Go Fund Relief: A Campaign for Nepal

In 2015, Nepal was struck by two earthquakes in consecutive months, April and May. The tragedy resulted in numerous deaths, and victims left without homes, food, or hope. Many have promised aide and started efforts to raise money to assist the people of Nepal who are still feeling the after effects of these natural disasters. One such campaign is the Go Fund Me organized by Chicago real estate investor Majeed Ekbal.
With over 15 years experience developing global marketing campaigns and initiatives, Majeed Ekbal is using his expertise to help his friends in Nepal and provide relief to the country. He studied at American University and went on to work in high level positions and as a consultant for various companies. In 2012, he was listed on LinkedIn, the social media website for professionals, as being in the top 5% of most viewed profiles, giving him the title of Influencer. And Ekbal is certainly that.

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Since 2011, Majeed Ekbal has also devoted his time and efforts to humanitarian efforts. Among his projects are helping women and children have access to education and empowerment. He fights child slavery and abuse around the world, and has now added the Nepal earthquake relief to his docket.
The goal of Ekbal’s Go Fund Me is to raise $1 million dollars. These funds will be transferred to another campaign that has already begun, known as the #MillionDollarChallenge. Organized by the Little Sisters Find, the founder hopes that, upon reaching their goal, the U.S. Government will match or exceed this donation amount. All proceeds will go towards medical and disaster relief for the victims.


Majeed Ekbal’s Go Fund Me is an extra push to ensure that all victims of the Nepal earthquakes will be provided the necessary funds to rebuild their lives and survive. With his work as a business mogul and humanitarian helping him, Ekbal will do whatever it takes to see his campaign is a success.

Chicago’s Grocery Delivery Market Is Exploding

The grocery delivery market in Chicago is growing at a rate that many businesses cannot keep up with. Local giants like Jewel and Dominick’s are rolling out delivery services that see personal shoppers delivering items from their stores to customers. Majeed Ekbal is a local investor who has opened Expresso to offer grocery delivery to customers from a wide range of local companies. Majeed’s plan to take over the grocery delivery market will result in customers paying less, getting better service and receiving items that are found in obscure locations around the city.

#1: Jewel And Dominick’s Charge More For Delivery

Jewel and Dominick’s pro-rate their charges for delivery. Customers who order hundreds of dollars in groceries must pay a larger service fee for their deliveries, but Majeed charges a flat rate of $10. The delivery fee cannot get any higher than $10, and Majeed believes that charging less gives his customers more options. Majeed serves a large portion of the city, and his low delivery fees make his service more accessible to customers.

#2: Majeed Serves Customers With Special Deliveries

Special deliveries from Expresso involve Majeed’s employees driving to several different locations around the city. Customers may order items from exotic markets, and Majeed’s employees will drive to each market to fill an order. Items that are not found at local chain stores can be delivered through the Expresso service, and customers pay a low rate for delivery.

#3: Grocery Delivery Has Become A Necessity In Chicago

Grocery delivery has become a necessity in the city of Chicago. Parents are asked to do more at their jobs, and families do not have time to grocery shop on their own. Majeed’s business handles the grocery shopping for busy families, and his employees delivery groceries at the appointed hour for every customer. Families in the city who have little time to shop can get their delivered the moment they get home from work, a family activity or a child’s activity.

Chicago families have learned to rely on Majeed Ekbal’s Expresso grocery delivery service because of his low prices, special deliveries and excellent customer service. A family that has specific grocery needs may have those needs filled by Expresso, and the company helps these families save money. A busy family should not be overcharged for a simple grocery delivery, and Expresso undercuts the overpriced services from large chain stores like Jewel and Dominick’s.