Jeb Bush Claims Islamic State Did Not Exist When His Brother Was President

Prospective Republican Presidential candidate Jeb Bush has sparked anger amongst both Democrats and Republicans after stating the Islamic State did not exist when his brother was President. The Washington Post also reports the former Florida Governor has claimed Al-Qaeda had been wiped out by the conflicts undertaken when George W. Bush was President of the United States. The claims by the GOP candidate come at a time when he has been criticized for being too liberal to attract the votes of the grassroots membership of the party and independent swing voters.

Boraie Development LLC said a number of references to the Islamic State and its many different names have been found in reports and books dating back as far as 2004 when the group is thought to have been in its infancy. One of the first references to the group can be found in a 2004 report stating an Islamic State of Iraq is the aim of an affiliate group of Al-Qaeda. Many lawmakers, military experts and counter terrorism experts have now agreed the main mistake made was referring to all groups fighting in the Middle East under the Jihad banner was to refer to them as Al-Qaeda in Iraq. he rise of IS is now seen as a major controversy that will be addressed by all sides during the upcoming Presidential elections.