Cone Marshall- New Zealand’s Exclusive Law Firm

Cone Marshall is a law firm that was established by Karen Marshall and Geoffrey Cone, and it plays a central role in the foreign trust industry that is located in New Zealand. As a prestigious law firm that works with international families, the Cone Marshall Limited provides their services to trustees, private banks, family advisors, attorneys, and other institutions that are located outside New Zealand. They assist them by giving advice on wealth planning, partnerships and companies, and trusts. The firm can provide the entire New Zealand structuring advice, succession, trust and tax along with other administrative services.

Geoffrey Cone

Geoffrey is a University of Otago graduate with LLB honors. Geoffrey plays a significant role in Cone Marshall. He started practicing a year after obtaining a PG diploma in tax and trust law. Geoffrey later joined a leading law firm as a Chairman of Partners. He went on to practice tax and trust advisory work along with commercial litigations and began appearing in as a leading counsel in the court. In 1997, Geoffrey returned to practice after serving as a litigator for the British West Indies for two years. In 1999, he established his practice and merged with Karen Marshall to form the only law firm in New Zealand that specializes in international tax and trust planning.

Karen Marshall

Karen Marshall was also a University of Otago graduate. Karen graduated with LLB honors. She worked in the Commercial Litigations department of a large city firm in London for ten years before joining Cone Marshall in November 2005. Karen has worked for two statutory trustee companies regarding third party security provision, trustee’s power entering into compromises, and trustee’s liability. She has also advised and represented the Trustees of Charitable Trusts during many tight spots. Karen has gained vast experience managing trusts that include providing information, drafting documentation, responding to requests, advising, and assisting the clienteles based on their needs.

The Cone Marshall serves as a central lynchpin and also has more than 1000 New Zealand companies directorship. The enterprises that are associated with this large international trust firm continue to grow on a regular basis. Cone Marshall Limited provides a transparent taxation for New Zealand as a single international law firm. At Cone Marshall, they take every task they handle to be of utmost importance and gives it the top priority.

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