Ending Dark Money in Politics-End Citizen United

Republican leaders are busy and steady stripping way some of the campaign finance law on the books as the public is busy is largely focusing on the United States President Trump’s investigations on Russia. In 2010 the Supreme Court in the United States of America decided to give corporations as well as unions the same rights given to the people and now the Citizen United decision was now an issue if the Supreme Court will allow other groups among the churches and other non-profit organizations to be exempted from paying taxes. If the Court will allow the bill to pass President Trump and his team has the way. Read more on Wikipedia to know more.

The United States President has already signed an executive which will see the Johnson Amendment being weakened. The Johnsons Amendments, directly and indirectly, prohibits churches to participate in political campaigns as well as the support of a specific political candidate. On the other side, the house is doing their best to destroy the amendments. The Johnsons Amendment is strongly being protected by the End United Citizen and on August 30, 2017, the civil group issued a press release which stated their stand and opposing the administration of their attempt to weaken and strip away the Johnson Amendment. The Johnson’s Amendment was introduced to the former United States Senator Lyndon Johnson. According to the President of End Citizen United Tiffany Muller, if the bill to strip the amendment it will mean that churches will be turned to tools of secret campaign spending. The group continues to argue that if the bill is passed the churches wouldn’t funnel the tax-free money to political groups and candidates and the politicians who donate to the churches receive tax deductions as well.

End Citizen United is a political action committee based in the United States which was created on March 1st, 2015. The Political Action Committee was funded by grassroots political donors. The group was established to encounter the decision of Citizen United and the campaign finance system. The primary aim of the group is to show candidates, the press, voters as well as officials that the grassroots are fighting back the boldness of the billionaires in the United States who are trying to buy out the elections. The group was founded with a strong mission of ending dark money in politics and fixes the political system by electing campaign finance champions, raising the issue in the national conversation, using grassroots members to demonstrate the political power and passing state ballot measures.

End Citizen United has a strong financial power in the grassroots. The group trusts in transparency when it comes stop political spending and what they preach is what they practice. The organization is more than happy to be funded by their supporters in the grassroots. Visit:http://endcitizensunited.org/?source=rtiads_gs_ecu_h


Bernie Sanders As a Contender

Bernie Sanders has made waves in the American political arena since he entered it. He has been the first and only self-declared socialist to win and maintain approval by his constituents for so long. He has built a populist platform and been an outspoken critic of many deals, sticking to principles in the face of adversity. In many ways he has been belittled by the establishment due to his principles, however he has made his reputation one of sticking to his guns and not wavering in the face of change. Even as a Socialist he has allied himself with the Democratic party and created a place for himself on the left side of that party. He has spoken out against big businesses and Wall Street and recently developed a plan to provide free college education to any American citizen. Many Democrats have signed onto this plan since he proposed the idea two weeks ago. It goes well beyond President Obama’s plan to pay for two years of community college and skilled positions.

However, even with his straightforward principles and grassroots campaigning, Bernie Sanders is unlikely to upset the Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton. Hillary has had backers since before she began her race for the 2016 presidential bid, and Senator Sanders only recently announced he was running, along with some of his economic and social bills that will be entering debate in Congress. However, Boraie Development recently suggested on Facebook that perhaps Sanders can still be taken seriously as a political force in the coming years.