Meet Greg Secker, the Man Coaching People to Gain Financial Freedom

Born in February 1975, Greg Secker is a British businessman, motivational speaker and one of the world’s foremost philanthropists. He is the founder of Action Group, an organization made of companies such as Capital Index, Learn to Trade, SmartCharts Software, FX Capital, and the Greg Secker Foundation. These agencies showcase Greg’s goodwill to improve peoples’ lives through education and support.

Greg Secker’s Career

Greg started working at Thomas Cook Financial services before moving on to run the Virtual Trading Desk, a foreign exchange business that allowed clients to gain real-time quotes for transacting large amounts. Greg has an undeniable passion for philanthropy, and that is why he was nominated to position 151 by Richtopia 2017 and was also the runners-up in the 2017 National CSR Awards. He is now a well-known speaker and has spoken on significant market channels such as Bloomberg and CNBC. Greg’s most proud achievement so far is the Greg Secker Foundation, a nonprofit organization that focuses on improving people’s lives across the globe.

How It All Started

Greg Secker says that his ideas were born out opportunity and also out of boredom. After going back to the UK, he thought it was an excellent idea to motivate and also teach people the specific concepts that made him self-employed. This approach is the reason that made him set up the UK’s trader coaching business, a program he says mentored a lot of people.

Greg’s View on Technology Success as an Entrepreneur

Greg thinks that technology had brought about freedom of thought and choice to the masses unlike before when all this was in the hands of major TV and video broadcasters. He also says that to succeed as an entrepreneur, one has to separate work and personal life because that gives you time to think. Greg says that giving yourself time to think will help you do things better. He also recommends reading a lot of different books, especially Tools of Titans, because you will now see the world in a completely different way, perhaps gain wisdom and fresh ideas.

The Strategy That Helped Greg Grow His Business

Greg loves the strategy of assessing an idea first; test it to prove viability then finally putting it into reality. Greg thinks that people have good business ideas but are not brave enough to invest their money due to the risks. He says overcoming fear is the first step that can help people excel in business.