Entrepreneur and Humanitarian Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera is the owner of The Custom Companies, a transportation company located in Northlake, IL. His company provides truckload, LTL services, and air freight forwarding services. Additionally, they offer cartage services and logistics products. His annual revenue is over 200 million dollars and he has thousands of customers. After graduating from Chicago High School, he joined the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves. He learned to drive a truck in the Marine Corps and began working for the transportation industry upon discharge. He also participated in politics and served as the Republican Ward Committeeman in Chicago.

Eventually, Mandera founded The Custom Companies and gained a tremendous amount of success. His company has locations nationwide and employees hundreds of people. He serves as a board member for the Illinois Transportation Association and was named the “Top American Transportation Executive of the Millennium.” Perry has won many awards including the Bishop Sheils Award, Citizen of the Year, and President’s Award.

Perry Mandera contributes to charity and supports Cancer Cures and Prevention, The Walter & Connie Payton Foundation and The Jesse White Tumblers. He donates coats and his financial resources to the children of Chicago. He assisted the victims of the tornado that devastated Chicago in 2013. Perry provided food to the victims of Hurricane Katrina and the California wildfires. He created his own organization, Custom Cares Charities and aids poor families throughout the holidays.

Mandera supports local sports teams in Chicago and has been a coach. He provides for children in need including those who are underprivileged and victims of abuse. He is involved in boxing and helps competitors go to the Olympics. He believes in giving back to veterans and supports Hiring our Hero’s and Marines for Life (Positivethefacts).

Mandera has given back to his hometown in many ways. He believes in doing what is right and helps the sick and suffering. He is a prominent business leader and extraordinary humanitarian.


Heal and Soothe Promotes Natural Healing

Heal and Soothe uses the power of Systemic Enzyme Therapy to combat pain and inflammation. This type of therapy has been shown to be very effective and has even been used for over five decades in many countries throughout the world.

Systemic Enzyme Therapy puts biocatalysts to work throughout the body to help defend it form inflammation. They help to neutralize the biochemicals in the body so that it can heal and regenerate. By reducing inflammation, the body is able to recover much more quickly form fractures, sprains, joint pain, and surgery. Unlike pain medications, Heal and Soothe actually gets to the root of the problem and helps the body to recover rather than simply masking the pain and inflammation.

Heal and Soothe contains powerful and natural ingredients that work with the enzymes to promote healing and pain-free living. These ingredients include bromelain, proteolytic systemic enzymes, turmeric extract, papain, Boswellia extract. Heal and Soothe also contains rutin, Mojave yucca root, ginger extract, devil’s claw, and citrus bioflavonoids.

Citrus bioflavonoids help to heal the body from damage caused by oxidative damage. Devil’s claw is effective in treating pain and even helps to bring about relief from pain caused by arthritis. Ginger extract decreases the number of prostaglandins which cause the body to feel pain and Mojave yucca root is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Rutin is another powerful antioxidant, and Boswellia extract helps to support healthy blood circulation. Papain reduces swelling and pain, and turmeric has been found to destroy free radicals which contribute to pain and swelling. Bromelain helps to rid the body of waste and toxins, and proteolytic systemic enzymes boost cardiovascular, immune, and respiratory function.

Heal and Soothe is quite affordable at only around $50 a bottle and a bottle of supplements lasts about one month. Depending on the level of your pain and inflammation, you only need to take one supplement up to three times a day. Heal and Soothe does not have the unwanted and unpleasant side effects that many pain medications come with and it is completely natural, so that means that it is free from any animal byproducts as well.

Heal and Soothe is all about healing the body and strengthening it against pain and inflammation rather than simply numbing the pain and masking the inflammation. Heal and Soothe is a solution to the problem rather than just a band-aid that provides temporary relief from pain.

Heal N Soothe Info: www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbzLCWvD5tc

Dr. Rod Rohrich: A World Renown Surgeon Who Creates The Fountain Of Youth

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich is an acclaimed internationally and nationally known Dallas plastic surgeon. Dr. Rohrich was offered a position of Professor and the Chairman of Plastic Surgery at the Southwestern Medical Center Department of Plastic Surgery at the University of Texas.

Dr. Rohrich was educated at North Dakota State University and the University of North Dakota where he received a Bachelor of Science and postgraduate degrees. Baylor University College of Medicine granted him an M.D. He received his residency training in general and plastic surgery at the University of Michigan Medical Center with additional training in pediatric plastic surgery at Oxford University. As a fellow at the Massachusetts General Hospital at Harvard Medical, he received training in hand and microvascular surgery. Further, he has been designated as a Fellow, American College of Surgeons (F.A.C.S.) Dr. Rohrich’s skills restore the youthfulness and the human face and body.

Dr. Rohrich authored and co-authored over 300 scientific publications. He has been featured in nonmedical magazines such as the US News and World Report Best Plastic Surgeons and Harper’s Bazaar, Best Plastic Surgeons in Texas. Dr. Rohrich, was a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, and The View.

Dr. Rohrich has actively participated in The 52nd Annual Baker Gordon Educational Symposium, the Baker Gordon Symposium, the 21st Annual Global Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Meeting and the 35th annual Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting.

The 52nd Annual Baker Gordon Educational Symposium, which has a fifty-year history, takes place on February eight through the tenth, 2018 in Miami. The symposium is organized to present the technical advances in cosmetic surgery.

This symposium, in which Dr. Rohrich is a prestigious member of the faculty, and educates its surgically training participants by performing live operations participates in the discussion and video presentation of Body Contour Surgery, Rhinoplasty, and Facial Rejuvenation.

Dr. Rochrich has organized and will be chairing, on February twenty-eighth through March 1st, 2018, the 21st Annual Global Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and on March second through March third, 2018 the annual 35th Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting.

The Cosmetic Medicine Meeting will concentrate for example on Intense Pulse Light Laser (IPL) surgery, noninvasive fat removal, and advances in skin care. The Rhinoplasty Meeting will focus on nasal anatomy, a presentation on the innovations in rhinoplasty and discussions on diagnosing rhinoplasty disorders. This meeting will focus on rhinoplasty procedures using a fresh cadaver.

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Adam Milstein in Real Estate and Philanthropy

Adam Milstein is best known for his position as Managing Partner of the company Hager Pacific Properties. He oversees the financing, property management, and disposition of the corporation. Adam Milstein is also a prolific writer who has authored a large number of articles that are regularly published online and in physical publications.


The Hager Pacific Properties has been around for quite a few years. It is an investment firm working in the industry of real estate. Hager Pacific Properties is the owner and manager of more than 100 properties across the United States of America. The company owns 2 300 apartment units as well as 12 million square feet of commercial and residential properties. The portfolio of the corporation is valued at almost 2 billion. Read more about Adam Milstein at Bloomberg.com.


The Hager Pacific Properties has an investment philosophy based on acquisitions through well-leased and passive investments. The company prefers those types of investments rather than such that are impacted age or the environment.


Additionally, the company does self-funding of its investment s in the real estate industry without using any outside capital. That creates a better experience for sellers and brokers.


Native to the country of Israel, Adam Milstein has served in the Yom Kippur war on the Israeli Defense Forces. In 1978, he completed his education from the Technion and in 1981 he arrived in the United States of America together with his wife. The new family established their life together in the country, and Adam Milstein was able to chive his MBA from the University of Southern California. Visit Adam Milstein’s Youtube channel.


Additionally, the Adam Milstein has been heavily involved in philanthropy. The couple established the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation that helps youth reconnect and discover their Israeli roots. The Foundation frequently organizes trips to the country and educates youth with Israeli heritage about the culture of the country, allowing them to experience it personally. The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation also regularly donates to other organizations helping people around the world to overcome poverty, illness, and more.


Up to date, the family of Adam an Gila Milstein is based in Encino, California. They have three children as well as three grandkids.

Check: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20170405006301/en/Adam-Milstein-Named-World’s-200-Influential-Philanthropists


Whitney Wolfe Herd a Feminist?

Whitney Wolfe is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of a dating App called the Bumble. The great entrepreneur was once a victim of sexual harassment and discrimination. Whitney filed a case against Tinder, her previous working company alleging them of sexual harassment against her when she was working for them. Wolfe used to work with Tinder Company as a marketing expert and vice president of the organization. The case was settled in court and Wolfe paid an undisclosed sum of money. This literally opened a new chapter in her life.The experience of Wolfe with Tinder was an eye opener to build an app where women who had faced the similar challenges she had faced could come together. The idea was to bring together victims of sexual harassment so that they could speak in one voice. Whitney Wolfe received a big backlash and abuse when she came forward that she had been a victim of sexual abuse from the online media. She, therefore, found it wise to create a platform where the various victims of sexual abuse could talk freely without negative criticisms from the masses.

Although her initial idea failed to serve the intended purpose, Whitney Wolfe is happy to have created one of the greatest dating sites. In fact, the site has now more than 18million users. The idea that women could not make the first move on men was one of the stereotypes that Wolfe wanted to do away with. She believes women can make the first move on the man they feel attracted to without any fear whatsoever. Whitney Wolfe is a champion for women rights through her app and she longs to break the education system which has disadvantaged many young women. The Bumble App has over 80% women workforce and any sexist comments are unwanted in the platform. She is setting a pace for women empowerment in the technology industry.

Who is Whitney Wolfe?

Whitney Wolfe is one of the greatest women entrepreneurs in the American industry. She is the founder of Bumble dating app and co-founded the Tinder dating site. Forbes has put Wolfe’s Bumble dating app to be worth more than $1billion. Wolfe was born in 1989 in Salt Lake City in Utah. She attended Southern Methodist University where she graduated with a degree in International Studies. The young entrepreneur has a net worth of approximately $250 million. Whitney Wolfe is married to a business tycoon Michael Herd.

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