NBC Tells Trump ‘You’re Fired’

Monday, NBC Universal announced that it was ending the relationship with businessman and Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

NBC will no longer be airing both beauty pageants or “The Apprentice.”

Folks at Boraie Development (pressofatlanticcity) have learned that NBC sister station, Univision had put the pressure on to end their relationship with Trump, which was much easier to do since airing Trump programs would unfairly give him more air time and it appears to be a conflict of interest for NBC and the presidential candidate.

Trump was in Chicago for a speaking engagement at the City Club of Chicago and met with reporters. “I had a great relationship with them (NBC) but the network did not want me to submit my candidacy because they’d rather I commit to ‘The Aprentice’,” he told reporters.

Perhaps a bit of spin in that statement?

“With regard to my statements on immigration, which are correct, they (NBC) has taken a different position and that’s OK. I’ve had a great working relationship with the network,” he added.

Initially, NBC merely distanced themselves from the real estate mogul, issuing a statement that Trump’s opinions were his and his alone and not a representation of NBC’s, but with Trump’s candidacy, it made it easy for NBC to pull the plug, since the extra airtime could have been viewed as favoritism.

All the exposure is really giving Trump more publicity, and in the end, if NBC doesn’t run the highly successful ‘The Apprentice’, another cable network surely will.