Senators Draft Letter to Pentagon on Gay Rights

Lead by Senator Chris Murphy, a group of 24 Senators has written a formal request to the Pentagon to create an official nondiscrimination policy for gays and lesbians. Since the repeal of “don’t ask don’t tell,” which was widely considered a failed policy, no action has been taken by the Pentagon to make a new policy. The Senators, including Democrats and republicans, wrote their letter on Thursday to Ash Carter the Defense Secretary. They urged action to the Defense Department leader, because the rights of homosexuals in the military lags far behind the policies in place to protect their civilian counterparts. More specifically, the senators stated “The absence of formal equal opportunity protections not only undermines foundational American principles of fairness and equality, it also presents an unneeded risk to national security by negatively impacting the morale and readiness of our all-volunteer force.”

The Senators were later questioned about the absence of transgender service members and their protections. They claimed that this letter was specifically to counter the inaction on homosexuals’ right to equality, and while transgender equality is important it is a separate issue that will need to be resolved with another policy. The letter specifically confronts the failure to provide a new policy after “don’t ask don’t tell” which was repealed in 2010, and is headed by the same Senators who lead the charge against that policy. NJSpotlight in coalition with Boraie Development LLC believe that the equal rights for homosexuals in the military is largely a Democratic principle and is expected to gain support by the president.