Dems Still Chasing Clinton

It is for certain in politics that when you are the front runner people will stop at nothing to bring you down and boost their own image in the mind of voters. With that being said, I have to wonder what voters are truly thinking when Hillary Clinton is the front runner and Bernie Sanders is actually gaining ground on her in second place. Neither one of them is truly qualified to hold the highest public office in our government. Neither one is below the Social Security retirement age. Both are handy socialists at heart, Sanders more admittedly so than Clinton. Sanders does have one problem Clinton doesn’t have getting his name on the democratic primary ballet in New Hampshire. You see in that state you actually have to be a registered Democrat, something he could never actually commit to doing and the reason he was the Independent Senator from Vermont.

But then again many voters are probably asking what about Lincoln Chaffee and Martin O’Malley? Since they both have announced their intentions for running, neither one of them has been heard from since then. It is almost like the announced and went immediately into hiding. Not something either one of them can afford to do given the huge lead Clinton has over them. Chaffee has a lot of the same issues Sanders does, he just recently decided he was a Democrat. While O’Malley has great credentials, but needs to be polling better to gain more financial backing prior to the primaries.