Thor Halvorssen Stands up to Tyrants

Tyrants are rather scary to live under. People who live under the rule of tyrants are often faced with a seemingly hopeless situation. These types of rules seem to be able to get away with everything, and the only way to get them to stop is to stand up to them. Unfortunately, the people who are living under tyrannical rule are likely to be too weak and powerless to take a stand. Fortunately, there are some on the outside that are willing and able to stand up for the oppressed in tyrannical territories. Thor Halvorssen is one of those who are willing to fight the war for the oppressed.

Thor Halvorssen is actually one of the most effective human rights activists. He is very passionate about fighting for human rights and bringing humanity into a world that is filled with equality. He has a joy and intensity about him that is definitely going to leave an impact on the world. As he makes an impact on the fight for human rights, more of the oppressed people are given a reason to hope. One of the reasons that he is so effective in the human rights struggles is that he has knowledge that goes further than just reading about the issues. He actually has experience with the issues of human rights. Click here to know more.

From a father that has been imprisoned for exposing the unethical behavior of his government to a mother that has been shot in a demonstration, Thor Halvorssen is no stranger to the fight for human rights. He is also someone who is working tirelessly on the issue. Thor Halvorssen also avoids being a stereotypical human rights activist. He is someone that would declare that he loves people. It does go without saying that one would have to love people in order to fight for people.

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Thor Halvorssen on Democracy, Civil Liberties, and Human Rights Advocacy

Thor Halvorssen is a Venezuelan human rights supporter and film maker with commitments in the fields of public interest advocacy, public policy pro-democracy advocacy, civil liberties, individual rights and public policy. Halvorssen is originator of the Oslo Freedom Forum, a yearly assembly depicted by The Economist as a “breathtaking human-rights celebration on its approach to turning into human-rights such as the Davos monetary forum. Halvorssen is the leader of the Human Rights Foundation, an association dedicated to worldwide human freedom and rights.

Halvorssen stepped down from heading ( Foundation for Individual Rights in Education) FIRE in March 2004 to join its Board of Advisors and declared the starting of a worldwide team that would “champion the meaning of human rights that initially enlivened the human rights development, focused on the twin ideas of self-assurance freedom and that of tyranny. HRF was consolidated in 2005, opening its central station in New York City in August 2006. Its International Council incorporates several conscience prisoners such as Harry Wu, Elie Wiesel, and Vladimir Bukovsky. More so it entails democracy activists, for example, Garry Kasparov and Mart Laar. Václav Havel was its chairman before he died in December 2011. Watch Video Here .

Halvorssen repeatedly advocated and lobbied releasing of Liu Xiaobo, the Chinese political prisoner during the helm of HRF. Come 2010, Halvorssen was an extraordinary visitor of Liu Xiaobo at the Nobel Prize service giving the prize to Liu Xiaobo in absentia. Halvorssen is recognized as a supporter of Chinese Uyghur pioneer Rebiya Kadeer and has forcefully opposed the Taiwanese Kuomintang government for its restricting visits by Kadeer. Halvorssen has bolstered UN-level activity to address the infringement of Uyghur rights in China. Click Here For Full Article .

As per the Hollywood Reporter, Halvorssen is at present delivering the Robert a film adoption. Thor delivered The Sugar Babies, the film about Dominican Republic human trafficking and the predicament of its vagrant farm workers. The documentary targets are the politically and wealthy sugar barons who dwell in West Palm Beach – the Fanjul Family. There is a time the film was revisited at Florida International University before a heated exchange developed with the Dominican discretionary agent leading to police presence. It got various negative views being said that the film’s depiction of enormous business and its association with the Dominican government was a piece of a crusade against the nation’s notoriety. Today, Halvorssen has managed to touch different sides of people’s life and he has still dedicated his career and willingness to do so. Halvorssen at LinkedIn.

Thor Halvorssen

Thor Leonardo Halvorssen Mendoza, more commonly called ‘Thor Halvorssen’ is a film producer and human rights advocate from Venezuela. He is known for his contributions in many fields, including pro-democracy advocacy, individual rights and civil liberties, public interest advocacy, and public policy.

He founded the Oslo Freedom Forum, which is a yearly gathering that brings together some of the best and brightest minds, prisoners of conscience, and powerful leaders to help end dictatorships. It was once described by The Economist as being a “spectacular human-rights festival… on its way to becoming a human-rights equivalent of the Davos economic forum.” Watch Video Here .

Mr. Halvorssen is also the president of the Human Rights Foundation, which is devoted to reaching human rights and freedom on a global scale.

Currently, he is the Patron of the Children’s Peace Movement, On Own Feet. He founded the Moving Picture Institute. As of 2010, he also acquired the Norwegian leftist magazine, Ny Tid.

Mr. Thor has dedicated his life to eradicating dictatorship, freeing those who are wrongfully imprisoned, and bringing true freedom to everyone across the world.

Though it may seem overly ambitious, Mr. Halvorssen is careful to never bite off more than he can chew. He has carefully tackled the problems the world faces at a steady pace, building his way up so that he can continue to help those in need. Mr. Halvorssen In LinkedIn.

Both the events that he facilitates as well as the events that he attends tend to draw in large crowds and lots of recognition. He is truly striving for – and succeeding at – a more balanced and free world. for more information .

Thor Halvorssen is Dedicated to Elimating Human Rights Violations

Thor Halvorssen is the type of person to be working late at night, working to eliminate worldwide government corruption. Thor Halvorssen was born in Caracas, Venezuela to Norwegian and Venezuelan parents. Most of his primary school was in Venezuela and he went to University of Pennsylvania to obtain his undergrad and postgraduate degrees in Political Science and history. He is fluent in multiple languages including American English, in which he speaks flawlessly without any accent. His family roots are very affluent as well. His grandfather was a Norwegian ambassador that worked in the consulate of Caracas. His mother has genetic roots with the South American revolutionaries Cristóbal Mendoza and Simón Bolívar. She was an active protester of the Hugo Chavez regime and was murdered by police during a rally. His father worked for the Venezuelan government for years until he was imprisoned and tortured for trying to expose government corruption.

Thor launched the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) in the year 2005. His organization protested the imprisonment of Pussy Riot in 2012. The chairman of HRF at the time, Garry Kasparov, was imprisoned during their involvement in the protests. He was captured by the media being battered by police and carried away.

In 2010, Thor and his cameraman traveled to Vietnam to interview the head of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam. The purpose of the interview was to expose the oppression of the religious in Vietnam. The authorities arrested them but they still managed to smuggle the memory card out.

Thor and the HRF are very critical of many corrupt South American regimes. He is often criticized of being a Right Ringer since most South American governments are Left Wing. Thor himself claims to be a Classic Liberal, which is more comparable to a Libertarian if anything. Thor does not care about the political affiliation of his enemies nor his employees. He only cares about combating and exposing corruption. Thor’s regular staff members are a mere 12 employees of diverse backgrounds.

The HRF hosts the annual Oslo Freedom Forum. The forum has attracted many popular supporters like Peter Thiel and Sergey Brin. The forum is popularly nicknamed “The Gathering of Heroes“.

Thor Halvorssen’s Stand On Socialism

Thor Halvorssen is a member of the Human Rights Foundation and believes in some instances that Socialism can contribute to Human Rights violations. He believes that in some cases such as a Dictatorship, Totalitarian government, and other cases where corruption is present that socialism can mask and encourage human rights violations and crimes against citizens of a country. Thor Halvorssen was explaining that many people consider Socialism, Communism, and Marxism are the same political philosophy, which is absolutely not true.His objection to socialism is that it is easy to mask other selfish or illegal political practices behind the mask of a socialist political party. For instance he uses the example he used the Venezuelan government practice of setting prices which in turn caused a shortage of supplies for the people of Venezuela. This lack of supplies created a humanitarian crisis.

Thor Halvorssen has his reservations about Socialism; he did however contribute the highest amount allowable to the Bernie Sanders campaign. He believes that although socialism may not be the answer for the country that he is the most qualified candidate as opposed to the other presidential candidates from the Democratic and Republican sides. he feels that the Democratic presidential front-runner has taken funds from some of the most tyrannical and oppressive governments in the world. Thor Halvorssen’s father was a political prisoner in Venezuela and his mother was shot by Hugo Chávez’s men. Therefore, Thor Halvorssen vehemently opposes these types of dictatorships. He would rather see a Democratic Socialist in the White House than someone who takes money from Dictatorships.

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Twitter: @thorhalvorssen

Human Rights Foundation Takes on a Flurry of Responsibilities

With one visit to the Human Rights Foundation’s (HRF) website, you quickly view the extensive span of their involvement in human rights across the globe. From calling on Turkey to free dissident journalists Can Dundar and Erdem Gul who have been jailed on arbitrary charges to condemning Ecuador’s cyber-attacks on the free press watchdog organization Fundamedios, to supporting Cuban artist El Sexto, in his first American art exhibit. All these positions are in line with the organizations root missions to expose the unfair treatment of dictatorial regimes, raise human rights awareness through strategic and coordinated activities and to conduct on-the-ground outreach to third country populations by supplying education, food, medicine and other humanitarian aid.

The Human Rights Foundation is the brain child of Venezuelan human rights activist and film producer, Thor Halvorssen. He has been rightly described as “a champion of the underdogs and the powerless” by the New York Times. Even as an adolescent growing up in London, Mr. Halvorssen found himself protesting against South African apartheid in 1989. After his father was arrested and jailed in Venezuela, he began a full time campaign for due process and individual rights. No doubt, further impetus was gained after his mother, Hilda Mendoza, was shot while participating in political protest. She survived and Mr. Halvorssen galvanized his efforts by launching HRF in 2004 in New York City.

Thor Halvorssen attended University of Pennsylvania, his families alma mater. While there, he became editor of the school newspaper, Red and Blue, an alternative, conservative editorial paper. While enjoying the experiences which come with college life, Mr. Halvorssen mingled with other students from around the world and also found ways to achieve introductions to influential international and American public figures. Surely these meetings and conversations helped shape him for his upcoming battles with the Venezuelan government, where he with the help of Amnesty International ran a successful campaign that freed his father after 74 days of imprisonment.

Since its inception, the HRF has successfully helped garner the release of seven prisoners of conscience and has published books educating the public on human rights and the responsibility of the government. Thor Halvorssen has also founded the Oslo Freedom Forum, an annual gathering of leading human rights activists from around the world. Unlike other forums, where panel discussions or lead speakers take the podium, the Oslo meetings are conducted in a casual setting, bringing donors, journalists and future activists together in a community of sharing.