Andy Wirth Recount How he Survived Death after an Accident during Skydiving


The President and CEO of Squaw Valley, Mr. Andy Wirth is skilled and experienced skydiver, an activity he partakes during his free time. He gave a detailed description of his skydiving accident that occurred on October 13. He escaped death by whisker after a landing roughly in a vineyard situated outside Lodi Calif. He noted that considering the nature and terrain of the site he was lucky to have survived. He blames unfavorable weather condition for his missing his intended landing position. He landed on steel posts and wires that seriously injured his right arm. On the brighter side, he is officially reported to duty at Squaw Valley after staying in the hospital for 50 days and recovering from 21 surgeries on his right arm.

He recalls remaining composed and focusing his attention to the song ‘Just Breath’ by the Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vender to thwart pain. He discovered he might bleed to death and he had to use his left arm to stop the bleeding from the artery. He recounts how painful it was to move his left arm even an inch; however, he had to do it. His Facebook Post designed as a letter to Vender; illustrate his efforts to remain alive. This was an expression of his admiration of Vender’s music. He narrates how the “Just Breath” helped him retain his composure.

During an interview carried out as he was undergoing physical therapy, he said after landing on the vineyard and checking his arm, the reality of a severe injury hit him. He recounts that his arm was torn up, elbow dislocated, tissue tore and the brachial artery bleeding profusely. He utilized his previous experiences to survive, which includes; rescuing traumatic injured victims and his services at North Routt Fire Protection District ambulance crew. In addition, he managed to maintain his emotion at a normal level through the ‘Just Breath’ song.

Andy Wirth has an experience of over 25 years working in the Mountain resort and hotel industry. His career began in 1986 at Steamboat Springs Resort; here he served in various leadership and supervisory positions. After series of mergers, he was appointed to an influential and respectable position. For example after Intrawest acquired Steamboat in 2007, Wirth became the Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President. He was born on July 25, 1963 in Neubruckle, West Germany. He pursued a Bachelor of Science degree from Colorado State University. He is an active humanitarian and strongly advocates for clean and sustainable environment. This recap was originally published on STEAMBOAT TODAY.

Susan McGalla – a story of success and gender equality

Susan McGalla is known as the director and chief merchandising officer the American Eagle Outfitters. She started her career in 1994 as a teen retailer, the time when the executive offices exemplified the brand’s roots as it focused mainly on male customers and active wear.
She grew up in a predominantly male household, having two older brothers and father who was a football coach and did not treat her any differently or set her apart only for being a girl. She was brought up to work hard and to always present her ideas confidently whoever her audience was. Neither her gender nor the gender of others was considered hindering nor helpful. This helped her to be equally confident and comfortable with both women and men and to work equally well with both. The confidence ingrained in her from her early age was an instrument of her success. She received her bachelor’s degree from Mount Union College prior to starting her career at the Joseph Horne Company. In 1994 she started working for American Eagle Outfitters, Inc.
At that time, the American Eagle was a male company predominantly and there were no women on the executive positions. However, through her hard work, confidence and success, she built a career and an experience of a lifetime there. She was the main influence of the change of culture there and both women and men equally constructed this aspirational, the most successful corporate culture in the period from 2000 – 2010 From various executive positions during this period, McGalla finally set herself to become the chief merchandising officer and the president of American Eagle Outfitters, Inc.
McGalla, who previously had a career at department stores of Joseph Horne Co., claims that at American Eagle, the management was always judging her value only based on her ideas, but anyway, she still always made sure that on business trips she is not the last one to arrive to a morning meeting.
She was appointed for the current title last May, and I now in charge of marketing, design and merchandising this brand popular among American teens world- wide. She helped lead an announcement of the plan of the retailer to move the headquarters on the South Side.
McGalla says on cbslocal her attitude on being a woman in the world of business might not fit everyone’s expectations. Once she was approached by a group to apply for an award for women executives. While she was filling in the application, she talked about her childhood in East Liverpool, Ohio and her football coach father and two elder brothers and how she was always taught to think of herself as a person, not a woman or a man. Her family has been a great help to her to instill the confidence in herself and the ideas she has. She claims that only that served for her huge success and that she has never ever played the notorious woman card. Her attitude even on her application made her stand out among other contestants.

Bernardo Chua: A Giant In Direct Sales Of Ganoderma Products

Bernardo Chua is a leader in the direct sales industry. For decades he has employed a dedicated sales team to take his products to the people that need them most. Since the company’s inception the many fine products Bernardo Chua has offered to the public has contained the extracts from the healing mushroom ganoderma. Ganoderma is widely used throughout Asia to prevent and aid in the healing of a number of ailments. Research has shown ganoderma has immunoregulatory, liver protecting, antifungal, antioxidant, antibacterial, blood cholesterol reducing, hypoglycemic, and anticancer effects.

A native of the Philippines, Bernardo Chua is of Chinese decent, and remains an avid music lover. Ganoderma has been used in Chinese medicine for over 4,000, so Chua was well aware of its benefits. But many people in the Western world are not. So Bernardo Chua has spent more than a decade introducing ganoderma to people in the West. Through his company OrganoGold, Chua offers people in the United States and other parts of the Western world the opportunity to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of ganoderma through the teas, coffees, and other products he markets.

The direct sales model has proven to be the best way Chua has found to get OrganoGold products infused with ganoderma to the people that need them most. Using direct sales has enabled Chua and OrganoGold to grow rapidly first in the Philippines and then throughout the world. Part of the reason for this is educating the consumer is an important part of the selling process. The OrganoGold sales staff takes the time to explain to the potential customer how the product is to be used and the many benefits that one can derive from using it. Plus directing sales keeps costs down and makes OrganoGold products with ganoderma more affordable.

Bernardo Chua and his companies have won numerous awards as their presentations show. He’s considered one of the Pacific Rim’s most successful businessmen. He has won the prestigious Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry. His companies have won Direct Sales Company of the Year five times. Chua and his businesses have also received the People’s Choice, the National Consumers Quality, and the National Shoppers Choice awards for his work in the production and marketing of food supplements through the use of direct selling. His companies have been recognized as some of the world’s most efficient.

Refinement of ganoderma and making it more affordable to consumers continues to be goals of Bernardo Chua. The scale on which he produces ganoderma helps to keep costs down. He works with world-renowned organic ganoderma producers on research to ensure his products are made from the highest quality ganoderma possible. Their breakthroughs have helped to make his ganoderma products the best in the world.

Nobilis Health Corporation Improving Access to Healthcare

Nobilis Health Corporation is a health care development and management company which aims to improve access to health care services and the outcomes. In order to deliver health care services, the company owns and operates ambulatory surgical centers and surgical hospitals in parts of the U.S. The company owns 10 healthcare facilities, 6 ambulatory surgery centers, 2 MRI centers and a surgical hospital among others. With these facilities the healthcare company is able to provide superior healthcare services to patients. The company strives to satisfy the customers with their healthcare services which are provided at low costs. The company also specializes in providing minimally invasive surgical procedures which is facilitated by the surgical facilities in Dallas, Scottsdale and Houston as well as the contractual partnership that the company has with 6 more facilities.
The company is also involved with a marketing campaign that aims to educate and increase patient awareness. Nobilis Healthcare Corporation incorporates traditional and modern methods in their marketing campaign. This involves the use of TV, Radio, print, web, mobile, and social web for campaigns. The company also uses patient fax referral forms and patient referral cards to increase awareness. The marketing campaign is also meant to target and recruit candidates for each of the program offered by the company. In the marketing campaigning, the company aims to educate the patients about certain diseases, educate then on how to recognize symptoms, increase awareness of the available treatment options for specific diseases and also promote a productive relationship between the health care providers and the patients.
Nobilis Healthcare Corporation is a publicly traded company that is listed on NYSE and TSX exchanges. The company has been recognized as a lead company in the industry. Over the years the company has recorded high organic growth and has performed exemplary well in mergers and acquisitions. In 2014, the company acquired its first Nobilis Hospital which was worth $7.5 million. It has also acquired a 60% stake of the Freedom Pain Hospital and control over its management that was valued $3.2 million. The company aims to maximize the opportunities for their physicians while driving growth for the company. The company is built on a well defined growth plan that incorporates both organic growth and growth by acquisitions.
The company also focuses on attracting highly qualified health professionals in order to achieve the main objective which is providing quality healthcare services. The staff at Nobilis Health Corporation is the most valuable asset of the company. The staff is dedicated to helping the company accomplish this mission. With the help of the professional staff, they aim at providing trusted healthcare to their patients using the best methods. Ensuring that their outpatient clients receive the best treatment experience is the staff’s main priority.

CCMP Capital’s Stephen Murray Was Known As An Investor’s Investor

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is one of those investment firms that specialized in growth-equity investments and middle-market leveraged buyouts. Stephen Murray, the former CEO and president of CCMP Capital, was the catalyst for the firm’s incredible success. Investors around the globed admired Murray’s tenacity and his ability to put complicated deals together and make them work. CCMP Capital usually invested up to $500 million per investment transaction. The company’s main interests are healthcare, energy, consumer and industrial companies. Murray helped put the investments in Quiznos Corporation, Cabela’s Inc., and Warner Chilcott Plc together, but that is just a short list of his accomplishments. The Columbia University graduate was responsible for several other investments before Manufacturers Hanover Trust, and JP Morgan became CCMP.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital’s portfolio reads like a who’s who in the consumer, energy, healthcare and industrial sectors of the economy. Some of the consumer companies that function under the CCMP umbrella are Aramark, Jamieson Laboratories, The Hillman Group, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, Pure Gym, Infogroup, Volotea and IMO car wash. Energy sector companies like Chaparall Energy, Noble Environmental Power, and Vetco International are also part of CCMP Capital. MedQuest Associates, Medpace and CareMore Medical Enterprises are also CCMP Capital companies.

Trying to organize these complicated investments is not that easy. Several ingredients that must be present in order for CCMP to invest in a company. The name CCMP Capital is the combination of Chase Capital, Chemical Ventures, Manufacturers Hanover Capital/JPMorgan and Partners. The team that is responsible for making CCMP Capital the success story it is now, includes CEO Greg Brenneman, COO Timothy Walsh, Doug Cahill, Jonathan Lynch, Kevin O’Brien, Thomas Walker, Richard Zannino and Christopher Behrens. Those men along with more than 40 employees make things happen at CCMP Capital. Those things include helping businesses grow, taking middle-size companies public, taking public companies private, and providing solutions for short and long-term issues.

The firm focuses on companies in North America and Europe. Partners like to concentrate on companies that are between $250 million and $2 billion in size. CCMP professionals work with companies in their portfolio, and together they develop creative growth plans that include asset utilization, cash flow enhancement, cost reduction techniques and they find ways to incorporate the best business practices within each business sector.

The partners in CCMP have years of experience in the investment industry, and it shows in the numbers. The firm continues to manage the equity portfolio of J.P. Morgan Partners as well as the CCMP portfolio of diversified companies. New York-based CCMP Capital is one of the leaders in buyouts as well as growth equity transactions and even though Stephen Murray is not part of the group now, the firm continues to add new companies to their portfolio on a regular basis.

Analyzing The Sale of Bruce Levenson’s Atlanta Hawks

Around April last year, Bruce Levenson made an announcement that he wished to sell the NBA team, Atlanta Hawks. This was after he had been at the helm as the president and owner of the team for close to four years. There were many varying opinions regarding the sale with most people stating that under different circumstances, the team would have sold for more.

Bruce had hired professional bankers to make an evaluation and give him an appropriate asking price for the team. They sat down and most agreed that the company would sell at a cost of about 1 billion dollars. There was, however, one expert that placed the sale at about 27 percent less than the amount of the rest of the bankers. Now that the company has finally been sold, NBA enthusiasts get to see that the one banker was right all along. Reports indicate that the company was sold at a cost of about 730 million US dollars.

It is important to note that compared to the amount Bruce spent to acquire this team, the sale was a huge profit. However, experts feel that the banker’s wrong predictions may have hurt the sale. As a matter of fact, the fact that the asking price was placed at 1billion may have discouraged a few buyers who could have offered more than 730 million, which could mean that the company may have sold for much less than it should have. However, it is easy to understand the fact that the circumstances of the sale could have clouded everyone’s judgment and as long as Bruce gets to smile all the way to the bank and the team gets new management, it is a win for all.

Who is Bruce Levenson?

Most know him as the guy who was behind the management of the Hawks for the past four years. However, Bruce had an illustrious career as a businessman and entrepreneur even before he ventured into NBA. He was born in Washington DC but grew up in Maryland. After he had completed his high school, he proceeded to the Washington Collage where he studied law before joining the American school of law. When he was in college, he started working for the Washington Star, where he got his passion for the media industry.

This is where the idea of forming a media company was brought up. Together with his friend, Ed Peskowitz, Bruce started the United Communications Group, a communications company. At the start, the company only operated from their dorm room. With time, they acquired several other magazines and became very successful. Today, Bruce is worth billions of dollars and has appeared in Forbes magazine several times for being an exemplary business leader.

Bruce has a wife and two children. He is also very active in philanthropy. He is a founding donor of the Holocaust museum that he says is close to his heart because his grandmother was a survivor. He is also involved in the Center for Philanthropy and non-profit leadership at the University of Maryland. He is truly an extraordinary business icon.

BMG Offers New Payday Loans And Business Explodes

BMG was opened for business in 1930. It is a privately owned monetary institution organized by the Pentagna Guimarães family. This family is known to be a major part of the Brazilian monetary commerce. Crédito Predial S.A., which is a commercial bank with merchandises offered to people and organizations, is the first establishment they opened. The core of BMG’s business was always consumer financing. However, in the 1990’s this all changed. They became a market leader in financing vehicles. In 1998 the focus of the business switched again to focus on handling payday and payroll loans. Due to the popularity of these types of loans, they became a benchmark for these types of operations.

BMG made another leap in July of 2012. Itaú Unibanco S.A. joined in a joint venture with the bank to offer a new type of loan service. This agreement was to distribute and commercialize payroll loans in the country of Brazil. It was a joint venture that grew immensely. As of April in 2014, the paperwork was signed and the joint venture in full operation. BMG holds 40 percent of the stock and Itaú Unibanco S.A holds 60 percent. This venture has brought a number of advantages to the BMG Bank. First, they are able to offer products such as the Payroll Credit Card. They are also able to offer BMG Empresas. This allows them to offer financing to large companies or economic groups. BMG has always stood out from the financial sector in Brazil for their ability to detect major market movements and move with the changing times.

Marcio Alaor is the VP at the helm of this operation. He is a colorful man that is marked for his humanitarian efforts. Recently, he was honored and received much media attention for his philanthropic work. He has obtained notoriety in the political circles around San Antonia and all over Brazil. The politicians and people wanted to thank Alaor for his contributions to their cities. They named a square after him in town and the celebration happened at the 33rd annual Farmer’s Exhibition. Part of the charm of Alaor is that he was a poor boy born into poverty that rose to greatness on his own. He gave a dedication speech that told the people of Brazil that he could have never picked himself up and became what he is today without the help and support of such a wonderful country.

BMG is lucky to have such a man leading them. With his payroll loan plans, he made the bank a nationally recongized symbol. With him at the helm, there is no telling where this bank can go.

Nobilis Health – Healthcare Development Company

Every major healthcare corporation will undergo some significant changes. Nobilis Health is prepared to unveil its latest prospectus for its investors. Every company needs to unveil a report for its quarterly investment. Most of these documents are reader friendly, inviting people to follow important details. That has drawn in a surprising amount of investors for these new projects. The company was recently changed from Northstar Health in to Nobilis Health. That kind of re-branding is fairly common among leading healthcare providers. It gives people a new lease on their latest development in the community also.

Important Facts To Follow

Each quarter, a company must submit their record revenues to the agency. That enables companies to work within the guise of a healthcare organization. Leaders have set down a few standards for operating in the medical sector. Combining these agencies has been a significant challenge for some medical teams. They have undergone a transformation and are ready to discuss these effects.

These reports are best read by some of the prospective investors in the field. Some savvy investment gurus have opted to announce results for these health corps. There are several year end financial results for people following returns.

High Level Returns For Nobilis

The healthcare company is proud of some of its economic indicators. They are drawing in large sums of money as part of their plans. Renovations and costs are incurred as part of standard operation. Financial numbers are highly sought after during a company overhaul. The recent name change has brought new customers on board for Nobilis Health.

It has also ushered in a new century of developments for Nobilis health care system on as a team. Roughly 1.55 million are reported during the third quarter alone. Financial results are vital to drawing in new members to a medical team over time.

Agreement On A New Deal

Financing is working to close a 25 million dollar deal for GE capital. That is a surprising figure, but a good sign as 2014 drew to a close. Short term rating has given a strong indication for Nobilis. Investors are flocking to understand the business model of the development company. Healthcare is a burgeoning field with an aging population across the world. Each company relies on different business models to stay successful. A few new initiatives may help Nobilis stay competitive in an increasingly crowded field of healthcare providers.

Modern Aspects Of Financing

GE capital is offering financial services to Nobilis Health. Outsourcing and requesting help for financial matters is becoming increasingly important. That takes the burden off of a range of developmental teams. The third quarter of 2014 proved to be a major turning point for Nobilis. They are proud of their new look and offer a prospectus through select resources. Mackies Stanley has provided a Q4 update a well. They have rapidly become the top pick among their peers for successful businesses. A year end review has been requested among interested parties following Nobilis Health.

Status Labs Helps People Get Their Good Name Back

Status Labs is here to provide the most important support someone whose reputation has taken a serious setback. From its headquarters in Austin, TX, the staff of Status Labs is ready to launch a marketing and public relations campaign to overcome negative sentiments posted online. Co-founded by Darius Fisher, Status Labs has delivered necessary support to clients in over 35 countries. Many of those clients were shocked to discover the very disturbing things written about them online. Status Labs presented a solution to an extremely stressful situation.

Executives and other professionals due need to maintain their good name or else their business endeavors could suffer. A lawsuit, a divorce, or false accusations of improprieties could truly harm an executive’s good name. The company he or she is affiliated could suffer as well. So, steps must be taken to change what people see in the Google search results after typing the executive’s name.

None of the steps necessary to overcome negative statements are random. They require deliberate thought and action Building a website, for example, is one way a better online presence can be manufactured. A lot of executives do not publish personal websites. Through publishing one, Status Labs helps craft a website designed to help draw attention away from all other information that is negative and unhelpful. In addition to the website, a blog and a series of social media profiles could be made to influence a better opinion.

Simply “dumping” articles and content online is not going to yield decent results though. The material has to adhere to good marketing and public relations strategies.

Status Labs has revealed, via PRNewswire, some of the best tips for launching an effective PR campaign. Staying on topic, understanding who the audience is, telling a good story, keeping things concise, and going beyond what is expected are advisable. The professionals who work at Status Labs offices are able to make instill the se sentiments into all the work they do. As a result, the work is highly professional and effective.

1,500 clients have procured services from Status Labs. The number is sure to increase significantly now that the company has opened offices in New York and San Paulo. The client base is quite diverse. In addition to executives and celebrities, the company has helped average private citizens caught up in scandals like the Ashley Madison hack. No matter the circumstances, Status Labs can help restore a good name.

Madison Street Capital Takes Care Of The Needs Of Its Clients

Those who are in need of financial services will want a company that they can trust to take care of things for them. They will want to know that the company that they are going to is one that will leave them feeling good about what it has done, and that it is one that will leave them feeling as if they have done things right by turning to it. Madison Street Capital is like that. It is a company that has been very ambitious in the services that it hands out. It knows how to do things right for those who come to it for help, and it is more than happy to do that time and time again.
Madison Street Capital is an international firm that has helped people all across the globe. There are smart people working for it who have put their all into making it as great as it has become. They want to be able to help out all of those who come to it for help and advice, and they are happy to be able to do that. It’s great when a company has good employees, and that is just what Madison Street Capital has. That is why the company has been able to succeed, and it is why so many people have come to love it.
There are many reasons why Madison Street Capital is a company that many people have come to love, and another of the reasons is because of how personalized it is. It takes its clients’ needs and makes sure that they are met specifically. It knows that a lot of work needs to be put in in order to do things right, and the company never tries to get out of doing that. It knows that those working for it have to be on top of things all of the time in order for the company to stay as respected and well liked as it has become, and it is okay with that. It is always just trying to do its best to make sure that the needs of its clients are being met.