What Is So Captivating About Slyce?

Back in January 2012, Erika Racicot and Cameron Chell sowed the seed of Slyce through their business consulting firm, Business Instincts. After working on it for some time, the visual technology was launched in February 2013. Slyce is the leading visual search and recognition provider for retailers and brands. The visual technology used identifies products based on a picture and allows the user to purchase the item on their smartphone. The company headquarters in Toronto, Ontario.

The visual search technology used in Slyce uses pictures of products to determine what kind of product it is and then analyzes the item based on a schema according to the product and its attributes. It can identify products wherever they are, as well as outside packaging. Slyce develops visual search and recognition technology for larger retailers to use on their brand’s websites and mobile applications. For effective results, the company has combined machine technology with human crowdsourcing. In cases where the machine can’t come down to a one-to-one match, the human crowdsourcing element comes to play where an employ does the finishing touch.

When it comes to marketing, Slyce is mostly based on building partnerships and relationships with leading consumer brands. Neiman Marcus is the major brand that Slyce works with among many others. The company provides the technology as an adaptable white-labeled m-commerce solution. These is because M-commerce has become a significant flow of revenue and is highly considered by retailers. Slyce has also come up with the Visual Relevancy Engine that compares the characteristics of a product and delivers products that are similar. It also helps the consumer by identifying items on social media sites.
Every company has future plans and for Slyce that constitutes of adding more companies to work with to increase the market. Slyce announced the purchase of Pounce, which is a mobile commerce app. These will boost its services by integrating a fully functioning consumer app with its advanced recognition platform.
What are you waiting for? Enjoy Slyce now!

Purina PetCare: The Most Successful Pet Food Company in the World

Purina PetCare is at the top of their industry. With the use of clever advertising, Purina PetCare is able to connect with pet owners on a personal level by allowing ways for pet owners to connect strongly with their own pets. Many of these ways can include connecting through videos, public events, and even their own products.

Last year, Purina PetCare launched an online video as an advertisement for their product, Beggin Party Poppers. This video featured a Corgi by the name of Boss that rapped about his love for this snack. It caught a great deal of attention on YouTube and multiple social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, gaining about 6.5 million views before this video was launched as a television commercial. The rapping Corgi even caught the attention of rapper T.I., who helped in promoting this video.

Along with the popularity of certain videos and commercials, the products of Purina PetCare also encourage different ways for pet owners to bond with their pets. The Beggin Party Poppers, for example, show pet owners a fun way to give their dogs delicious snacks. The container the snacks are kept in actually have a popper on the top where the owner can put the snack, press down, and watch as the popper is launched forward in the air for their dogs to catch. This is one of multiple innovative ways that Purina PetCare has combined fun time with snack time.

The 18th annual Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge is a special kind of public event that is not only sponsored by Purina PetCare but also created by them. This event took place in Boston this year on July 11th. The Dog Challenge has a similar style to the Olympics, but participation in the events are specifically for dogs. There are multiple competitions that the contestants can participate in, including competitions for fetching and swimming. The day before this event, people from around the Northeast U.S. can bring their dogs over to compete for a spot in any of the events. No matter what, though, people are guaranteed to see all sorts of dogs of all sorts of sizes and breeds.

Purina PetCare has had over a decade of experience under its belt when it comes to providing pet owners with the food they need for their pets. They not only try to help strengthen the bond between pet owners and pets through their commercials and events, but they also try to do it through their products.

For more information on Purina news coverage, check out their official website.

Job Bush Faces More Pressure as He Appoints New Campaign Manager

Democrats and Republican rivals are increasing the pressure on potential Presidential nominee Jeb Bush as he remains an undeclared candidate for the GOP nomination. The campaign of Bush has been criticized as his rivals have alleged his campaign should have been declared in the past months as he has raised money without officially entering the race for the GOP nomination. CNN reports the former Governor of Florida has continued to build his campaign team by hiring former communications expert to Mitt Romney and John McCain Danny Diaz as his campaign manager.

Bruce Levenson knows that the appointment of Diaz comes as something of a surprise as the campaign management role was expected to be given to Bush’s close ally David Kochel. Instead, Kochel has been given an advisory role to assist in preparing the strategy for the initial campaign battlegrounds that will be the first to vote on the Republican nomination. Both Diaz and Kochel have been members of Bush’s Super Pac since February and were both expected to be given key roles in the campaign when bush finally announces his candidacy on June 15th.

Younger Americans View Socialism in a Better Light Than Others

A poll has come out from yougov.com that shows younger Americans have a better view of socialism than older Americans. They are also more likely to have a dim view of capitalism. As far as Americans overall, capitalism still comes out on top with a 52 percent favorable attitude toward capitalism and only 26 percent favorable for socialism. Even among younger Americans under 30 years of age a minority of 36 percent have a favorable view of socialism, but that is still much higher than middle-aged or old people.

This view of socialism versus capitalism may actually hold true through generations. There is a famous saying my friend Bruce Karatz always brings up that “If you are not a liberal at 25, you have no heart. If you are not a conservative at 35, you have no brain.” For whatever reasons, people seem naturally more attracted to a socialist mentality when younger and then, perhaps after seeing how much of their paycheck disappears to the government year after year, become a little jaded toward it. There is also the factor that many people may be confusing our current system of crony-capitalism with actual free market capitalism. When you believe that capitalism is a system in which the company with the most lobbyists wins, then of course you will have a dim view of it. This is, however, not how it’s supposed work. The damage to the good name of true capitalism may be more harmful than the corruption itself of crony-capitalism.

LA City Attorney Closes More Than 500 Illegal Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

People around the country want a piece of the lucrative marijuana business. California didn’t waste any time legalizing medical marijuana use, and as soon as the ink dried on the medical marijuana bill, pot dispensaries started to pop up all over Los Angeles. Some of them conformed to the rules for dispensing pot, and others just open the doors and started stashing the cash from the people that wanted to buy grass to party.

The city attorney, Mike Feuer watched a Wild West mentality develop around marijuana dispensaries, and he decided to do something about the maverick dispensaries. Many of the dispensaries were too close to schools, and they were, in a lot of cases, right next to each other. Before Feuer knew it, the City of Lights had over 700 pot dispensaries, and only 120 clinics that meet the city’s guidelines for dispensing medications.

Feuer’s office went to work and started weeding out the weed sellers that didn’t meet city requirements. Mike Feuer knew it wasn’t going to be an easy task, but it had to be done in order to control the distribution of marijuana, which is still listed as Schedule I drug by the FDA. Paul Mathieson feels like it will take some time. That listing still means the feds say selling pot is illegal for any purpose.

United States: Supreme Court Divided On The Fate Of Health Insurance For All

For the second time in three years, the United States Supreme Court was divided on the survival of health insurance for all; one of the most important laws since the civil rights for blacks, President Obama wants to leave a legacy. In this highly politicized debate, the nine judges are logically divided according to their partisan preferences, as in 2012; the Conservative chairman of the High Court John Roberts should make a difference. In this “saga that never ends,” as noted by Justice Elena Kagan, the actors are the same: the Democrat government, defended by its lawyer Donald Verrilli, facing four complainants to the Republican state of Virginia represented by the charismatic Michael Carvin.

The stakes are high, as the highest court in the country is likely to shoot down one of the pillars of the law known as “Obamacare”, which would inevitably lead to see the whole edifice collapse. Jaime Garcia Dias (pinterest.com) has learned that, since the spring of 2012, the four progressive judges showed a strong support for the landmark legislation of the Democratic president. Experts say, Justice Anthony Kennedy could vote on it for one side or the other.
Since the entry into force of the law in January 2014, the Americans can take out their private health cover in their State. But the 50 states, 34 in Republican majority, refused to adopt a “clearing exchanges” that put the insurance companies in competition.

Take Master Wine Classes With the Antique Wine Company

Wine is an ancient drink that people have been using in many different forms for almost as long as mankind has been around. People in countries around the world have used different kinds of grapes to create unique wines that often thrive only locally. As a result, a huge culture has developed around wine. It has long been studied by those who seek to fully understand all aspects of the use of the grape including how it is grown, what kind of techniques can be used to create wine and how to pair various kinds of wine with food as well as with other beverages. Knowledge of wine can help provide a hostess with wines that her guests will enjoy. It can also help her provide her guests with a well rounded meal that will be memorable in all aspects.

Many people seek out companies that specialize in wines in order to help them with this process. A wine company such the Antique Wine Company can allow someone to further their full understanding of all aspects of wine culture. The Antique Wine Company provides their clients with many types of important services.  The Antique Wine Company helps assist their clients to a better awareness of what makes one vintage different than another. This can be vital when someone is seeking to pick out a collection of wines to have in their house.

Company officials stress that understanding wine can be something that can take an entire life yet it is possible for even those who are totally unfamiliar with wines to gain a basic understanding of this field in a short period of time. They offer various kinds of classes for their customers. Basic wine classes introduce students to the basics of wine cultivation as well as the use of various kinds of wine terminology. A more advanced class can also be of great assistance in learning more about wines. Someone who wants to enter the field of wine selling or the world of restaurant service may want to take a master class here in order to help improve their job prospects and demonstrate to potential employers that they have a full understanding of all aspects of wine.