Andy Wirth Recount How he Survived Death after an Accident during Skydiving


The President and CEO of Squaw Valley, Mr. Andy Wirth is skilled and experienced skydiver, an activity he partakes during his free time. He gave a detailed description of his skydiving accident that occurred on October 13. He escaped death by whisker after a landing roughly in a vineyard situated outside Lodi Calif. He noted that considering the nature and terrain of the site he was lucky to have survived. He blames unfavorable weather condition for his missing his intended landing position. He landed on steel posts and wires that seriously injured his right arm. On the brighter side, he is officially reported to duty at Squaw Valley after staying in the hospital for 50 days and recovering from 21 surgeries on his right arm.

He recalls remaining composed and focusing his attention to the song ‘Just Breath’ by the Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vender to thwart pain. He discovered he might bleed to death and he had to use his left arm to stop the bleeding from the artery. He recounts how painful it was to move his left arm even an inch; however, he had to do it. His Facebook Post designed as a letter to Vender; illustrate his efforts to remain alive. This was an expression of his admiration of Vender’s music. He narrates how the “Just Breath” helped him retain his composure.

During an interview carried out as he was undergoing physical therapy, he said after landing on the vineyard and checking his arm, the reality of a severe injury hit him. He recounts that his arm was torn up, elbow dislocated, tissue tore and the brachial artery bleeding profusely. He utilized his previous experiences to survive, which includes; rescuing traumatic injured victims and his services at North Routt Fire Protection District ambulance crew. In addition, he managed to maintain his emotion at a normal level through the ‘Just Breath’ song.

Andy Wirth has an experience of over 25 years working in the Mountain resort and hotel industry. His career began in 1986 at Steamboat Springs Resort; here he served in various leadership and supervisory positions. After series of mergers, he was appointed to an influential and respectable position. For example after Intrawest acquired Steamboat in 2007, Wirth became the Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President. He was born on July 25, 1963 in Neubruckle, West Germany. He pursued a Bachelor of Science degree from Colorado State University. He is an active humanitarian and strongly advocates for clean and sustainable environment. This recap was originally published on STEAMBOAT TODAY.

Crystal Hunt Successful Career in Acting

Crystal Hunt is an American based actress. She is famous for having played different roles in important plays that have captured the hearts of many. Crystal is also a recognized film producer. Currently is actually working on her fist ever executive producer credit with a film which is known as Talbot County.

Crystal becomes famous in the acting career due to her time on daytime TV dramas, Guiding Light and also One Life to Live. On Guiding Light, crystal was able to show her natural acting skills, which made her get an Emmy nomination for the Outstanding Younger Actress in TV Drama.

Just recently, Crystal Hunt has made another great feature film debut in Magic Mike XXL, which is currently being played in theaters.

The Emmy-nominated actress is famed to have gotten the America’s attention at a very young age of only 17. She was acting as the troubled misguided teenager, Lizzie Splauding, on the iconic CBS daytime series

Crystal was actually spotted by an agent while she was at the Actors Workshop in New York, and it didn’t take time before she was offered a role to play in Guiding Light. This role actually lasted for years, and that is how she managed to get the famous Emmy nomination that is envied by many.

Coincidentally, during her very rigorous television schedule, she managed to get into motion pictures, coming as opposite ZacEfron in the feel-good family movie, The Derby Stallion. When she left the Guiding Light, she went ahead and costarred with Amanda Bynes, in a very romantic comedy known as Sydney White.

On PRNewswire it’s told that Hunt managed to get back to television in the year 2009, when she was casting as the devious stripper, Stacy Morasco on the ABC daytime series, known as One Life To Live. In this series, she stayed for three years.

In 2013, Hunt was able to costarred, together with Dania Ramirez, the famous Arielle Kebbel and Evan Ross in the Lionsgate suspenseNYC Underground. The film was about four teens in Brooklyn who were involved in a drug deal that finally had gone wrong.

Hunt collaborated with the actor and premier director, Dylan Baker’s debut feature film 23 Blast. Dylan Baker, among other famous stars, are just a few of the great personalities with talent found in this inspirational and touching real-life story of a high school football star who was suddenly stricken by an irreversible, total blindness; the film was launched in October 2014