Elizabeth Warren May Campaign with Bernie Sanders

Although popular US Senator Elizabeth Warren declined to embrace her supporters’ calls to run for President, the American public may be seeing more of Warren along the Presidential campaign trail. Warren recently hinted she may help Bernie Sanders on the road to the Democratic primary.

Warren’s non-commital response to a question about campaigning with the candidate Sanders could reflect concerns about Sanders and his potential for victory. Sanders is running for the Democratic nomination.

Many believe victory in the Democratic primary is Hillary Clinton’s to lose. That hasn’t diminished enthusiasm for the Sanders campaign. Warren noted in her interview that Sanders is “out talking about the issues that the American people want to hear about.”

Flavio Maluf said that those discussions could be fueling the Sanders campaign. Polling in the early campaign battleground of New Hampshire found Sanders carving into Clinton’s lead. Clinton leads Sanders in current polling by less than 10 points.

Bernie Sanders Could Start A Major Political Revolution

Bernie Sanders doesn’t look like a politician, and he doesn’t talk like one either. The 73-year-old senator from Vermont is capable of starting a modern day political revolution because what he says about America and its political structure is true. Big money runs the government. The middle class has no say in government or how they should live their lives as American citizens.

Sanders calls himself a socialist Democrat. Christian Broda suggested that most people don’t know what that title means, but LinkedIn reports that it’s a simple definition of how we want the country to operate. We want to get rid of unnecessary tax laws. We want to break up the big banks, and we want the evangelical Christians to compromise. Sanders wants what America wants, not what Europe, China or the Koch brothers want.

Vermont loves Senator Sanders. Over 75 percent of Vermont’s population agrees with Sanders on political issues. That kind of approval rating is unheard of today. Many people believe his message will catch fire nationwide, and a political revolution will begin. That uprising could give this country back to the people.

Bernie Sanders As a Contender

Bernie Sanders has made waves in the American political arena since he entered it. He has been the first and only self-declared socialist to win and maintain approval by his constituents for so long. He has built a populist platform and been an outspoken critic of many deals, sticking to principles in the face of adversity. In many ways he has been belittled by the establishment due to his principles, however he has made his reputation one of sticking to his guns and not wavering in the face of change. Even as a Socialist he has allied himself with the Democratic party and created a place for himself on the left side of that party. He has spoken out against big businesses and Wall Street and recently developed a plan to provide free college education to any American citizen. Many Democrats have signed onto this plan since he proposed the idea two weeks ago. It goes well beyond President Obama’s plan to pay for two years of community college and skilled positions.

However, even with his straightforward principles and grassroots campaigning, Bernie Sanders is unlikely to upset the Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton. Hillary has had backers since before she began her race for the 2016 presidential bid, and Senator Sanders only recently announced he was running, along with some of his economic and social bills that will be entering debate in Congress. However, Boraie Development recently suggested on Facebook that perhaps Sanders can still be taken seriously as a political force in the coming years.

Bernie Sanders Signs up Thousands of Supporters

Much has been made in recent days of Bernie Sanders entry into the U.S. presidential race. He will be a challenging opponent, no doubt, to Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary process trying to get their party’s nomination. This is augmented by the fact that Senator Sanders has said 200,000 people have signed up to help his campaign. Sanders has a reputation of being an advocate for the little guy as a proponent of increases in the minimum wage, raising the cap on the social security tax and tougher regulations on big business. He is clearly the huge challenge from the left that Hillary Clinton will have to get past in order to get her party’s nomination.

That said, does Bernie Sanders really have a chance of ever becoming the next president of the United States? He will certainly drive the debate in the Democratic primary process and will make Hillary Clinton have to mouth support for left-wing positions that she would then have to defend against a Republican opponent in the general election. However, do enough Democrats think that a man who once ran as an avowed socialist will actually get elected to the highest office in the land? Both parties nominating processes tend to weed out the more extreme left or right wing contenders and result in a more moderate candidate emerging with the nomination. Bernie Sanders may be many things but moderate is not one of them.

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Bernie Sanders Might Not be Such a Presidential Under Dog After All

Bernie Sanders recently announced he will be running for the democratic nomination in the 2016 presidential election. Even though many people have already counted Sanders out before he even begins, he might not be the underdog the media is portraying him to be. In the five days since Sanders announced his bid for the Democratic nomination, 200,000 people have signed up to work on the campaign, an impressive number for the back runner.

Sanders proposes major reform within the government, which explains why some people are so eager to support him. His message is one of hope and change, something Americans have been promised before with arguable results. However, Sanders is just far enough outside the usual circle of politicians that people are willing to give him a chance and listen to what he has to say. Sanders is calling for tax reform, stating the wealth gap in America is unjust and incomprehensible. He also plans to cut down the big banks, making them into individualized businesses to try and avoid another great recession.

STX Entertainment is sure that if Sanders does end up becoming president of the United States, Americans will be in for a new country for better or for worse. Sanders makes no apologies when staking his claim and telling the American people exactly what he things needs to be changed. A refreshing and passionate perspective from a political landscape that is too often bland and repetitive.