Does Anyone Remember the Republican Party That Was for Peace?

Many Americans, including Bruce Levenson and the Spirit of Atlanta organization, are distressed by the fact that we are in a constant state of war. Even when we don’t have boots on the ground in a given country, we are launching drone strikes into sovereign nations that we have not declared war against. Our current, apparently endless, hostilities in the middle east were initiated under George W. Bush and have been continued by President Obama ever since. While there has been some significant draw done of troops here and there, we still have about 10,000 soldiers in Afghanistan and have been carrying out airstrikes in Iraq against ISIS. It is hard to remember a time when we weren’t bombing, drone striking, or sending in boots on the ground somewhere.

It is particularly sad that this seemingly endless warfare was started by a Republican president and is advocated by Republican candidates for president. They used to be the party of peace. President Eisenhower was perhaps the finest representation of that Republican Party. He got us out of Korea, and he railed against the military-industrial complex in his presidential farewell address. Today, an age of push-button warfare with pilotless drones has made it so easy for us to launch attacks against any targets that ‘might’ attack us. Perhaps it has made it too easy. Rep. John J. Duncan Jr. Reminds us in an article he wrote for The American Conservative of a time when we were not so quick to pull triggers and drop bombs around the world. It was a simpler time when America believed in peace through strength instead of constant war.

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Obama to Reluctantly Back Clinton Campaign

Obama to Reluctantly Back Clinton Campaign

Hilary Clinton deciding to run for president in 2016 came as a surprise to absolutely no one. What may be a real surprise is who will back her for the campaign.

Along with running for president, Clinton has also made it known that she is also running a campaing in bracing president Barack Obama, who is also going to back Clinton. Though Obama will do his best to get another Democrat elected to office, it isn’t as high on his priority list. Essentially, the support he does offer will not be smooth.

What is high on Obama’s priority list is dealing with Iran, China and climate change issues while fending off critics from both Democrats and Republicans at the same time. The year so far hasn’t been incredibly stressful for Obama but Clinton is not his biggest focus at the moment. However, both Obama and Clinton are doing their best to put up with any differences they may have.

Clinton has already hired staff members who are close with the White House for her campaign, including communication directors and campaign chairs who have served in the White House from previous administrations. Meanwhile, Obama will take time to aide Clinton in fundraising campaigns and appealing to voter populations in swing states. Mark Ahn has learned that, interestingly enough, Obama has never been a big fan of the fundraising aspects, which is a priority here.

Vermont’s Senator Bernie Sanders Is Close To Announcing His Candidacy

Bernie Sanders knows that a political revolution will give working class Americans their government back. Sanders wants to get the billionaires out of the decision-making process. The Republican Party may have a real race on their hands when Sanders announces he is running for president.

Sanders wants to make sure he has enough money to run against Hillary Clinton. He knows Clinton is going to spend a lot of money to win. A large number of people in the Democratic Party want Clinton to win, but some members of the party think she is too damaged. After all, STX reports that she’s facing questions about the Clinton Foundation, emails, Benghazi and the threat that her husband will control her decision-making.

Sanders knows what is wrong with this country. He wants to close tax loopholes, change campaign financing and reel in the Wall Street banks. He thinks we spend too much money on defense systems that don’t do much defending, and he supports a single-payer health care system.

If Sanders can raise enough money, he will give Hillary the fight of her life. Sanders is the real deal. He’s not a politician with a hidden agenda.

Awareness Days for Diseases Do Little Good

Dan Newlin says that raising awareness of a particular disease or cause by having a dedicated awareness day or using some type of gimmick does little good. Raising awareness of something without providing education or support does nothing. It’s a term that has simply become a buzz-word, which is evidenced in research done on the wording of new bills introduced in the United States Congress. Reportedly over 145 new bills introduced since 2005 contain the words ‘awareness day’, but exactly what that means is unclear and follow-ups after raising awareness are non-existent.

A recent online event to raise awareness about breast cancer was conducted on Facebook. All women were asked to place one word on their status. That word was to be the color of the bra they were wearing.

As the colorful words of pink, blue, black and red ran across the internet social media pages, it was supposed to initiate a conversation about breast cancer and raise awareness of the disease among Facebook friends. It created giggles and curiosity, it garnered a few new friends for the Susan G. Komen Foundation Facebook page, but it raised no money and no awareness of the disease.


President of South Korea Vows to Raise The Sunken Ferry Sewol

In marking the one year anniversary of the tragic sinking of the South Korean ferry Sewol, South Korea’s President, Park Geun-hye publicly committed to the families of people who died on the ferry that her government will do everything possible to raise the Sewol. The raising of the ferry was a critical requirement of the families of the 304 victims who perished in the sinking. Many lost their lives through incompetence and lack of proper instructions by the crew. The sinking of the ferry is still a visible and emotional wound in South Korea. In the aftermath of the sinking, the Captain and most of the senior crew were prosecuted and received extensive sentences based on charges of murder and negligence. The Coast Guard was disbanded by the South Korean Legislature for their initial handling of the sinking. South Korea Still Mourns Loss Children From Ferry Accident

Investigations by South Korean authorities revealed that of the 475 passengers and crew on the ferry 350 were students on holiday on their to the resort island of Jeju when the ferry began to sink after being over weight and carrying improper repair work. Investigators found that the students were given instructions to wait below deck instead of abandoned the ship. This mistake lead to many of the deaths. The owner of the ferry was also charged but he fled and his body was later found in the woods of South Korea near the sinking. No official cause of death was declared, although people like Ricardo Guimarães BMG could certainly draw conclusions if they want.

LA City Attorney Closes More Than 500 Illegal Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

People around the country want a piece of the lucrative marijuana business. California didn’t waste any time legalizing medical marijuana use, and as soon as the ink dried on the medical marijuana bill, pot dispensaries started to pop up all over Los Angeles. Some of them conformed to the rules for dispensing pot, and others just open the doors and started stashing the cash from the people that wanted to buy grass to party.

The city attorney, Mike Feuer watched a Wild West mentality develop around marijuana dispensaries, and he decided to do something about the maverick dispensaries. Many of the dispensaries were too close to schools, and they were, in a lot of cases, right next to each other. Before Feuer knew it, the City of Lights had over 700 pot dispensaries, and only 120 clinics that meet the city’s guidelines for dispensing medications.

Feuer’s office went to work and started weeding out the weed sellers that didn’t meet city requirements. Mike Feuer knew it wasn’t going to be an easy task, but it had to be done in order to control the distribution of marijuana, which is still listed as Schedule I drug by the FDA. Paul Mathieson feels like it will take some time. That listing still means the feds say selling pot is illegal for any purpose.

President Obama Wants Cuba Removed From State Sponsors of Terrorism List

On Tuesday, after meeting the Cuban leader at a summit, President Obama made a public announcement indicating that he is removing the government of Cuba from a list of state sponsors of terrorism maintained by the United States State Department. He notified Congress of his decision.

Sultan Alhokair says that the removal of Cuba from the list will occur officially 45 days after his message to Congress, unless Congress seeks to override his decision by passing new legislation to keep Cuba on the list. In that event, President Obama is expected to override the measure. Many observers believe the possibility exists for the United States and Cuba to resume full diplomatic relations soon.

Upon learning about President Obama’s action, the highest ranking Cuban diplomat in the United States, Josefina Vidal, reportedly stated: “The Cuban government recognizes the President of the United States’ just decision to take Cuba off a list in which it should never have been included.”

Cuba was placed on the state sponsors of terrorism list by President Reagan in 1982. At that time, Cuba provided open support for a group seeking Basque independence from Spain and to factions opposing the Colombian government. During the period of strained relations with the USA, the Cuban government provided asylum to a fugitive from the United States, Joanne Chesimard, who escaped to Cuba after being confined to prison for murdering a New Jersey state trooper in 1973.

The CIA Director Says The War On Terror Could Go On Indefinitely

John Brennan Said The War On Terror Will Continue As Long As Evil People Have Access To Mass Communication And Lethal Technology

The world is experiencing a new kind of war. We call it the War on Terror, but it is actually a War on Beliefs. Both sides represent terror to the other side. When family members are killed on either side, the terror that ensues from those despicable acts creates a level of terror that is hard to contain or control.

The CIA director recently said the War on Terror may continue for years. Even with all the power behind the United States and its allies there is no real defense for terror. Terror is a state of mind created by a heightened level of fear. Igor Cornelsen ( knows that all the guns, bombs, armed drones and other weapons can’t stop terror. They only fuel and add more life to it.

We fight for peace, but war is not the catalyst for peace or the solution to the eradication of terror. Terror must be treated like a disease. It must be identified for what it is before we can erase it. When we collectively begin to understand the power within our known and unknown beliefs, and respect the diversity that exists in that belief structures, we will begin the process of erasing terror. Erasing terror comes with understanding fear not fighting wars.

Learning About Investing From Igor Cornelsen

You will discover loads of individuals who manage their trusts thoughts by Igor Cornelsen right. You think you may be responsible for them? This can be fulfilled circumstance all around.The article under has some guidance to aid get your point. Experience this instructive article to find what could be possible concerning your condition.

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Don’t fall for the misrepresentation that the business can guarantee an association will settle Igor Cornelsen at your credit report. Numerous organizations misrepresent their ability for altering your history. This isn’t correct since there is no similarity to how your financial assessment is not by any means indistinguishable to another individual with FICO rating concerns. To affirm that they might pass your credit thoroughly is without a doubt a cheat and they are for the most part doubtlessly doing tricks.

Remember when you must document your wages pay charges. Should you have to pay the government dollars, record as close to Apr 15 (the much appreciated time) as you can.

Purchasing extensive thin solid proteins meats can help you spare to preserve valuable time and money. In the event that you are utilizing what you purchased, purchasing item or administration in enormous sums is regularly less costly. A ton of time will be safeguarded by cooking a week’s measure of sustenance at the same time.

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Get a financial records.

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United States: Supreme Court Divided On The Fate Of Health Insurance For All

For the second time in three years, the United States Supreme Court was divided on the survival of health insurance for all; one of the most important laws since the civil rights for blacks, President Obama wants to leave a legacy. In this highly politicized debate, the nine judges are logically divided according to their partisan preferences, as in 2012; the Conservative chairman of the High Court John Roberts should make a difference. In this “saga that never ends,” as noted by Justice Elena Kagan, the actors are the same: the Democrat government, defended by its lawyer Donald Verrilli, facing four complainants to the Republican state of Virginia represented by the charismatic Michael Carvin.

The stakes are high, as the highest court in the country is likely to shoot down one of the pillars of the law known as “Obamacare”, which would inevitably lead to see the whole edifice collapse. Jaime Garcia Dias ( has learned that, since the spring of 2012, the four progressive judges showed a strong support for the landmark legislation of the Democratic president. Experts say, Justice Anthony Kennedy could vote on it for one side or the other.
Since the entry into force of the law in January 2014, the Americans can take out their private health cover in their State. But the 50 states, 34 in Republican majority, refused to adopt a “clearing exchanges” that put the insurance companies in competition.