White House Wants Parents to Vaccinate Kids


With the most recent measles outbreak infecting almost 100 people over the last month, the Center for Disease Control is increasing pressure on parents to get their kids immunized against the deadly virus. Dave Morin stated investigators believed they have traced the outbreak to Disneyland in California where a large number of patients all visited in the previous month. Because the virus is spread through the air it was caught very easily and then carried back to their home states and has spread even more.

The measles vaccine is usually administered with the vaccines for mumps and rubella commonly called the MMR vaccine. However many parents still believe the debunked research linking compounded vaccines like these to autism in children. In addition to these fears there are those who point out that the vaccine is only 97% effective in the prevention of measles. Meaning even after getting the vaccinated there is still a chance you can still get the virus. Then there is the Academy of American Pediatricians who recommends its Doctors promote the use of vaccines and reiterate their importance in the prevention but at the same time respect parents’ wishes to not vaccinate their children.

Teen Donates Sweet 16 Money to Ethopian Children in Need

For many teenage girls, their sixteenth birthday is one long awaited; a symbol not just of their beginning entrance into womanhood, but also a time to celebrate their day with family and friends in a celebration grander than any other they’ve ever had. For one sixteen year old, however, her Sweet 16 isn’t a chance to indulge and honor herself, but rather take advantage of an opportunity to give to others much less fortunate.

After a trip to Ethiopia, Nubia Wilson of Antoich, California witnessed the extreme poverty that people live in and decided that she wanted to help in any way she could. When family and friends began to ask what she wanted to do for her birthday, she said that she would like them to donate money to the cause of creating a fifth grade in one of the school, which stops at grade four. She created a page on Crowdrise, and has since earned $2,000 of her $10,000 dollar goal and has even caught the attention of celebrities and philanthropists like Tom Rothman. 

Wilson, who says that she want to graduate and attend university to become a humanitarian lawyer, hopes to hand deliver the money herself this upcoming summer when she makes a return trip to Ethopia.