brings Fun to Dating Apps

Bumble is the app that is getting the attention of lots of people. This has become the app that just took the world by storm. This has become the brainchild of Whitney Wolfe. Whitney is the dating app CEO that has managed to gain a lot of attention for her innovative perspective. She has shown people that there is more to dating apps than what was previously available.

There certainly are a lot of people that are trying to find other singles online, but this is just a hard thing to do. Bumble is helping people balance their dating lives along with their hectic work lives. This is very important to the young people of today. Whitney Wolfe knows the keys to success with dating apps and Bumble is proof of this.

The dating world is not the same anymore. People want to do things differently. This is why entrepreneurs like Whitney Wolfe are interested in changing dating for the Internet crowd. She has created the Bumble app, and this has been dubbed as the dating app for busy worker bees that don’t have a lot of time.

The dating game can be a real challenge for singles. It is going to make more sense for people that are interested in dating to use apps like Bumble because this allows them to find someone new quickly. Whitney Wolfe is good at filling the void in the app world. She is showing people that she has a unique perspective on what has to be done to appeal to a new crowd of dating users.

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The Bumble app has not been her only accomplishment for singles. Whitney Wolfe is also responsible for co-founding Tinder, another dating app, to the table. Both apps are a sign of her new vision for dating apps.

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A Summary of Arthur Becker’s Soho Investment

Arthur Becker is a tech investor who has recently begun investing in real estate. Becker has invested since 1999. He served as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Zinio LLC. Arthur was also CEO of NaviSite Inc. from 2003 to 2010. He co-founded Atlantic Investors LLC. and has been the President or Chairman to multiple other companies. This article describes the district Arthur has chosen to invest in (Soho), as well as describing the properties.

For his first real estate project, he invested in a town house project in the Soho district of New York. According to, Soho includes many art galleries and similar places, making these townhouses a nice addition to the area. Becker invested in 10 Sullivan Street for a while and recently assumed ownership of 30, 40, and 50 Sullivan Street, which are three blocks of the same building. He acquired this property through trading his stock in a different condominium development. He traded the stock because he saw the townhouses could bring larger returns for his investment. Becker plans to live in one of the townhouses, selling or leasing out the other two. The properties’ construction completed near the end of 2016.

NY Daily News describes these townhouses to feature a back yard, which is uncommon within New York, as well as a private internal elevator, Danish oak floors, and an exercise room. The townhouses are a massive and roomy 6,500 square feet. They are the very definition of luxury homes and have many more excellent features, such as a terrace for the master bathroom. Sullivan Street is within the Soho district, which is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in New York. Because Arthur has these three properties, he could easily rent them out for quite a bit of money, allowing him to rapidly spread further into the world of real estate in New York.