Sam Tabar’s Surprising Take on Saturday’s Primary Elections

The race for the presidential candidate for both the Democratic party and the Republican party continues to surprise and be full of twists and turns. Here is a short summary written by Sam Tabar, through a series of tweets, of what expired during the Saturday primaries for the Democrats and Republicans.

Let’s start with the Democrats first. Tamar knew that Bernie Sanders had a great night. The independent senator from Vermont beat Clinton resoundingly in Kansas getting a whopping 67% of the vote and gaining 23 delegates to Clinton’s 10. Sanders also won in Nebraska where he managed to garner 56% of the vote and get 14 delegates compared to Clinton’s 10. Clinton won by a huge margin in Louisiana however where she got more than 70% of the vote and got 35 delegates compared to Sanders who received only 10. Both candidates expressed their anticipation of the Michigan primary which will take place on the 8th and where 148 democratic delegates are on the line.

On the Republican side, Sam Tabar feels that Ted Cruz had the best night. The Texas senator managed to win by a large margin in Kansas where he got 48% of the vote and earned 24 delegates. Cruz also edged out Donald Trump in Maine where he won 46% of the vote and earned 12 delegates. Meanwhile, Tabar noted in another tweet that businessman Donald Trump barely defeated Ted Cruz in Kentucky by a margin of 36% to 32%. Trump also surprised many by defeating Ted Cruz in Louisiana where the race was also close. The New York businessman won by 42% to 38%.

Clinton Wins Iowa Straw Poll, but Fails to Win 50% – Bernie Sanders Takes in Strong Support

Hillary Clinton won the Democrat Party’s Iowa Straw Poll over the weekend. In and of itself, that was no surprise for the Democrat Party’s 2016 presumptive nominee. She leads in national polls by wide margins over her rivals. What was news worthy about the event is that Mrs. Clinton performed poorly.

For starters, Clinton failed to win a majority of votes cast. In all she won 49 percent of the ballots. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders came in a surprisingly strong candidate by capturing 41 percent of the votes cast. This would suggest that the Iowa Straw Poll, which is non-binding, turned out to be a legitimate race. Some might claim that Clinton is being hurt by the ongoing controversies with her use of personal email at the State Department and allegations of peddling influence in exchange for donations to her family foundation.

For Bernie Sanders’ part, he expressed his exuberance over his strong finish. He pointed out that during his many travels across the state to drum up support, he has been received by large crowds. This may appear to be anecdotal evidence of grassroots support, but a solid second-place finish in the Straw Poll indicates he is resonating with voters. Sanders is viewed as the pure liberal with no ties to Wall Street’s corrupt money. His rise is coinciding the voters souring on Mrs. Clinton. The most recent CNN/ORC Poll shows that the presumptive nominee’s negative ratings are at a 14-year high.