Capital Investment Guidance by Agora Financial

Agora Financial is a publishing company found in Baltimore, Maryland. This company is privately held and particularly deals with email publications, print, and books. Further, Agora Financial provides other related services that include financial advice, marketing projections, and commentaries. Agora Financial was first established in 1979 by Bill Bonner, an essayist and financial writer. Ever since the company has served as a pioneer in advising various investors interested in making money through technology, energy, metals, and stocks.

Similarly, Agora Financial holds a record of providing analysis for various organizations such as Fox Business News, Bloomberg, and CNBX. Early in 2011, Agora Financial acquired a New York libertarian bookseller, Laissez Faire Books, that mainly focused on finance and economy. Through its founder Bill Bonner, Agora Financial has successfully managed to release several publications mostly on the investment strategies.

Agora Financial independently offers commentaries on the economy through various channels that include e-books, films, print, international conferences, among other online publications. Both free and premium publications effectively feed its market with rich and resourceful information about market dynamics. Agora Financial is exceptionally independent, for this reason, they do not accept any form of financial compensation for their coverage. This makes it a suitable choice for most of its clients who are mostly investors and entrepreneurs.

On the other hand, Agora Financial is reputable for its efficient system of operation. The company has massively gained both local and international recognition by bodies such as Reuters, Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph, San Francisco Chronicle, RT, and U.S. News & World Report among others.

Moreover, Agora Financial has released a range of publications, a case in point is Breakthrough Biotech, Crypto Currency Profits, Currency Wars Alert, Digital Currency Trader, Gold Speculator and Guaranteed Income. Finally, Agora Financial was recently ranked among the best publishers and financial analysts fostering people’s lives. The company has developed various strategic intelligence systems to boost financial gains mainly in the U.S.

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UKV PLC Your Ultimate Wine Investment Company

Whether you are just looking for pure delight or a suitable gift for an invite-only party, wine makes an excellent adjunct for both occasions. However, a majority of folks are hardly acquainted with the basics of this unique addition. UK PLC is here to help you learn all the nitty-gritty of the complex nature production and labeling. To begin with, wines are labeled by the place of origin- usually French regions the most notable being:

• Burgundy- focus on red and white wine
• Bordeaux- most vineries produce medium-body red wines
• Champagne that produces the standard cremant and the authentic Champagne
• The Loire produces up to 87 wine flavors, but producers living closer to the ocean are popular for turning the Muscadet

UKV PLC suppliers also boast a wide variety of wine appellations and are conversant with the ideal wine pairings for various occasions, as well as the best time of the year to make a purchase. What’s more, if you are dedicated wine enthusiast, UKV PLC makes an excellent platform to invest in grade wine.


UKV is a team of exceptional wine consultants who specialize in the acquisition and sale of fine wine and champagne to both private individuals and trading merchants. As such, the company supplies for consumption and investment purposes, depending on the client’s requirements. UKV PLC also provides brokerage services to customers who wish to sell investment grade wine that is held in UK regulated bonds.

What kind of Wines do they carry?

The company supplies a variety of Champagnes Bordeaux wine that includes Margaux, Pomerol, Graves, and Sauternes. Investment wines comprise varieties of Italian and Spanish wines.

What is their Social Media Presence?

You can follow UKV PLC via their Twitter hurdle @Ukvplc and visit their Facebook page UKV PLC.

What are the Benefits of buying Wine at UKV PLC?

• You acquire the best investment grade wines and champagne
• An extensive network of contacts that ensure your order does not fail
• You can consult with UKV PLC wine experts. They help you pick out wine, depending on the market conditions.

If you are planning to Buy Investment Grade Wine

• You get a tangible investment (wine bottles) stored in a warehouse
• You can request a valuation of your wine collection at any time
• Your wine cellar is held in your name under a bonded account

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Ricardo Tosto Uses Experience to Help Clients

The clients that Ricardo Tosto works with are generally pleased with the services that he is able to provide and that says a lot about the different things that he is able to do. He tries to always make sure that he is giving them the opportunities that they need no matter what type of law they are having a problem with. Since Ricardo Tosto was studying law, he has always been adamant about the fact that he wants to do things the right way and that he wants to do everything that he can to help his clients. For Ricardo Tosto to be able to choose the options that he has in his own career says a lot about the way that he has made decisions and the way that he has helped his clients. It has also made things easier for people to try and get more out of the situations that they are in.

While Ricardo Tosto was working on his degree, he learned a lot about the things that were going on in the law industry. For example, he learned about the way that laws are made and about the things that people must do if they want to be able to become an attorney. Since this was something that he was planning on doing in the future, he paid close attention to the options that people had and to the things that people were able to do to make things better for the rest of the country.

Since Ricardo Tosto is located in Brazil, he has to follow their laws when it comes to the options that they have. He knows that it is necessary to make sure that people know what they are doing and what they will be able to get out of the situations that they are in. Ricardo Tosto knows that doing all of this will give him a chance to try new things and help even more people than what he was able to do in the past with the different clients that he was working to make sure he could help.

What CLINIC and Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund are doing to Advance Immigrant and Civil Rights

Religious organizations worldwide, including the Catholic Church have not been left behind in the push to entrench justice and the rights of immigrants. The Catholic Legal Immigration Network, INC (CLINIC) mission is embracing the Gospel value of welcoming strangers (immigrants) by upholding their dignity and protecting their rights. The organization’s national offices are located in Silver Spring, Maryland.

CLINIC runs several programs designed to empower the immigrant population. The public awareness and training program is conducted through in-person training, webinars and e-learning. The training aims to educate immigrants about immigration law, new developments in the law and procedure along with teaching legal skills.

Immigrants are also taught how to manage their immigration legal services programs on a wide array of issues, including family based immigration and grounds of admissibility. The rights organization passion to help immigrants has been boosted by the presence of close to 300 affiliates strewn across 46 states in the US, including Washington DC and Puerto Rico.

The list of affiliates includes the Abundant Life Ministries of Pembroke, FL; ACCESS of Western New York, based in Lackawanna, NY and Alabama’s Catholic Social Services of Mobile and the Hispanic Catholic Social Services in Homewood.

The affiliates working with CLINIC are always looking for persons committed to protect the rights of immigrants and their dignity. To this end, the organization periodically announces jobs and internships needed to strengthen its hands.

Some of the most sought after skills include that of Immigration Paralegal, Immigration Rights Attorney, Legal Assistant and Program Directors. Immigrants and members of the public can also visit CLINIC’s website to check out the comprehensive database resource detailing various human rights issues. Read more: Phoenix New Time and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

The bulletins cover unaccompanied immigrant children, comprehensive immigration reform, citizenship and Catholic Social Training among other issues. Well meaning organizations that share CLINIC’s dreams and aspirations can channel their support to the organization through the extensive affiliate program.

About Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund

The Cofounders of the Phoenix, Arizona based Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media, Mr. Michael Lacey and Mr. Jim Larkin established Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund to support civil, human and migrant rights groups in Arizona. The fund also supports freedom of speech. The proceeds used to establish the fund came from a $3.7 million settlement the journalists received following their wrongful arrest on October 2007 by Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona.

Lacey and Larkin were accused on the count of revealing the existence of a grand jury collecting reporter’s notes covering the Sheriff. On February 2017, revisited Sheriff Arpaio dark past by reporting on the appeals court’s decision to reject several bids requesting qualified immunity by law enforcement officers who served under the Sheriff.

The requests pertain to the brutal death of Ernest Atencio, a 44 year old US Army veteran who died in 2011 from excessive use of force by officers at the notorious MCSO Fourth Avenue Jail. Attorney Mike Manning represented the Atencio family in the case presided by District Judge Paul Rosenblatt in 2015.

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The significance of ‘Citizens United’ decision

By now the majority of people are aware that the US Supreme Court made some changes on how money can be utilized during elections and by whom. Here is what transpired and how important it is to you as a US Citizen.


According to the Citizen United ruling released in 2010, the high court allowed various organizations and unions to spend as much as they need to convince voters to elect candidates of their choice. Note that the court ruling did not affect contribution. However, it is still against the law for firms and labor union to provide funds to candidates for federal office. The high court suggested that since these funds were not used to fund the campaigns. For this reason, the funds did not increase the rate of corruption.


Since the decision was based on spending, much has been written concerning the eight-figure contributions from individuals like casino magnet and Sheldon Adelson. To understand the logic behind it, you need to look at another court case. The Citizen United case was used as a precedent when the court ruled that restrictions on donations to the organizations that make independent expenditure was are unconstitutional.


Note that this resulted in the foundation of Super PACs that acts as shadow political parties. The PACs accepts unlimited contributions from tycoons, unions, and corporation. The Supreme Court kept restriction on disclosure in place, and the PACs must report on who their financiers are frequently. Note that it is not possible to implement the same rules on social welfare organization and other non-profits such as business leagues.


These organizations can play the same roles as super PACs given that they don’t take election exercises as they main activity. However, unlike the super PACs, nonprofit organizations are not required to report who finances them.


The Citizen United resolution was unexpectedly offered the sensitivity concerning the corporate and union funds being utilized to effect a federal election. In 1907, the Congress banned the organization from financing federal campaigns. In 1971, the Congress changed their mind and passed the Federal Election Campaign Act. The Campaign Act required a comprehensive report on campaign donations and expenditures.



Two wronged lead to more rights

The United States of America was founded by European pilgrims who made their way to new lands in search of a home where they could be themselves without persecution. Those early settlers made friends with Native Americans, and learned from them.

But soon those who were the victims became the perpetrators. It continues today, although there are thousands of individuals who fight for the rights of others, and justice for all.

Despite the blase attitude of many around the world, there are those who are standing up for wrong doings to themselves and others. Two such champions are Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. The journalists were thrust into the limelight in 2007, when they were arrested based on notes the two had on Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Lacey and Larkin sued the county and was awarded $3.75 million dollars, which they promptly turned into funding for other rights group.

Lacey and Larkin help fund other rights groups, no matter if their focus is civil rights, immigration rights, or human rights, with their Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. They also stand behind freedom of speech and civil participation. While they extend a helping hand to other groups, they aren’t well known, unlike others who lead the march for rights and equality.

Likely Lacey and Larkin have networked with other rights activists, including those from the International Migrant and refugee rights advocacy. This began in 1986, as a grassroots gathering within communities attempting to make reforms post civil rights movements of the 1960s.

It quickly developed and granted us the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, or IRCA, and formed the official National Network for Immigrant & Refugee Rights. The IRCA act allowed for the legalization of millions of undocumented persons to live and work in the states. But it also set in place the criminalization of undocumented immigrant workers and the growing militarization of the U.S.-Mexico borders. Border patrol officers are not only looking to keep out illegal drugs, but unauthorized immigrants also.

ACLU, or the American Civil Liberties Union, is the most well known human rights group in America and perhaps world wide. With more than 1.6 million members, nearly 300 staff attorneys, thousands of volunteer attorneys, and offices all over the country, the ACLU is prepared to stand up for their clients, even if they stand against the government, and in the face of unpopular causes and opinions. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

As Goliath as they are now, they began small, after the end of the first World War, when Attorney General Mitchell Palmer began rounding up and deporting alleged radicals. They were arrested without warning, their properties searched and seized, and suffered abusive treatments. Early members of ACLU stood up for those injustices, thus beginning one of America’s greatest civil rights groups yet.

It’s 2017, and America is still struggling with rights issues. With such a melting pot it may never completely be over, but thankfully there are always those who will stand beside and behind those in need.

Take Your Health Into Your Hands with Life Line Screening

When it comes to finding the right medical answers for you and your health, knowledge is truly power. The right answers can help you and your doctor monitor hidden health risks and give you the control you need to feel confident in your well-being. At Life Line Screening, we have the high tech tools and services to give you the best care available, and trained medical professionals to guide you through the health service screening process.

Our ultrasound and EKG screenings are painless and easy. When you come in for a screening, our lab technicians will professionally help you with the preparation and then do a quality screening check using the latest medical advice. Generally, there is very little preparation needed for the screenings done at Life Line.

Heart, lung and bone density tests can be done easily and painlessly using an ultrasound at Life Line Screening. Irregular heartbeat is another common medical condition that a doctor may recommend you check out using our EKG machines. It’s a quick, non-invasive procedure that does not require any preparation or and you can keep your clothing on. Select locations will also do on-site blood screenings to measure cholesterol, glucose, and other conditions.

Life Line works with doctor’s offices all around the country to do specific exams for their patients. From time to time, there are also community health events hosted by Life Line where patients can get updated health data to take to their doctors, or at their doctor’s suggestion.

Quick, inexpensive, and comprehensive screenings allow a patient and their doctor to make more informed decisions about their health. Some screenings will give results the same day, otherwise they can be mailed to the patient and brought to their primary physician.

Preventative medicine is one of the most important, yet easily overlooked aspects of health care. Early screening can detect the onset of conditions before they become serious, allowing for less expensive and more comprehensive treatments. For example, a doctor may suggest a change of diet and exercise if a screening shows a person is at risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, or high cholesterol.

Paul Mampilly’s Way Of Giving Back To Society

Paul Mampilly’s early financial career started out typically; he helped wealthy people attain more wealth by maintain million dollar accounts and providing advice.

His first job on Wall Street was characterized by him working as an assistant portfolio manager for Bankers Trust. His talents earned him higher spots such as working for ING and Deutsche Bank. After a couple of years, he joined Kinetics Asset Management to work as a hedge fund manager. His directives led the firm to expand their assets to a net value of $25 billion. The rapid growth earned the firm a spot on Barron’s list, which recognized it as a leading international hedge fund for returning 26 percent every year.

Other noteworthy achievements by the seasoned expert include growing a $50 million investment into $88 million for the Templeton Foundation competition. The win was heightened by the factors surrounding he competition, which ridiculed the performance of most entries. The competition took place between 2008 and 2009 when the markets faced unprecedented negative shifts.

After withdrawing from WallStreet and spending more time with his family, Paul realized that his talents could be of much benefit to 99 percent of Americans who were not millionaires. He set up Profits Unlimited to offer incomparable information and statistics on investment trends for middle-level clients. He then launched Extreme Fortunes to offer similar services and announced his intent to establish a third similar enterprise, True Momentum, in 2017.

Paul Mampilly pours himself into his work fully and exhausts all the resources available to gain access to information affecting the performance of targeted stocks. Every five o’clock in the morning, Paul Mampilly updates his news information from North America and Canada to determine the possible performance of assets. He updates his clients on this findings through regular reports by Banyan Hill Publishing. Apart from just putting out reports, Paul ensures that customers have an easy time sifting through the information while looking for new assets or tracking existing ones. He applies easy-to-comprehend data, charts, and graphs to represent his viewpoints. Paul explains that detailed information ensures his subscribers spend less time and energy on a new review. Consequently, people have reported massive returns from stocks in Paul’s recommendations and plan to continue following his updates.

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Jason Hope Works with Internet of Things

Jason Hope has always been an entrepreneur of sorts. He works hard to make sure that he can find the best and most profitable options in this field. He then figures out how to make them work for him and that gives him the chance to truly start to make money. Jason Hope has done this for years in the technology industry and he has always been a major part of the industry. This has given him a chance to learn about all of the new advances and to make sure that they are going to work out for people. Recently, the Internet of Things has been a huge topic. Jason Hope likes to talk about it and he has even talked about his stance on the way that things are going with the IOT. He always makes sure that he can show people what they will be able to get out of the experience and with the new opportunities that are offered to people around the world.

One thing that Jason Hope talks about the Internet of Things often is the ability to make sure that safety and security are a top priority. While convenience comes in as one of the major positive aspects of the IOT, the other two are great opportunities that can help people to have better lives and to live more successfully no matter what they are doing. This has all helped Jason Hope to see that there are major positive aspects that come along with the Internet of Things.

Now that Jason Hope has seen good things about the Internet of Things, he is ready to dive in even further. While he has started to sell some technology opportunities that are related to the IOT, he wants to be sure that things are going to work out for him in the future. He also wants to make sure that the IOT is not just something that is going to be a fad and that it will last for a long time no matter what is going on with technology or new updates that are added to it. Visit his Facebook page :

Honey Birdette Has its Sights Set High

Honey Birdette, a budding Australian lingerie brand, has recently launched its first ever US dedicated e-commerce site. The lingerie company has also recently announced its ambitious plan to expand its United Kingdoms stores to an impressive amount. Currently, there are three locations for the adult undergarment line but recent news by the company reveals big plans – to extend their services from three to forty locations across the UK by the end of this next year in 2018.

Founded by entrepreneur Eloise Monaghan back in 2006, the brand Honey Birdette has experienced an increase of 374% for online sales from the US in only the last 12 months, prompting the creation of this US extended website. The brand new platform has aims to enhance the shopping experience for all customers to the site, with such pluses as a speedier delivery time and even free delivery on all orders totaling $50.00 or more. Another plus added to the site is the benefit of an easier return process and exclusive product ranges for US customers. Honey Birdette may not be stopping there, either. They have their sights set on possible US storefront locations too. Given their rapidly rising popularity in the UK and recently with their US audience, it’s only a matter of time before their brand extends to a retail mall near you.

While Honey Birdette has a goal to reach at least 40 more locations by the end of the 2018 year, they already have 10 for sure lined up openings in the UK. Some of the major locations include Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle, and Westfield Stratford. In the home field of Austratlia, Honey Birdette already has 55 store locations established. Not only is their fast climb in popularity opening doors in the US and the UK, but they are also looking at prime locations in other European locations.

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