Anastasia Date; The Key To Online Dating In Russia

Anastasia Date is a popular website that deals with international dating service. It is mainly concerned with marching North American men to Eastern Europe Women. It was formerly started in the year 1993 by a couple that was Russian American, and their names were Elena and David Besuden. Due to its massive popularity, it has managed to clinch the 29th position among the most popular websites of dating in the entire world. It was launched in the year 1997 and boasts of more than 4 million users. The Anastasia Date was coined after Grand Duches Anastasia Nikolaevna a figure that was considered to be a great role model especially to women who were from Russia.

Their first move after being started was to use catalogs as a form of introduction of the male to the female. After its first website had been launched in the year 1997, it spread its wings far and wide to other cities specifically in several towns in Russia and Ukraine. Its growth went way beyond borders in 2003 when it went far beyond northern Asia. The growth was so massive that Anastasia Date grew sporadically and led to the creation of three web sites and became operated independently. Its popularity made the site to be featured in a documentary known as Love Translated. Anastasia Date was later sold to a private investor in the year 2011, and the other websites started being operated independently. The company later grew and developed significantly and in 2012, the traffic increased by 220%. Mark Brooks was later on recruited in the year 2013 to become the Chief Strategy Officer. It also came up with its own application that was available at the Google play store and several other stores like iTunes and Google play.

Anastasia Date is a very easy and simple to operate website. Account registration is also quite simple too and can be accessed through the app. In case of any notification, it will be mailed to the user profile. The profiles of women can amount to almost 8,000 profiles thus giving the men a wide variety from which they can choose from. Anastasia Date also comprises of a large means of communication services that entail emails, live chat, video chat and a set up by the company and an individual best known as ‘Date a Lady’. This site has been a resourceful platform for the middle-aged men whose ages range from 35-60. The sites get its cash returns through by administering a certain fee to those men particularly interested in meeting Eastern Europe women. The prices of the means of chatting vary like for instance chatting may cost only one credit while features like video chat happen to be more expensive. These services have been accepted with a huge reception thus more, and more people are getting interested in online dating because of the massive success it has registered in patching up new partners.

Susan McGalla: Dominating In a Male Centric Business World

It’s an amazing but true fact. When it comes to various aspects of business management, women are still treated as second-class citizens in many regards. Even though this should have been resolved long ago, and has been upheld by law, in many instances, women still do not receive the same competition or recognition as men.

Despite the rule of law, there are still massive gaps when it comes to compensation along lines of gender. According to statistical research, men earn up to 25% more in pay than women. This means that for every dollar a man makes, a woman usually is paid $.75 or that comparable dollar. And this number is not altered by education or experience. Women still receive lower rates of pay even though they have the same expertise and work experience.

Even though this is an ongoing and widespread problem, women are not taking the situation lying down. In many cases women with skill and ability have decided to forgo the traditional routes of work in a male-dominated business world and go into business for themselves. The number of businesses started by women continues to increase as more and more females decide to take on the male centric business climate.

Although this is good start, it is far from an ideal situation when you look at the overall number of women in executive ranks of business. 85% of all business entities in the United States do not have women in a position in their board rooms. An even more telling stat shows that only 3% of women in businesses hold the title of chief executive officer.

Although the numbers may appear to be less than adequate, women that are taking executive positions in businesses are proving their worth and ability. Female leaders like Susan McGalla on wikinvest are prime examples of women succeeding in business.

McGalla has a unique and varied background in the world of corporate management. She began her career as a marketing manager and consultant for the Joseph Horn Company, and from that, begin an extensive career working as the CEO of the American Eagle Outfitters clothing company. Later, she assumed the responsibility of chief operating officer of Wet Seal, a California-based clothing company. Currently, McGalla holds the prominent position of Director of Strategic Planning for the Pittsburgh Steelers, one of the NFL’s most popular teams.

McGalla has a vast resume of experience, having worked for and led a number of significant American companies with market share of millions of dollars. With her many positions in executive matters, her leadership has proven to be invaluable to companies and she worked for, setting the course in innovations that made them tens of millions of dollars over the course of her various tenures.

Although women are not given the same respect or compensation as men in many cases, changes are happening in the executive work climate. Individuals like Susan McGalla are prime examples of the advances women are making in a ever-changing business climate dominated by men.

What to Put In Mind When Writing Wikipedia Articles That Are In Your Interest

Wikipedia is a very social worldwide encyclopedia that is far much fairer than any other online encyclopedia. In case you want to create a page on anything, the vast skilled Wikipedia editors at Get Your Wiki are ready to help. If you want to create an article relating to business, an organization, an individual or a prominent entity, be sure to make business Wiki pages on Get Your Wiki community will produce it or anything similar to that. The company offers outstanding writing services such as monitoring your page, providing translations to any languages and ensuring that your article conforms to Wikipedia’s manual of style, formatting and references from reliable sources.

Before writing an article that is in your interest (you or your business), ensure that the principles and policies of Wikipedia, are at your fingertips and mostly the one on the neutral point of view (NPOV) policy. Any articles of the sort are expected to be editorially neutral since Wikipedia seeks neutrality. Wikipedia is not a forum where you can advertise yourself or your business but rather a source that documents factual information from sovereign and reliable sources. It will not note the good things and leave behind the bad things but report factual information that pertains to you or your business, whether good or bad.

Wikipedia’s Policies

1. Non-ownership of articles – once an article gets its way to the Wikipedia community it is longer yours. This in turn restricts your ability to edit any negative content in “your” article. The Law of Unintended Consequences stretches its reach to those that ignore this policy.

2. No autobiographies – any Wikipedia article that is accepted should maintain notability. So surprising that most biographies are on individuals who are not that prominent for inclusion. A biography on Wikipedia is not something to be proud of, ask some notable persons who have suffered the wrath of negative content on their pages. It reaches a point where they wish they never had a biography, and some have threatened to sue Wikipedia to get theirs deleted. Few have succeeded, and others still strive to succeed in their endeavors. According to Wikipedia policies, a biography should be documented by a third person who thinks you are notable enough for inclusion.

Comforting note

Wikipedia does not aim at promoting you or your business nor does it have the intention to take you down in any way. Trust me, Wikipedia will treat you more kindly that the entire world. It has rules and policies that govern its content to eliminate the likelihood of reporting malicious gossip as well as minimizing the risk of libel.

Pet Care the Right Way

Owning a pet is one of the most common ambitions for many individuals across the world. However, this comes at quite a considerable cost in terms of the care that has to be directed. It is worth mentioning that with the right type of care, the pet care will turn out to be one of the most enjoyable things to do.

Beneful has often been cited as being important in every aspect of pet care. According to research that has been conducted by a number of pet owners, baneful has been credited with the creation of healthy pets, especially when it comes to the care of dogs. The success that has been achieved has been credited to the high and beneficial nutrients that are derived from this dog food. Further to this, the wide positive reviews on that have been issued in relation to the benefits that are accrued through the usage of baneful. In addition to this, the results are scientifically proven to have massive positive effects on the overall quality of the pet care that is being administered.

We all wish to have pets that are not only healthy, but also happy. Some of the most basic considerations that you should prioritize when it comes to pet care include:

  • Keeping the pet clean. You should ensure that your pet is free from any dirt which might eventually cause diseases or infections. Keep your pet as clean as possible and this should be done at all times.
  • Feeding habits. Ensure that your pet is well fed at all times. This is highly essential for the immune system of your pet at all times. The food should be comprised of a balance of the essential nutrients that have been recommended for your pet. Please be sure to consult with your veterinary doctor on this to avoid any wrong diets being administered to your pet.
  • Clean environment. A healthy and clean environment for your pet has been identified as one of the basic and most essential factors for any pet. It has been established that the mood of your pet can to a large extent be determined by how well the environment it is growing in is maintained.
  • The pet should also be well dehydrated. This is important for balancing the health and dietary needs of the pet. Depending in the type of the pet, this should be administered at least twice every day.
  • Regular visits to the veterinary doctor. Although popular, the issue of taking your pet for regular check-ups is one that has often been taken for granted for a long time. It is important to have the health of your pet constantly checked. This is even in cases where the pet seems to be perfectly normal.

Pet care is hugely made up with the amount of dedication and effort that you put. Your role in managing the pet will eventually be the highlight of the quality of the pet care that you offer. However, remember the golden rule of taking care of your pet so that it takes care of you.

Financial Expert Brad Reifler Now Investing In Middle Class

Brad Reifler is an entrepreneur and investor with years of experience at starting up and managing successful companies. After graduating from Bowdin University in 1981 with a degree in Economics and Political Science, he went on to found Reifler Trading Corporation. In 1992, he founded Reifler Capitol Management. His firm managed hundreds of millions of dollars in discretionary accounts before moving to institutional research, information dissemination, global derivative advisory and execution services.

Reuters says that Reifler managed Refco, Inc.’s Institutional Sales Desk from 1995 to 2000, where he was responsible for sales and execution of global derivatives, foreign exchange, and creating custom investment programs for institutional and high-net-worth clients.

Also in 1995, while marketing his talent and building a client base, Brad Reifler founded Pali Capitol. Focusing on the expansion of hedge funds, he didn’t advise the funds on what to buy or sell, but instead taught the sales traders how to articulate and execute the “packaged” strategy. In the 13 years as CEO, Reifler employed over 300 people and the company had over $1 billion in commission income.

In 2009, Reifler founded the Forefront management Group, LLC, and is currently CEO of several subsidiaries including Forefront Advisory, LLC. Through 30+ years of being on the market, he has attracted some of the most influential and highly respected business leaders, top investment bankers, and registered investment advisors to the firm.

In late 2014, Brad Reifler announced his new initiative, the Forefront Income Trust, which caters to the “99 percent” who don’t have a high net worth. This fund allows middle class investors to invest a minimum of $2,500 that can be added or withdrawn every quarter. Due to the 2008 financial crisis, many non-accredited investors are hesitant to invest due to fears that stem from lack of education about the market. Reifler created the Forefront Income Trust as a way to enlighten potential investors and bridge trust between them and investment managers.

Crystal Hunt Successful Career in Acting

Crystal Hunt is an American based actress. She is famous for having played different roles in important plays that have captured the hearts of many. Crystal is also a recognized film producer. Currently is actually working on her fist ever executive producer credit with a film which is known as Talbot County.

Crystal becomes famous in the acting career due to her time on daytime TV dramas, Guiding Light and also One Life to Live. On Guiding Light, crystal was able to show her natural acting skills, which made her get an Emmy nomination for the Outstanding Younger Actress in TV Drama.

Just recently, Crystal Hunt has made another great feature film debut in Magic Mike XXL, which is currently being played in theaters.

The Emmy-nominated actress is famed to have gotten the America’s attention at a very young age of only 17. She was acting as the troubled misguided teenager, Lizzie Splauding, on the iconic CBS daytime series

Crystal was actually spotted by an agent while she was at the Actors Workshop in New York, and it didn’t take time before she was offered a role to play in Guiding Light. This role actually lasted for years, and that is how she managed to get the famous Emmy nomination that is envied by many.

Coincidentally, during her very rigorous television schedule, she managed to get into motion pictures, coming as opposite ZacEfron in the feel-good family movie, The Derby Stallion. When she left the Guiding Light, she went ahead and costarred with Amanda Bynes, in a very romantic comedy known as Sydney White.

On PRNewswire it’s told that Hunt managed to get back to television in the year 2009, when she was casting as the devious stripper, Stacy Morasco on the ABC daytime series, known as One Life To Live. In this series, she stayed for three years.

In 2013, Hunt was able to costarred, together with Dania Ramirez, the famous Arielle Kebbel and Evan Ross in the Lionsgate suspenseNYC Underground. The film was about four teens in Brooklyn who were involved in a drug deal that finally had gone wrong.

Hunt collaborated with the actor and premier director, Dylan Baker’s debut feature film 23 Blast. Dylan Baker, among other famous stars, are just a few of the great personalities with talent found in this inspirational and touching real-life story of a high school football star who was suddenly stricken by an irreversible, total blindness; the film was launched in October 2014

The Doe Deer Magic in the Makeup Industry

People that have never heard of Doe Deere may wonder how she has penetrated what has appeared to be an impenetrable area of cosmetics. She has hit a high point by giving teenagers a voice in the makeup industry, and she is rising in popularity as a result of this. She is gaining a lot of ground as one of the most popular producers of makeup because she is the rebel among the gentle giants in the makeup industry. She is the one that teenagers can recognize, and this is what will propel her to new heights.

When people talk about Cover Girl they have seen models, but most people just couldn’t recognize the president if the Cover Girl president appeared in the commercials. People recognize the Mary Kay name, but few could recognize the leaders that push Mary Kay out to the consumers these days. These companies are powerhouse players, but the Chief Executive Officers are rather disconnected from the brand. This may have worked for decades upon decades, but social media is changing all of that. In the makeup industry there is a change because social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are affecting the way that people do business.

People know who started Facebook. They know about the lives of celebrities because this is how celebrities advertise. They market through tweets and Facebook posts. Doe Deere on pinterest recognized this and flipped the makeup industry into something new by connecting herself with her brand. Now people know who wears and promotes the makeup. They feel a personal connection, and this is what allows the brand to thrive and move ahead of the crowd.

I know that there are a lot of brands out there, but there has never been a time where there was such a movement to capture the attention of teens. Lime Crime could officially be declared makeup for teenagers. They are going to be the ones that this brand reaches because of the way that it has been marketed. This isn’t the brand that is going to pop up on television station in commercials across the world. It isn’t going to be some makeup line that takes out full page ads in Good Housekeeping and Vogue magazine. It doesn’t have to. Doe Deere has already found her voice and her alternative method of marketing. It is working for her so there is no need to rock the boat on this.

The makeup industry is slow to change, but Doe Deere has put the corporate executives in an awkward position. These companies can change or become stagnant from a lack of growth. These really are the only options that are available because there is such a strong presence from Doe Deere. She is not the big name that she hopes to be, but a change is certainly unfolding. I have been able to see how the industry has changed over the years. Consumers know that there are teenagers that are buying makeup and changing the cosmetics industry.

Lawyers in Brazil: Finding The Best Lawyers In Brazil

Fining a lawyer in Brazil is not a difficult task. You can see dozens of billboards, television ads, and online ads everyday for lawyers in Brazil and other places. However, finding a lawyer who is qualified and competent to negotiate a resolution or take your case to trial, requires some work on your part. You might find a list of lawyers to select from, but who will be the best one for your case, and how will you go about it choosing?

Move fast to find a good lawyer. You shouldn’t waste time because there are time limitations on legal issues. If you are facing a serious problem or if you have been sued then you will need to rely on a good lawyer to get you out of the situation. A good lawyer will work to protect your rights, preserve evidence, and provide effective representation.

When you consult with a law firm, it’s important that you know who will be handling your case. Many law firms have a team of legal professionals, including legal assistance, experienced and inexperienced lawyers as well. Find out which of the professionals in the lawyer’s office will work on or handle your case if you choose this lawyer and what the person’s experience level is.

Lawyers generally employ assistants to help them handle some tasks in the office. Ask what fees they charge and their billing schedule and method. You also want to know what percentage of work do these other professionals do and what percentage of work will they do on your case. Also ask your lawyer how much time he or she will be dedicating to your case.

When you are involved in legal action, it is important that you feel comfortable with the lawyer and his or her office staff. You want to pick a law firm or lawyer with the best professionals for your situation. To learn more about your potential lawyer and his or her practice, you can use a variety of online resources that provide a review of lawyers in Brazil.

You can also visit the lawyer’s office and browse around. Usually, lawyers provide a great deal of information on their websites and blog and this can be a smart way to find out more about a lawyer prior to setting up a consultation with the lawyer.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a prominent Brazilian litigation lawyer, specializing in business and corporate law. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has represented some of the nation’s high profile individuals and companies, including large corporations. Who’s Who Legal has nominated Ricardo Tosto as one of the best Commercial Litigation lawyers in Brazilian. His law practice is among the best in Brazil.

The Best Way To Manage A Hedge Fund As A Financial Executive

Investment banks are one of the essential financial institutions to high-profile investors. Their managers, on the other hand, are among the dominant personalities one can ever come across. Among the investment vehicles that exist, hedge funds are the riskiest and dangerous due to their volatile nature. Hedge fund managers are regular people just like managers of other financial vehicles such as pension funds and mutual funds; they have some few traits that set them aside from the rest. For an outsider, the responsibilities of a hedge fund manager are somewhat dull. His roles entail initiating investments, controlling them and when profits are attained, allocate the required numbers among associate investors.

There is more to this that a notable financial executive can help most people understand what actually happens beyond people’s perspectives. Ken Griffin, the founder and CEO of Citadel LLC knows what managing a hedge fund entails. For almost two decades now, Griffin has been in the hedge fund industry making turns that have earned him enormous success over the years. In 1989, Griffin graduated from Harvard University with a Bachelors degree in economics with two hedge funds under his management worth more than $1 million. He started off with a $265,000 fund capitalized from friends and family, and he operated from his dorm with a computer, fax machine, telephone and a satellite link. He commenced by specializing in convertible bond arbitrage. He later started another hedge fund while still in the University. His inspiration came from a Forbes magazine article that he read during his freshman year.

After graduating, Griffins mentor Frank C. Meyer, an investor and founder of Glenwood Capital LLC offered Griffin with $1 million to invest. Ken Griffin’s passion for the industry and self-discipline earned him more returns that even surpassed Meyer’s expectations; a 70 percent return on the investment was achieved as per The New York Times. As a goal oriented individual, Griffin did not stop at that and he founded Citadel with $4.6 million which has grown large and manifold as one of the biggest and most successful hedge funds in the world. His skills in managing hedge funds have drawn much attention since his fund is one of the three percent of hedge funds that are extant for the last twenty years. Since most hedge funds including prominent ones collapsed during the 2008 financial crisis, Citadel LLC has become one of the most preferred by investors due to its stability and influential financial executives.

Griffin has shared his skills in various boards and offers insights in demanding situations. He is an associate on the Committee on Capital Markets Regulation as well as serving on the G100, a composition of 100 CEOs that meet regularly to deliberate on the global economy. Kenneth Griffin is also an active philanthropist who has been on the upfront to support diverse causes. He has donated an estimated $500 million comprising tens of millions to institutions in Chicago. He is also a great art collector with a trove of the best art from contemporary artists.

What Is So Captivating About Slyce?

Back in January 2012, Erika Racicot and Cameron Chell sowed the seed of Slyce through their business consulting firm, Business Instincts. After working on it for some time, the visual technology was launched in February 2013. Slyce is the leading visual search and recognition provider for retailers and brands. The visual technology used identifies products based on a picture and allows the user to purchase the item on their smartphone. The company headquarters in Toronto, Ontario.

The visual search technology used in Slyce uses pictures of products to determine what kind of product it is and then analyzes the item based on a schema according to the product and its attributes. It can identify products wherever they are, as well as outside packaging. Slyce develops visual search and recognition technology for larger retailers to use on their brand’s websites and mobile applications. For effective results, the company has combined machine technology with human crowdsourcing. In cases where the machine can’t come down to a one-to-one match, the human crowdsourcing element comes to play where an employ does the finishing touch.

When it comes to marketing, Slyce is mostly based on building partnerships and relationships with leading consumer brands. Neiman Marcus is the major brand that Slyce works with among many others. The company provides the technology as an adaptable white-labeled m-commerce solution. These is because M-commerce has become a significant flow of revenue and is highly considered by retailers. Slyce has also come up with the Visual Relevancy Engine that compares the characteristics of a product and delivers products that are similar. It also helps the consumer by identifying items on social media sites.
Every company has future plans and for Slyce that constitutes of adding more companies to work with to increase the market. Slyce announced the purchase of Pounce, which is a mobile commerce app. These will boost its services by integrating a fully functioning consumer app with its advanced recognition platform.
What are you waiting for? Enjoy Slyce now!