George Soro’s biggest dream is to see a society where the rights of every individual are respected; the leaders are held accountable for their actions and that no one person or a group of individuals hold a monopoly on the truth. It is for this reason that George established the Open Society, which is a network comprised of many foundations and partners from more than 100 countries, for the purpose of philanthropic contributions.
George Soros is not only known as a philanthropist but also as a renowned investment mogul. He is known to many across the globe as “the man who broke the Bank of England”. He was granted this title after making $1 billion in one day on a single currency speculation that would have seen him lost $10 billion had he lost. He is also one of the richest hedge fund managers thanks to his hedge fund business. His hedge fund firm, Soros Fund Management, which is run by his son Robert Soros as president and him being the chairman, manages assets worth $30 billion dollars.

George has a formidable reputation that precedes him backed with an incredible history. It is for this reason that more often than not people lend George their ears on matters financial and economic. And George has not shied in expressing his views and concerns on both front ends. Recently, George wrote an article on Project Syndicate where he called out Putin as a fake. In the article titled “Putin is No Ally Against ISIS”, he notes that the European Union and the United States are being deceived into thinking that Russia is standing with them in the fight against the Islamic State. According to George, the only thing Russia is aiding in is the flooding of Syrian refugees into the European Union in an effort to foster the disintegration of the region.

Putin stands to gain a lot from the disintegration of the European Union. This is because there is a looming bankruptcy staring at his regime. This might be sooner rather than later since most of the country’s foreign debt mature in 2017. If this happens, then his administration is expected to face political turmoil, something that every leader never wishes to encounter. The western sanctions the country is facing as a result of its incursion into Ukraine, together with the major decline in the prices of oil only spell out danger for Putin’s regime.

In an effort to counter these misfortunes, Putin has been using the air force to bomb both northern and southern Syria. This has resulted in civilian casualties and hence forcing people to flee to Jordan and Lebanon. The European Union seems to be unaware of Putin’s plot causing them to slip slowly into the fire from a frying pan.