Keith Mann Introduces New Scholarships

Keith Mann is one of the people who started Dynamics Search Partners. Just recently, he announced that his company will be introducing a new award to its consumers. The new award will be known as Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship, and it is for the professional achievements. The new award has been introduced to award the big efforts for the new generation leaders, especially in the business industry.

Keith Mann also announced that they will be partnering with Uncommon Schools, a well-known and respected nonprofit institution that is found at the New York City. The partnership was formed with the aim of implementing the new scholarship chance offered by the Dynamic Search Partners. The opportunity will only be given to the students who have completed school at the Brooklyn High School.
Joe Frick is currently the counselor for the Uncommon Charter High School and according to him; the institution was very happy concerning the scholarship opportunity. With the new program, a student from the school will be offered an opportunity to attend college and graduate.

The students who want to get the scholarship will be required to write an essay that contains 1000 words. While writing, they should clearly show how they will be benefiting from the scholarship, and how going to the college will help them achieve their goals in the future. If the essay convinces the judges, the student gets the scholarship.

Keith Mann is a well-known advocate, especially in education. He is a philanthropist too, and he is currently based in the United States. For years now, he has helped institutions to identify reliable leaders of the future. He is also responsible for pairing these future leaders with the organizations that can help them attain their goals.

Keith Mann has a lot of experience, especially when it comes to the executive search industry. He has worked there for over 15 years, gaining the required knowledge. Keith is an expert in hedge fund compensations, hiring techniques and staffing. He has helped several people in the society to become successful. His new awards will help many students reach their future goals too.

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Avi Weisfogel is Focused on Operation Smile

The Best Dentist
Avi Weisfogel has won the Best Dentist title several times. He is a dentist who began in New Jersey. He is an individual who is known by many. He attended Rutgers University and New York University College of Dentistry. Avi Weisfogel earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and he has a degree in Psychology. He did obtain his dentist degree and has indeed been called the Best Dentist by numerous individuals.

GoFundMe Page
Avi Weisfogel has started a page on GoFund Me. This is for a charity called Operation Smile. Weisfogel started this page because he was greatly touched by this entire organization. This is a charity that has the ability to do so much for so many. This charity had been started by Dr. William Magee and his wife Kathleen. He has done plastic surgery and she is a nurse. This charity had been started in the year 1982. It began in the Philippines. There were other medical professionals who were involved in this charity that assists children who are born with deformities. The deformities include cleft palates, cleft lips, and other facial area deformities. This operation helps children around the world. This charity will provide the following:
* the rounding up of volunteer medical staff
* obtaining needed donations
* obtain necessary medical supplies

Helping Children Around the World
Operation Smile is a program that helps children throughout the world. There are thousands of staff members from 80 countries. These professional staff members help children in approximately 60 different countries. There have been numerous surgeries offered for free that have helped young teens and children with facial deformities. These professionals have also been providing training that will enable others to manage these surgeries. Donations of equipment and supplies are incorporated into this program.

Avi Weisfogal and Cosmetic Dentistry
Dr. Avi Weisfogel provides cosmetic dentistry solutions. Avi offers over 16 years of experience. He specializes in the following:
* dental fears
* dental sufferers
* dental implants
* cosmetic dentistry
He also specializes in delivering bright smiles.

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Keith Mann Supports the NYPD

With criticism of police departments across the country at an unprecedented high, protests and demonstrations criticizing their practices and performance have become the norm in large cities such as New York. Hearing about shows of support for the police are increasingly rare.

Founder of Dynamic Search Partners and avowed philanthropist, Keith Mann, showed his support for the 54th Precinct by treating all officers there to lunch. And to continue his support, he did so again just a few weeks later.

When asked about his motivations behind the gesture, Keith Mann said that officers perform a dangerous and thankless job that is essential to maintaining peace in New York City with little hesitation regardless of their personal safety or family obligations. In his eyes they are risking it all for the greater community.

Over the past few years, crime has been on what seems like a steady incline throughout the five boroughs, placing police in the tenuous position of being both criticized by the public who have conflated them with other police departments in the country and relying on their help in order to combat crime.

Mann has asked that other citizens who support the police to step forward in show of support for the department and to encourage others to do the same.

Dynamic Search Partners, founded by Mann in 2001, concentrates on executive searches, partnering with hedge funds to provide them with the skilled and educated persons they need to run their businesses. This comes after years in the field of finance, working with investors to better understand the complexities of this field.

Aside from his business ambitions, Mann is an active philanthropist both in and out of New York. He has worked closely with Uncommon Schools, a charitable organization that provides young people with supplies and support necessary to find gainful employment in their respective fields of study once they’ve graduated from college. His support has also been lent to Hope and Heroes, a New York based initiative to conduct research to find cures for cancer and blood disorders in children with the help of the Columbia University Medical Center.

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Operation Smile Helps Under Privaleged Children Receive Dental Care

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a dental professional that is busy at work with his dental practice, lectures, Dental Sleep Masters, and volunteering for Operation Smile. Avi got his start around 1999 when he established his own dental office called Old Bridge Dental Care. He was busy operating his dental office for about 15 years. During this time, Avi won several awards for best dentist. He spent a lot of years helping other dentist become familiar and comfortable with dental issues and sleep issues. He eventually went in with others to co-found the Healthy Heart Sleep business.

In all of his years working as a dentist, Dr. Weisfogel never felt his calling more than he is now. He is spending some of his off time working as a volunteer for Operation Smile. This non-profit organization helps underprivileged individuals with dental issues. People that can not afford to see the dentist can get dental care when they visit the mobile unit of Operation Smile.

Operation smile is a non-profit organization that was started due to the amount of individuals that are unable to afford to go to the dentist. If a poor person needed a tooth filled or pulled, they were in trouble. Eventually, the hope is for anyone that needs to see a dentist will be able to through his GoFundMe page.

GoFundMe is a page set up where individuals can go and make a donation to the cause. Operation Smile is a great cause to help out. This cause not only helps poor people to receive dental help when they need it at no cost to them, but it also helps children that are born with things such as cleft palate or holes in their mouth due to birth defects. Avi and the other dental volunteers are hoping to raise a large amount of money that will help many people in need. His dream has always been to help people have a better smile. It is also a dream when he can help an innocent child get the surgery or dental work they deserve.

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Giving back to the community is part of the process for Bruce Levenson

Any business owner who achieves success is faced with a difficult decision once they reach the pinnacle of their career, do they give back to the community or continue to amass even more wealth and success. Atlanta Hawks owner seems to have found the perfect balance between continuing to be a successful businessperson and providing assistance for the community he has been a part of. Using his large financial backing and the media spotlight that falls upon him in his role as co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team to provide assistance to those who are in need of assistance in Washington DC and Atlanta.

The University of Maryland Center for Philanthropy and Non Profit Leadership was created with a large amount of work completed by Levenson to establish this education center. By helping to see this center constructed and placed into working order, Levenson has created an educational institution that will hopefully develop a large number of new leaders in the fields of philanthropy and non profit management.Alongside the work Levenson has done with the University of Maryland, he has also been at the forefront of many charitable programs, including leadership roles with the Hoop Dreams and I Have a Dream foundations. Amongst the philanthropic works Levenson has completed is a leadership role with the US Holocaust Museum, which looks to highlight the issue of the Holocaust within Washington DC and the US as a whole. Levenson and his wife Karen have taken a major role in the Holocaust issue as Karen’s mother is herself a Holocaust survivor. Levenson his power and position to take the Atlanta Hawks to the US Holocaust Museum to make sure the issues surrounding the historic event remain fresh in the minds of younger people within the US.

A Quick Bio of Occidental College President Jonathan Veitch

Jonathan Veitch is the current President of the well renowned Occidental College located in and around Los Angeles, California. He has been the chief administrator since 2009 and continues his administrator ship to this day. President Veitch achieved a number of accomplishments before he began his 2009 Presidential term at Occidental.

President Veitch began his foray into the educational world as a student at Loyola High School in Southern California. Showing exemplary academic and off the field scholastic merit Johnathan found himself at one of the most prestigious universities in the world- Stanford University.

Johnathan spent his time at Stanford engaging in all the activities a Stanford man was supposed to achieve. He enrolled in a number of both athletic and social clubs and spent a great deal of time with other outside of class academic engagements. President Veitch received a Bachelor’s Degree and if that wasn’t enough set his sights even higher.

After successfully completing his Bachelor’s degree the future President Veitch aimed at an even higher target- the premier University in the land- Harvard College. He traveled there in order to attempt to receive med/doctor degrees with a heavy emphasis on the most important sections of the life and times of early American Natives and Settlers. Much like his earlier endeavors President Veitch managed to excel academically. He set out to receive and received a full doctorate in a course titled “The History of American Civilization”. This topic is incredibly complex and President Veitch deserves all the credit for this masterpiece.

Another area in which Johnathan Veitch is managing to improve both the standing of Occidental College but to spearhead a number of domestic initiatives that don’t just raise living standards for students and faculty but for many of the low wage workers that toil unseen to clean trash, make beds, cook food and many other lower paid jobs that deserve a living wage. This initiative along with his many projects to beautify and work for the better to take care of the local community is a great step forward between Occidental College and the surrounding community.

Not only is he advancing the issues that students support and organize for he s doing a great deal to make the surrounding non-college community a better and safer place for both students and neighbors alike.

Teen Donates Sweet 16 Money to Ethopian Children in Need

For many teenage girls, their sixteenth birthday is one long awaited; a symbol not just of their beginning entrance into womanhood, but also a time to celebrate their day with family and friends in a celebration grander than any other they’ve ever had. For one sixteen year old, however, her Sweet 16 isn’t a chance to indulge and honor herself, but rather take advantage of an opportunity to give to others much less fortunate.

After a trip to Ethiopia, Nubia Wilson of Antoich, California witnessed the extreme poverty that people live in and decided that she wanted to help in any way she could. When family and friends began to ask what she wanted to do for her birthday, she said that she would like them to donate money to the cause of creating a fifth grade in one of the school, which stops at grade four. She created a page on Crowdrise, and has since earned $2,000 of her $10,000 dollar goal and has even caught the attention of celebrities and philanthropists like Tom Rothman. 

Wilson, who says that she want to graduate and attend university to become a humanitarian lawyer, hopes to hand deliver the money herself this upcoming summer when she makes a return trip to Ethopia.